The Debates: The First Debate; Or; “How To Fool America With Bad Theatrics”

19 Oct

I watched the first presidential debate along with the rest of America and I listened to the commentary the following day and I have to say that it seems I saw much that nobody else saw and failed to see what many seem to have.

I have heard a seemingly endless series of journalists state that:

“The President was off his game.”

“He didn’t seem to want to be there.”

“He seemed distracted.”

“The President failed to stand up and fight back.”

I have also heard many say that Mitt Romney won this first debate and that neither candidate was able to clearly state his position or give details.

Well I am here to say that I saw a different debate in many ways and I don’t understand why seemingly; no-one else saw it too.

Was the President off his game? Distracted?…………………………..

…………………… Perhaps he was. I will admit that The President was not his usual animated self.

But consider: Along with the stain of campaigning, Barrack Obama is also required to keep up his schedule of administrative duties. He must use his energy and intellect to keep this country running; so to speak; as well as continually having to travel, speak, and swat away the pestilent attacks and lies of the Republican party and its current figurehead Mitt Romney.

In addition to this, the evening of this debate was the President’s 20th wedding anniversary.

Now when President Obama wanted to address Congress on a night when the Republicans had one of their primary debates; they “Requested” that the President change his plans to accommodate their schedule and suggested that he; (The President of the United States of America);  should have checked with them first. (Of course they are Republicans and so are just a cut above the rest of us); especially if the rest of us includes our Black President; huh?

Did anyone check to be sure this debate wasn’t in conflict with any deeply personal celebration or event in the President’s life? Did anyone ask if he minded if he spent his 20th anniversary arguing with a  smirking, greasy, snake oil salesman? I doubt it

And let’s face it. I mean; well let’s just do a little informal show of hands.

Raise your hand if you would rather spend your evening  listening to this guy spout his grand fantasies of being Emperor and trying to avoid having his oily ooze rub off on you;

or having a quiet dinner and celebration with this graceful and naturally diplomatic woman who has done all that a first lady should and more than most do.

“Ok Mitt. You can put your hand down now. We know.”  Of course on Mitt’s anniversary; he doesn’t have the opportunity to celebrate with an intelligent, beautiful woman such as Michelle Obama.

He is stuck with a woman who thinks the Mormon Mission made men of her sons and Jesus ate hard tack and bacon with Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers; (back when they were real cowboys). Tom Mix invented the Guitar , “The angel came to see Joe Smith; they called him Macaroni”; Jesus died; arose three days later; saw his shadow and went back in his hole for six more weeks to wait for Spring.

So; distracted? Perhaps. Didn’t want to be there? I should think not. But lose the debate? I don’t think so

If we put aside the subdued mood of the President and look at the things that were said we see a picture of a quiet but confident president; stating his plans in far more detail than his opponent who just kept posturing and claiming he would create 12 million jobs.

A man who whose histrionics and exaggerated begging posture made me embarrassed to watch him.

“Pleeeease Mr President. Pleeeease don’t ignore the millions of Americans who need jobs.” “We can’t take another four years of this.” (As if he; Romney; were the American worker’s “Mother Hen” Instead of the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” we know him to be”)

As if it wasn’t twelve years of republican rule that brought us to this pass to begin with. As if a Republican ever cared about anything but lining his pockets and those of his friends and political masters.

The very notion that a member of the 1% would care about average Americans enough to humble himself to beg for them is beyond ludicrous.

No; I didn’t see the same debate many saw I guess. I didn’t see a driven articulate challenger and an unsure president. I saw a thoughtful, well spoken president with much on his mind giving many details of his plans for this country; and smirking smart-ass liar trying to play a role so out of his true character that it would need the skills of Ronald Reagan.

And Mr Romney; You sir are no Ronald Reagan

Lyin Mitt is UN-FIT


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6 responses to “The Debates: The First Debate; Or; “How To Fool America With Bad Theatrics”

  1. rumpydog

    October 19, 2012 at 12:53

    I gotta be honest. I don’t like watching the debates because the participants are so well-rehearsed and frankly I find them annoying. Yet I chose to watch this week’s debate, and I’m glad I did. Women’s issues were discussed. Then I saw how the pundits turned it all around and made it sound like as a woman I can’t stand it when men get argumentative, while not once addressing the issues themselves. Pissed me off royally!

    I will watch next week. Not because I want to, but because I can’t trust others to tell me what happened.

    • angrymanspeaks

      October 19, 2012 at 14:32

      Oh you are so right Rump.,

      from my point of view, many of these people have no more business in the political field than I do in a 5 star kitchen. One should be able to expect that these “experts” would be able to strip away the drama and give us substantive answers as to the issues based on whatever is revealed by the candidates. Instead, they are just as mesmorized by the theatrics as an uninformed voter who has never seen a debate before. It’s like watching a bunch of giddy school kids; naive as babes. As far as womens issues; I was very pleased to hear The President recite his record and state his support for “Equal work/Equal pay”. I am an Obama supporter as you know. (Who could have missed that; right?) The thing that gets me is that so many people can see and hear Romney and then describe him as a sincere man with a good heart. So much has been said about how Romney’s and Obama’s goals seem to be the same. That they just have two different and )equal???) plans to achieve their goals. This is where they fool people because while President Obama states his plans; gives more details and then tries to follow through on his plans as advertized; Mitt Romney and the Republican party in general; never reveal their real plans. This is because they know that it would be impossible to sell those plans to the people. So they lie and claim that they want to help the poor and middle class just like the Democrats do. They wave the flag and make bold but vauge statements of glorious redemption for our nation. They claim to be the experts with the know-how to “fix” America. But America and the 99% are not even in their field of vision unless they can find a new way to transfer more wealth from the 99% to themselves. Just like a man who has his relative declared incompetent in order to gain control of their fortune; the republicans believe that all the wealth should come to them. They then distribute just enough money to the rest of us to keep us breaking our backs for their gain. They do not believe in equality for women, blacks, latinos, or anyone who isn’t them. Money is their only concern and what can you do for me? This was clearly demonstrated by Romney’s statement that we should be giving green cards to anyone in another country who is educated and/or has skills we need. As for the rest of the immigrants seeking a new life here. Republicans have no use for them and support “Self Deportation”; a plan to make life so hard; so miserable, degrading, and humiliating for them that they choose to go back to whatever horrible life they had in another country. “Give me your tired; your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breath free”? If the Republicans and Lyin’ Mitt have their way; we will BE those huddled masses. So if you are ever tempted to think “Gee; that Republican candidate sure seems to have a plan.” Remember. He does. But it is not the plan he is telling you about. To you; to me; to America; all he and all of his Republican cronies will ever do is LIE; LIE; LIE. Because the truth; would frighten us to death. Thanks for the comment and the ear. Vote for Obama Jen. He isn’t the savior but he has a far kinder and gentler vision and plan for America and is a far more honest person. I saw a picture of Obama and Romney. Over Obama it said “Obama is a Socialist and that scares people.” Over Romney it said, “Yeh because electing a Fascist would be soo’ much better”.

  2. Steve

    October 20, 2012 at 14:53

    Hey, you’re back! I’ve missed you. As usual though your rhetoric is a bit one sided. Although I am not a big Romney guy (he’s way to moderate for my taste. I prefer an Attilla the Hun type) when compared to the alternative it’s a no brainer for me. Romney, I think, has proven by his track record over the years that he is truly a good guy that helps people and cares about them. Even people that don’t back him portray him as a boy scout. To be intellectually honest I think you also need to admit that the Dems don’t portray themselves as they are either, especially this President.

    Where’s YOUR outrage over being lied to about what’s going on in Libya? Would you be so quiet if it would’ve been Bush instead of Obama? I think not! You would be calling for his head. Isn’t it a bit more important to stand for America first? Anyways welcome back, I look forward to response. Steve

    • angrymanspeaks

      October 20, 2012 at 16:13

      Hey Steve, Nice to hear from you so soon after my return. I’m not saying that Mitt wouldn’t take you to the hospital if you were ill. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t invite a homeless banker or stockbroker home for Thanksgiving. I’m not even saying that Mitt wouldn’t step over you if you collapsed on the street. it’s just that one on one giving and donating to charity is all well and good but it doesn’t solve the problems of the nation where the poor and disenfranchised are concerned. I will have much to say about Lyin’ Mitt in the near future so I’ll let it go for now. As to the Libya question. I fail to understand what all the fuss is about. Whether the President is Bush, Obama, or Grover Cleveland. It is standard practice for the intellegence and administrative community to withold facts from the public for various reasons. National Security is the primary concern. I am happy that the story has been clarifyed for us and i don’t know why we were told of the protest for the short term but I assume that the Administration believed that they would have more success tracking the guilty parties if the truth were not public knowledge at first. No big deal and I might add that in truth; if this were a Bush action instead of an Obama action; you wouldn’t even question it. Much is kept secret from us. If you want to worry; don’t worry that it took 14 days to hear the truth about Libya. Worry that we still havn’t heard the truth about JFK’s assasination, Roswell N.M., Area 51, 9/11, or the Republican party’s real agenda and plans for our nation and it’s people; not to mention the Libertarians. Could the last be because they know that even the stupidest American would not support the Fascist, un-constitutional plans that they hide if they told the truth about them? Hmmmm. By golly I believe that’s the answer. Even you can’t really believe that a smirking ass like this Mamma’s boy Mitt Romney would make a better President than a man with a back-bone, integrity, and compassion like Barrack Obama.

      Lyin’ Mitt is UN-FIT

      Talk soon Steve

      • Steve

        October 23, 2012 at 13:17

        Like I said, I’m not a big Romney fan but the current occupant , in my opinion, is the worst poser of a President this country has ever seen. It is so obvious that he is in way over his head it’s mind boggling. Big deal about Libya? Really? So your ok that the sitting President of the United States outright lied and then sent his secretary of State, UN Ambassador and Press Secretary out to lie to Congress and the American people and you don’t think that’s a big deal/ Really?

        That’s what I love about you lefties…Everything is OK as long as it furthers your agenda. At least be consistent. You know damn right well that if Bush had done this you would be screaming to impeach him. You guys are still screaming about Bush lying about WMD’s in Iraq and there were chemical weapons and missiles there he wasn’t supposed to have had, just not nukes.

        Do a check on charitable giving and compare the percentage Romney and Ryan gives with that of Obama and Biden. I think you’ll be surprised. There’s a big difference in my book as to saying something and actually doing it. Talk is cheap!

      • Steve

        October 23, 2012 at 13:23

        Seriously/ The Kennedy assassination? Roswell and 911? You need a little more tin foil on that hat brother! Just out of curiosity, how do you stage two airplanes flying into a building and make it believable? Can you imagine the network it would take to keep a conspiracy like that quiet? Not even remotely feasible. The truth is right there in front of your face, the Mulims that you guys love still hate us and want to kill ALL of us and all the nicey niceys of the Muslim in Chief won’t change the facts


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