M-Dog Romney In The House To Break It Down For Ya. Word

07 Aug

“Tax-ezzz? I don’ pay no stinking tax-ezzz”

I am; after-all; one of America’s wealthy Elite and as such I have a special constitutional dispensation that allows me to amass as large a fortune as I want and pay little to no ‘tax-ezz’.” “It’s only fair; because:………


………My name is Mitt

I love to sit

Laughing at the people

Living lives of Shit.

I am a job creator;

So don’t be a hater;

I got my lousy ethics from my long dead Pater.


I live in Massachusetts;

Bout which I don’t give two shits

My wife, my kids and my fat dog

All shit red, white, and blue shits

I went to Mormon College

You know I wasn’t bored

I traveled all through Europe

Preaching; “Cowboys met the Lord”.


Then I went to Harvard

To purchase a degree

B. Administration

Made me all that I can be.

I own a thing called Baine

For causing agony and pain

To millions of Americans

Whose jobs got on the plane.


I’ve sliced and diced through companies

From Boston to Seattle

I turned the local workers

straight from craftsman into chattle.


I hide a lot of money

On a Caribbean Island

So when the tax man visits me

I shrug and keep on smiling.


I got a wife named Ann

She got a lovely can

And when she starts to shake it

Yo! It’s more than I can stand.

She gave me little Romneys

To raise up strong and healthy

It wasn’t such a challenge

Cause we’re obscenely wealthy


I rescued the Olympics

From certain wreck and ruin

So now I’m gon’ to London

Show them what they should be doin’


They screwed up all the prep-work

Security is low

The stupid Limey planners

Plain forgot to make the snow.


So I took off for Israel

To hob-nob with the Jews

The Palestinians called;

I made a lame excuse



In Poland I was charming

For all the peasants gathered

I lied and said I cared for them

As if they really mattered

I visited their soldier

Who died without a name

I pissed on Poland’s honor

And threw Barrack the blame.

They asked me bout Obama

I said, “He’s black as coal”

They said the only blackness they could see was in my soul


So I flew back to Annie

She’s the girlie of my dreams

She’s just so good at acting

Like she doesn’t hear the screams

Of the poor and wretched homeless and the needy and the sick

She pretends she doesn’t know why they call me “Mitt The Shit

Lyin Mitt is UN-FIT, Lyin Mitt is UN-FIT, Lyin Mitt is UN-FIT, Lyin Mitt is UN-FIT, Lyin Mitt is UN-FIT


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