Capitalism; An Indictment

06 Aug

The following is an except from a post on thejumbledmind

This started me thinking when I wrote my comment and that led to this article.

The List:

(begin excerpt)

There was an interesting article written by John Cassidy in The New Yorker this week titled, “Is America Crazy?” While much of the article deals with guns and gun laws in the United States, Cassidy also points out ten convictions or beliefs held by Americans. From the article…

What are these shared convictions? I could go on all day, but here, for argument’s sake, are ten. Not all Americans subscribe to them, of course. In some instances, the true believers may amount to a small but vocal minority. Still, the popular sentiment underlying these statements is so strong that politicians defy it at their peril.

1. Gun laws and gun deaths are unconnected.

2. Private enterprise is good; public enterprise is bad.

3. God created America and gave it a special purpose.

4. Our health-care system is the best there is.

5. The Founding Fathers were saintly figures who established liberty and democracy for everyone.

6. America is the greatest country in the world.

7. Tax rates are too high.

8. America is a peace-loving nation: the reason it gets involved in so many wars is that foreigners keep attacking us.

9. Cheap energy, gasoline especially, is our birthright.

10. Everybody else wishes they were American. (end excerpt)

I wondered where all these lies come from. Why do so many of us still believe them? Are these lies just harmless “American folklore”? If not; what do we learn from them, about the Governmental System under which we live?………

……… Our Capitalism; your Capitalism:

When the smugglers and thieves who would later be deified as our “Founding Fathers” began this nation, most governments were monarchies of one brand or another. Our “Democratic” government was a relatively fresh idea. It may have produced the most freedom for its time but the world has moved on and we have not. Many other nations are offering a better and happier standard of living; universal health care (yes it is a right) and many more freedoms than we enjoy. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, They saw what we failed to note. Capitalism is; by its very nature a corrupt system. The opportunity to strive for and achieve great wealth foments an environment of deceptive practices to gain advantage over others involved in the same pursuit. The law of the jungle is the law of Capitalism. Only the strongest survives and so the most ruthless and underhanded are attracted to it; knowing that cleverness and guile will often prevail over strength. Capitalism doesn’t work if all you want is your fair share. If you stop clawing and scratching your way upward in a Capitalist system; you fall behind and are ultimately crushed by the desperate climbers from behind .

Socialism mixed with Capitalism is the recipe other nations have found great success with and so would we.

Pure Capitalism is a system; doomed from the start. this has been proven in country after country . But why is it true?

Capitalism; left to run amuck as it has been here finally resolves itself into the 1/99% split we see now. The reason for this is that there is no second place. You are either number one or you are a loser in the Capitalist game. And Capitalism makes no provisions for losers. They are left to struggle along as best they can until they either continue the struggle to the top or fall out of the race, (read that die)

Capitalism assumes that everyone is seeking first place. That is why when we speak to Conservatives about a change to a more benevolent system; they begin shouting and whining about how we want to take all of their money to pay lazy people who won’t work. Their self-image is so clear and golden that and their pride in their achievements so great that they believe if you don’t get rich in America; you just didn’t try hard enough; ergo lazy. After all they worked hard and look where they are.

What it does to a society and the people:

Now there is a lie that belongs on the list above:

“If you work hard enough; anyone can get rich in America.”

This lie is so widely accepted that it even makes those of us who see the lie feel some guilt over not becoming a millionaire at least. Among those who cannot work this guilt is almost universal. You look at a man. he is in a wheel chair; he has one arm; he is almost blind and he can’t hear in one ear. He’s had a heart attack and a stroke and still; he will tell you that he would like to find a job so he could feel like a man again. He worked all of his life until he was 50 when he began to become too ill to work and he still can’t get over the feeling that he failed as a man.

This is what Capitalism does to a society. When money is what your society is based on, there will always be winners and losers and many more of the latter because the amassing of a substantial fortune is not something that everyone can do. Not everyone is either, smart enough, lucky enough, unethical enough, cold-blooded enough, or healthy enough and it takes all five of those qualities to become wealthy in a Capitalist system.

Capitalism; not Religion is the opiate of the people. It numbs them to the pain of their struggle by focusing all of their energy and mental power on getting ahead. They become so numb that it isn’t until conditions become extreme as they are now in America; that people begin to notice how they have been mesmerized by the promises of the system and numbed to its     inequities. And still so many believe. “I believe in America” “Our business leaders know the answers; haven’t they made themselves wealthy? And they will do it for us. Just give all the money to them; seems fair to me”


Stories my Capitalist told me:

Now, how about that Capitalist fantasy story that tells us how the economy is too complex for the average person to comprehend and even the least little change to its mechanisms and programing will cause economic upheaval and financial disaster for all Americans.

Lies; lies and more lies to cover the lies and even more lies to confuse us into thinking we are now getting at the truth then more lies to make unsure so that it is almost impossible to see through the web of lies to the truth and if you find it; you have to fight through the web again to get it out and publish it. And the web is not static. It is a living thing made of the will of the believers to prevent the truth from getting out. It adapts and closes in around you to choke out the truth. And if you think the “Borg” (half computer half human race all connected remotely to a collective intelligence and acting as one-Star Trek) were single-minded, brainwashed and remotely controlled; you should see the hold the 1% have gained over this vast army of “Authoritarian Followers” bent on carrying out the will of their corrupt Capitalist masters by dangling the carrot of “real” wealth;1% wealth, in front of them and chasing behind with the stick of, “The peasants are coming; the peasants are coming to take everything you’ve worked for”.

What Capitalism does to the Capitalists:

The most frightening thing is what Capitalism does to its adherents. The 1%. It lulls them into a false sense of control and security. It deafens them to the cries of the 99%. It prevents them from seeing the coming storm and makes them believe they are far too high above everyone else to worry about the seething mass of humanity begging for a fair share of the wealth. begging for just enough to live with dignity. Begging the 1% to leave just a little more; just don’t take it all. “You keep taking more and more and giving back less.”  “We keep having to give more and more for less and less.”  Now we are cold at night; now we are hungry; now we are starving and still the Capitalist Masters refuse to relent.

The End

Finally; after years of asking; begging for some small consideration; the masses begin to move. All around is scorched, barren Earth. So they begin to move. They begin to gather around new voices and new leaders and move both figuritively and literally. Move where? To where all the food and money is. Move toward the only place left with the money and power to change conditions and toward those whose greed and inhumanity have led them to this pass. By now; the time for non-violence and civil disobedience has passed in the minds of the masses. They are now bent on their only option and that is to topple the 1%; take back the wealth; redistribute it according to the whims of whatever new tyrants think they can make a go of it and usually kill the members of the former ruling class; either shooting them where they stand or publicly executing them for the entertainment of the mob; drunk with victory and hope and blood-thirsty for revenge against the ruthless dandies who oppressed them for so long and so thoroughly. It is a heady time and many mistakes happen. People die who shouldn’t and fortunes are absconded with in all the confusion.

Czar Nicholai and his family; Executed by firing squad 1917

I’m not making this up. This isn’t my imagination gone wild. This is History. This is 1789-France. This is 1917-Russia. This is almost every; if not every time and nation where revolution and kaos have fulminated.


This is America 20??

And still they are deaf to the sounds of suffering.


7 responses to “Capitalism; An Indictment

  1. thejumbledmind

    August 6, 2012 at 15:51

    Excellent post. As I read this, it made think of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” as you have described it well here.

    • angrymanspeaks

      August 6, 2012 at 18:35

      Thanks Jim, I’m glad to hear that. I felt this one was special somehow. Anyway I haven’t read Animal Farm in 40 years; since high school. How sad in a way that my observations mirror his. he was such a student of humanity.

  2. fidlerten

    August 7, 2012 at 12:48

    Though I didn’t read all of your article ( just too long for me) I did read the first half, so I’ll comment on that.

    As you know, I have a lot to say about capitalism. Some of what I have to say, deals with my Spirit man and my beliefs in God. So I’ll say this:

    Capitalism = love of money = evil.

    This equation says to me that capitalism in itself is evil. But like some chemicals, they could be fatal if taken by themselves but if diluted properly with another chemical or even H2O (water), could actually be healthy for you.

    What I’m saying is; as long as we balance our economy with both capitalism and socialism with the proper amounts of each, then they can work together to provide us a prosperous but a caring society that takes care of its own.

    This idea that socialism is evil is all wrong. Maybe if it’s the only economic system we have, which is what the former Soviet Union had set up – but socialism is good if it stays balanced with the right amount of capitalism.

    Capitalism can motivate people to work hard so that they can enjoy more finer things in life but socialism is our heart and our compassion and without socialism, we are a cold and hard society without feelings. That’s what the Republican Party would turn us into if they have a chance – a cold and hard society without love for one another and without feelings. We need to do all we can to keep them from doing that.

  3. angrymanspeaks

    August 7, 2012 at 14:31

    Hey Fid,
    Yes that is the point that I was making. It is a shame you missed the second half because I thought it was particularly powerful. But anyway; you are correct and i don’t get why that is so hard for the POO(Party Of Obstruction) to see as well. History tells us that in situations exactly like the one we face today; the 1% either gives up some now ro unfortunately, they always wind up giving it all later. Sad but I didn’t write history. I just “Calls em’ like I sees’ em'”.

  4. trey

    August 7, 2012 at 17:57

    Well Angryman, you wanted me to come over from JB’s site. Did you read the whole epistle of John? Quoting one verse and then twisting it the way you want doesn’t work. I know you are very set in your ways and beliefs. I will preface this by telling you I once believed in some things you do. I surrendered to the Lord about seven years ago. Once you decide to live the way He wants you to, He will change you. He is a loving God and judgement will ultimately up to Him. He calls us to be witnesses of His exsistance and how He has changed our life. So when I said “what did you think a pastor would say?” about Obama supporting gay marriage, God would not want me to approve or endorse it, just like the pastor is saying. We all have desires of the flesh, but acting on it is another thing. There are times, honestly that I could commit Adultery, but I don’t because I want to please(and fear) my God. What you would be asking me or the Pastor to do would be to endorse(or vote) for a behavior that would lead to others spiritual death. Not gonna happen. There are many passages about resisting fleshy desires, but I’m sure you know since you say you know and believe. If not, read Romans 6: 12-23. God will forgive, but we are not to continue in our sin because God will forgive. We will constantly struggle and fail at times, but Gods know if we are honestly trying. Hopefully you will at least respect the idea that I try to live my life as He has instructed. If not, maybe one day in the future. Good luck to you in your calling.

  5. angrymanspeaks

    August 7, 2012 at 21:38

    Trey, Glad you stopped by.

    Folks this is a conversation that migrated over from theobamacrat. this is the link if you should wish to catch up but it is about the Bible and so you may opt out if you wish. No offence taken.

    Now; Trey,

    “God would not want me to approve or endorse it, just like the pastor is saying”.
    First; I wouldn’t expect a pastor to endorse Gay marriage.
    I also wouldn’t expect a Pastor to become involved in politics.
    I would expect this Pastor to do what every other Pastor is doing and keep his mouth shut; especially when the issue he is denouncing is a direct result of the work he claims to have done in support of Civil Rights. He can’t have iot both ways. freedom for African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian Americans; Fundamentalist Christian Americans; but “Oh no; not for Gay Americans. Sorry. The reason you can’t have it both ways is that
    Civil Rights is about man’s laws.-Laws made so that all kinds of men can live in peace and with tolerence.
    Religion is about God’s Laws- Laws made by God but under such conditions that no two groups of people can agree with just what those laws are or what they mean.
    God does tell us to bear witness of the things we learn but he doesn’t tell us to force others to act according to what we tell them is right.
    When Jesus came to Earth; Did Jesus come to Jerusalem to change the laws? Think hard This is an important question. Did Jesus come to Jerusalem to do away with prostitutes; tax collectors; greedy men? No; he didn’t. he came to sit among these very people and talk with them. he came to teach them what was right; not force them to do what was right. Now if Jesus himself didn’t have the authority to change conditions on Earth or force people to behave a certain way; what would ever make you think you do or any mere man.
    So; no I don’t expect him to say anything at all publicly; but i especially don’t believe it is this Pastor’s nor any Pastor’s place to do the following either:
    “Rev. Owens, who consults with the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) as a liaison to black churches, has launched a national campaign urging African-American voters to oppose the reelection of Obama.”
    “We will not take it back. We will not back down. We are going to take action across this country to change the course that this President has us in”
    You see the problem?
    If you; as a christian; know that your neighbor is gay and married; what would you do about that.
    A. Leave them to live as they see fit and go on living as you believe is right.
    B. Tell them what you believe in a respectful way and then A.
    C. Start a movement in your church and town to outlaw gay marriage and to expell your neighbors?
    D. You tell me. Shoot them? Picket in front of their house? Go on TV and tell the world you don’t like the course your town is following?
    And then what if the neighbor on the other side disagrees with you and so do all the other neighbors on your street; will you still insist that this gay couple move out?
    We have a president to secure equal rights for EVERYONE.
    We have Pastors to counsel us in what God wants us to do.
    Those equal rights assure that you and I and the neighbor on the other side get the opportunity to seek whatever counsel we need from any Pastor we chose.
    They allow us each to work out what we believe God wants and live accordingly.
    If our President fails to secure and protect those equal rights for everybody; even gays; then there is nothing to stop the next group who doesn’t agree with being Catholic or Atheist or Hindu; or Methodist.
    Now back to your question. Yes I have read the entire epistle of 1 John. As it happens I have read most of the Bible; I won’t claim every verse but most. I have also spent an entensive amount of time searching out answers to questions that have come up over the years. I do this by searching with the help of a good concordance for the scriptures that speak of whatever subject I am interested in.
    Your suggestion that “Quoting one verse and then twisting it the way you want doesn’t work.” is a bit offensive to me. I have no need or desire to twist the words of God.
    What I did was Quote and I defy you to show me where I erred. What there is in the rest of that epistle that makes what I said wrong. Please.
    You can’t because the rest of that letter deals with other things. However there are afew other verses that do deal with the same question as follows;
    JOHN 14: 28-30
    28 Keep in mind how I said to you, I go away and come to you again. If you had love for me you would be glad, because I am going to the Father: for **the Father is greater than I.** 29 And now I have given you word of it before it comes, so that, when it comes, you may have faith. **30 After this I will not say much to you, because the ruler of this world comes: and he has no power over me;**
    If the Father (God) is greater than Jesus; then the Father would certainly have power over him.
    But Jesus says clearly that the ruler of this world has no power over him and so : the ruler of this world CANNOT be the Father (God). if he is not the ruler of this world; this world is NOT his kingdom.

    JOHN 16: 5-11
    5 But now I am going to him who sent me; and not one of you says to me, Where are you going? 6 But your hearts are full of sorrow because I have said these things. 7 But what I am saying is true: my going is for your good: for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. 8 And he, when he comes, will make the world conscious of sin, and of righteousness, and of being judged: 9 Of sin, because they have not faith in me; 10 Of righteousness, because **I go to the Father and you will see me no more**; **11 Of being judged, because the ruler of this world has been judged.**
    If he was going TO the Father and these men would see him no more; that means that the father was not where they were. On Earth.
    But the ruler of this world has been judged. Jesus was leaving this world and it’s ruler behind (remember; “he has no power over me”) to go to his father.
    Matthew 4: 1 & 8-10
    1 Then Jesus was sent by the Spirit into the waste land to be tested by the Evil One.
    8 Again, the Evil One took him up to a very high mountain, and ** let him see all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them**; 9 And he said to him,** All these things will I give you, if you will go down on your face and give me worship**. 10 Then said Jesus to him, Away, Satan: for it is in the Writings, Give worship to the Lord your God and be his servant only.
    You will note that Satan(the evil one) shows Jesus ALL the kingdoms of the Earth; and then he offers to give them to Jesus if Jesus will worship him (Satan).
    Does Jesus say, “You can’t give to me what you do not own”? No he doesn’t.
    Does he say, “These kingdoms don’t belong to you”? No he does not
    If Satan was not the ruler or the owner of ALL of the kingdoms of the Earth; How could he offer to give them to Jesus?
    2 Corinthians 4:3-4
    3 But if our good news is veiled, it is veiled from those who are on the way to destruction: 4 Because **the god of this world has made blind the minds of those who have not faith,** so that the light of the good news of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, might not be shining on them.
    Now when he says “the god of this world- blinding the minds of those without faith” do you think he meant God or Satan?
    Al in all; I think it is pretty clear who the world belongs to and whose kingdom it is not.

    If you find another way to get God’s viewpoint on a subject; other than the way I have desribed. You let me know.
    I mean what do you suggest? We just read the Bible from front to back over and over hoping that we will soak up all the answers by osmosis?
    Perhaps all we need to do is put it under our pillow at night?
    No Steve; the Bible is a guide and the answer to all questions. But it doesn’t reach out; slap you in the head and stick the answers in your head. You have to search and reason. The Bible never contradicts itself. if you think it has; you don’t have the correct understanding.
    If you are reading and a particular verse seems to disagree with what you thought you knew; you need to gather all of the scriptures that deal with the subject and when you see how the other scriptures speak of it you can find the correct meaning for the one that seemed odd at first.
    An excellent example of this is the scripture where Jesus says: “The Father and I are one.”
    This is often used to support the trinity teaching that Jesus and God are one entity.
    But if we take time to search out other verses where jesus speaks of the relationship between himself and his Father we see that he says that “The Father is greater than I” and “I am going to the Father” and we find that when he was about to be arrested in Gethsemanie; he knelt and prayed to his Father. (Luke 22:42)
    And he went a little distance away from them and, falling on his knees in prayer, he said, 42 Father, if it is your pleasure, take this cup from me: but still,** let your pleasure, not mine, be done.**
    None of these things are possible if they are the same entity and so we must search for another meaning for the words “The Father and I are one”.
    If we take that to mean -we are one in purpose; in metheod; in total agreement with each other; then all of the scriptures agree. They can be one(in mind) and yet be two seperate beings.
    So do I quote and twist? No; just quote.
    How would I twist this ?
    1 JOHN 5:19 “We are certain that we are of God, but all the world is in the power of the Evil One.”
    Explain how you believe I did this wonderous act.

  6. trey

    August 8, 2012 at 13:07

    I think that the Pastor is feeling more betrayed by Obama because he portrayed himself as a Christian and then endorses same-sex marriage. He probably did go a little overboard tying it to civil rights. I can’t speak for him, but he probably feels like he marched with Dr. King to secure civil liberties as God saw it, and that it was Godly blessed because God sees all His children the same. Then Obama turns around and goes against that and what Dr. King would be for.(at least I think so, can’t speak for Dr. King)

    Next point. No one is trying to force anyone to do anything. I’m just not going to support Gay marriage. Its not forcing and its not hate. I love all people. I’m not going to vote for it or rally for it. Not gonna happen, just like I explained earlier. I wouldn’t vote for adultery, incest or anything outside God plan for sexual activity. That doesn’t mean I hate everyone who does that. That’s just a childish arguement to get someone’s way. I think it should be this way, so I’m gonna call you a hater if you don’t agree! If they want rights stating Steve gets Bob’s stuff or property when he passes, I don’t have a problem with that.( I think thats already the case in some places) Other than that, who’s stopping them from their sexual behavior? Are people busting in the bedroom and forcing them to stop? Who is stopping their actions? Or better yet forcing anything on them?

    Next point. On your A,B,C,D question. I would probably do A and B. I would not expell, shoot or picket them. I would love them and tell them of the news of Jesus, and try to live like He did. That’s all I can do. The rest will be God’s will or person’s choice.

    Next thing. There is verses say that the evil one has dominion down here. But only as far as God will let him. He is still in control. And you made it sound like “since Satan rules down here we agree to let people do what they want and God will take care of the judgement” When God calls us to tell them of Him, in the hopes that they will return to Him. Not legalize sinful behavior. If Satan did what he wanted and when, we would all be destroyed.

    Thanks for your response. I am glad to see that you are engaging in a nice discussion. All the name calling would have had me state my peace and move on. I was a little worried after your first response to me. Much love, angryman


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