The Last Suspect

26 Oct

Two days ago I published an article by a Mr. Edward Lazarus. I said I would have something to say in responce or reaction so here is my half

I have always had questions as to whether GWB slept through the warnings or was more complicit in the events of 9/11. His family is very close to many Saudi’s including the Bin Ladens and have been in bed with them for years. Add to that the fact that GWB’s grandfather; Prescott Bush; was a devoted follower of Adolf Hitler and acted to further the Nazi cause here in America.

Too much money and too much power. I wouldn’t put such an act past GWB, GHWB, or many other Republican politicians.

Why? because it allowed GWB to take a commanding stance in what promised to be an otherwise un-eventful term of office.

It allowed the Republicans to compromise our rights under the guise of national security by passing the Patriot Act (a vile law that took us several steps closer to the Fascist style government that the Republicans really crave). It has accustomed American citizens to being searched, scanned, publicly humiliated and degraded by the security measures instituted after 9/11.

Notice that we have not seen another such act since that date. Is that because our security is so advanced and successful?

Proud Homeland Security Officer. Always on his toes. Or yours.

Could it be because one attack was all that was planned. One such attack was just enough to send the entire nation into a state of panic, fear, and vulnerability.

Under the guise of pulling together to defeat the common foe; our rights, our confidence in ourselves and our safety, and our acceptance of immigrants and visitors from other nations has been inhibited; compromised(mostly Islāmic nations but the hatred and mistrust extends to Sikhs, Indians, Africans and others I am sure).

Drawing us into ourselves; fomenting distrust of “others”; these are the first steps on the path to Nationalism, Fascism, Nazism, Dictatorship; call it what you will. It is the end of freedom. A little here; a little there; and before we realize it we are subjects of The State. Our lives dedicated to the success and survival of The State. Our survival dependant on the whim of The State.

When a member of our government such as Issa, purposely attempts to compromise our intelligence structure

The Traitor Darrel Issa

and acts to sabotage the foreign relations work and intelligence work being done by our President; the time has come to do more than expel him.

This is an act of Sedition at least and must be treated as such. His actions have endangered the lives of

Benedict Arnold leaked secret information

these Libyans but could also result in the death of American intelligence officers and/or service personnel.

But of course as anytime a Republican commits an act that smacks of disloyalty and treason; it is put down to poor judgement.

Well Benedict Arnold hung for his poor judgement. Jane Fonda is ridiculed and hated by a whole generation of Americans because of her bad judgement. All Douglas Mac Arthur did was to disagree with his President publicly and he was

Jane Fonda visited the North Vietnamese and critisized the war. She wasn’t hung but her carreer nearly was

expelled from his job. Is firing Issa really enough to deter such actions by these slimy Fascist bastards? I think not. I say he deserves life. The traditional penalty for treason is death during time of war and a lengthy prison sentence at other times.

This was no accident. This was an intentional act of diplomatic and security sabotage by a person (Issa); against the government of this country and the President of the United States. it was done in order to advance the perpetrator’s racist agenda and his party’s Fascist agenda. It is a purposeful attack on this country just as serious as any case of treason committed by any foreign agent or spy working directly for another nation.

Barrack the vote

Vote for Barrack Obama because:


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2 responses to “The Last Suspect

  1. silentlyheardonce

    October 27, 2012 at 18:43

    Your post are always so scary but informative.

    • angrymanspeaks

      October 27, 2012 at 23:14

      Thanks for the compliment. I suppose that is what I aim for. Not to be scary but hopefully informative or though provoking. I don’t try to be scary. It’s the nature of the truth; unfortunately


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