Moment Of Clarity-WHO Owns The Voting Machines?

28 Oct

Pay close attention to this one folks. When its over; be afraid; be very afraid!

Now do you see why I could never support Mitt Romney; Steve? If I didn’t already have dozens of other reasons not to vote for him; his complete lack of honesty and fairplay would prevent me. The thing is Steve et al; you think you are supporting a candidate who agrees with your vision. He says he does; right?

BUT  the problem is: Steve; you’re not because: 


Posted by on October 28, 2012 in freedom


4 responses to “Moment Of Clarity-WHO Owns The Voting Machines?

  1. Steve

    October 29, 2012 at 16:48

    So the Free Press, Harvey Wasserman and Jeannie DerAfalo are your experts? You really think Romney is going to steal the election in Ohio because why? You need to take of your foil hat and make one out of Kryptonite because you’re borderline nuts. It’s not Republicans that cheat in elections,it’s your side.IE; Florida, Minnesota, Chicago, philadelphia, etc.

  2. Steve

    October 29, 2012 at 16:51

    Another aside…If you really want people that are able to think for themselves and you’re going to try to convince them of anything you may want to cite someone that can put together more than two sentences without resorting to profanity. Not real convincing, it’s hard to take the guy seriously.

    • angrymanspeaks

      October 31, 2012 at 19:42

      Really Steve? I find him angry; frustrated by the demise of our freedom; confused at the inhumanity of the 1%; amazed by the lengths they will go to to control everything. Amazed at the gulibility of those who buy ionto the Republican line of horse shit; just like me Steve. Also I have no objection to the use of profanity. I use it freely myself and though I do curb my color in public; I find no reason to do so when making a political point or having discussions amoung adults. The idea that ones ideas are suspect because you use the word FUCK when you speak is rather archaic now I think. People are Angry Steve. Really RAGING ANGRY Steve. This nation is only years away from violent revolution unless we can destroy the lust for power and domination of your Republican,1%er idols Steve. They must be stopped. Americans want to be free. Not free to decide what brand of dog food they will eat today.

      Again Steve; History- History-History. It gives us the ability to interpret the present and predict the future but also to change that future by changing the present. It isn’t as if a republican win will settle the problem. it will just take us four years closer to national disaster and the breakdown of civility. The time of these capitalists is ; must be at an end. It is time for the power to shift or the whole thing blows up. the only real question left is do you want it to happen in a co-operative and congenial manner or do you prefer civil unrest; widespread violence and hundreds of thousands of dead Americans of all parties?

      • Steve

        November 2, 2012 at 19:06

        Angry about what? Please explain why everyone is so angry. Angry at me anyways. Why because I choose to no longer be willing to be your dinner as you insist on cannibalising me? Because I don’t want to continue to work for your benefit instead of mine and my family? I’m not sure what a 1% er is but I doubt if I am one. You’re angry? Guess what? SO AM I!! I am tired of working my ass off everyday so some deadbeat scumbag of human debris wants to sit around and bitch and complain because he doesn’t have a 55 inch plasma TV or can’t afford a new car or find a good job because he has a neck tattoo and a steel post stapled to his eye. I know things are tough out there, well guess what, they’re tough for me too and I am getting downright sick and tired of being demonized and slandered because I refuse to bail out every Tom, Dick and Harry that refuses to take personal responsibility for themselves. Enough is enough! We are NOT all the same, never have been and never will be. If that pisses you guys off and you want to take to the streets and continue to steal from me at the point of a gun then i guess you oughta bring it on, we’ll meet there, but I for one am damn sick and tired of all the bullshit you guys throw out there that it is my fault and my responsibility to provide all your needs. Get off the couch, get a job and work for your own just like I had to do for the last 35 years. You think that was easy and it happened because I was born with some silver spoon in my mouth, hell no! I worked my ass off. Stop bitching and complaining, pull up your pant legs and get to work doing something about it instead of expecting me to do it for you.


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