Our Gold Isn’t Tarnished But Sportsmanship Went Down The Tubes

14 Aug

Ah; the Olympics. A chance for the finest athletes in the world to compete in brotherly camaraderie and the spirit of equal competition.

America did well; winning a variety of medals; notably a Gold Medal for Gabby Douglas and another for Kayla Harrison.

We have a right to be proud of these and all of our young athletes who work so hard for so long for chance at Olympic Gold.

But I guess you know that there is nothing there to make me angry. We are proud and so should our entire Olympic Team be.

But unfortunately we should also feel a sense of shame at the behavior of at least two of our nations participants.

Who are they and what the hell did they do to piss Old Angryman off?……

……. The first is a coach of the American swim team.

John Leonard executive director of the USA Swimming Coaches Association, made loud and public

John Leonard

complaints and accusations against a sixteen year old swimmer from China. He claimed she was drugging to help her performance.

His reason for this accusation was that she did too well (and beat his best swimmers).

I don’t know if the young woman in question did or did not take performance enhancing drugs before her event.

She says no. There is apparently no proof that she did.


It seems to me that before any coach, athlete, or spectator voices accusations of cheating; they had better have some hard evidence to back that claim up. This coach did not. I think it is a shameful act that besmirched the name and clouded the Olympic experience for this young woman and makes America look like nothing more than spoiled sports who can’t lose with grace.

If this coach had suspicions of inappropriate behavior on the part of any athlete; he should have made a quiet complaint to the proper authorities for investigation; not announced his unfounded charges and insulting accusations to the world. Shame on you Sir; for sullying the spirit of the Olympic games.

The second is a bit more vague and harder to tell who the real culprit is.

It has to do with the astounding amount of attention received by the Mitt Romneys for their Ownership of a horse.  A horse that finished 30th in its field. Despite that it takes ten years of pampering and training to bring a horse to the Olympic level. Despite that Mr. Romney is seeking the highest public office in our nation. Despite that the Horse; while a perfectly dignified example of equine kind; I am sure; is a loser. I mean; really? 30th place?

If this horse had belonged to anyone else; we would never have heard its name. “Rafalca”. What do you suppose it means? I can’t swear to it but confidential sources say the name is ancient Etruscan for “Crush the plebeians“.

In all seriousness; don’t you find it just a bit distasteful that Lyin’ Mitt and his High Falutin’ wife have the audacity to flaunt their wealth in such a way when America is going down the tubes and he is one of the main movers behind the decline. When millions of average people all over this nation are living below the poverty line and millions more would be if the poverty line wasn’t based on statistics from the nineteen fifties and sixties.

That’s correct. The fifties and sixties. Bet our tax rates aren’t set using statistics from the fifties and sixties. Of course if you are Mitt Romney and have upwards of a billion dollars hidden away all over the world; taxes are the least of your worries. Taxes are something for the little people to pay.

People like Mitt believe they shouldn’t  have to pay for the running of the nation. They believe they should be allowed to suck this country dry and leave the running for those less fortunate to pay for.

Then to top off this farce; all the attention was on Ann Romney; as if she were the one who cares for the horse; trains the horse; and rides the horse in competition.

Seems like a lot of praise and credit for someone who did nothing more than write a check and sit in the stands looking for all the world like a giddy neglected housewife with a personal vibrator in her drawers and a whole lot of money for batteries.

You can blame the Romneys. Why not? They are detestable people.

You could also blame the press. If the mainstream media like NBC who broadcasted the Olympics didn’t have their heads so far up Mitt Romney’s ass, maybe we wouldn’t be subjected to special reports on a losing horse and it’s loser owners.

The Romneys? You say. Losers? Yes losers because for all the vast millions of dollars these Capitalist assholes have they have lost. They are losers. They have almost certainly lost this election. They have lost out on the knowledge of what it is to be human. To honor the truth and value strong character. They will never understand how we think about things; see things; or feel about things including people. They have lost out on the chance to know what it feels like to help someone without expecting a tangible return; to give something away without deducting it as a charitable contribution; to do anything without an ulterior motive. They will never feel the deep inside warmth that comes from knowing you did a good thing for a person in need just because they are in need and not because the cameras are watching and you want to be elected. They will never have a genuine emotion; an unplanned feeling or do or say anything without considering how it will affect their chances of re-election. So yeah; I’d say; losers. I don’t even want to think about the ethical code their children learned from them. “Win at all cost” “Tell them what they want to hear” “Lie to get a job” “Lie to get ahead” “Lie to keep them guessing”

I sure am glad Mitt’s kids aren’t my friends. With friends like them; who needs enemas?

Then there’s that whole problem of having to look your friends in the eye and tell them the truth about their own father.

Lyin’ Mitt is UN-FIT.


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2 responses to “Our Gold Isn’t Tarnished But Sportsmanship Went Down The Tubes

  1. thejumbledmind

    August 14, 2012 at 20:23

    Very well stated! The elite, of whom Romney is the poster child, will never care about, much less understand, the common person. They care only about money and power…power to hold on to that money.

  2. Jueseppi B.

    September 14, 2012 at 05:40

    I am kinda worried about you my Brotha…..have not seen you in the bloggersphere in close to a month now. Let me know you’re still breathing and angry as soon as you get this.


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