Charlie Manson — Smarter Than Republicans

24 Oct

It was interesting to read Charlie Manson speak about climate change and the need to address this problem.  It made me realize that even a murder is smarter than Republicans.  But then I realize, Republicans are serial killers on steroids.  Republicans kill people every day with these idiotic policies.  Health care alone which Republicans believe should be provided to everybody, kills people — lots of people.  For a Republican, if you can’t pay for your own health care, then you should die.  Republicans love to kill people. But that is just the tip of the killing machines that Republicans regularly endorse.

Republicans advocate spewing crap into the environment, whether it be oil or coal.  They invent terms like ‘clean coal’ as if something like this was possible.  They fail to acknowledge that CO2 that has been hidden in the earth for milleniums would have no effect on the planet when released. They call it a liberal scam. Further, the damages to people from breathing in the pollution from fossil fuels — kills people.  Then there are pesticides that are out of control in the food supply … wars … on and on … Republicans are the greatest killing machine in history.

But Republicans do have concerns.  They are concerned about how much taxes rich people and corporations pay.  This is very high on their priority list, as if money was some real answer to anything.  I hope those 85 Freshman Republicans stick to their ‘convictions’ and vote against raising the national debt limit — gut the social programs — and the US goes into default.  It will just demonstrate how bankrupt Republican ideology is since there were 5 debt ceiling increases under the last Bozo Bush.  Republicans had no problem raising the debt limit so that the rich could get richer, but in the end everybody will lose.

When Charlie Manson demonstrates he is smarter than Republicans, there is only one conclusion.

America is Doomed.

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Posted by on October 24, 2012 in freedom


One response to “Charlie Manson — Smarter Than Republicans

  1. List of X

    October 24, 2012 at 02:26

    Charlie Manson is not owned by his corporate donors, so he is free to face the reality.


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