Criminal Cops; They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere

03 Aug

I was talking with someone recently and they were saying how terrible it is that there are so many incidents of Police using excessive force lately. They mentioned the case of the University Security “Police” Sergeant who sprayed MK-9; Military Weapons Grade Pepper

Spray, directly in the faces of protestors who were SITTING on the ground committing no chargable offence; from two feet away. Even in military situations; the minimum firing distance for MK-9 is six feet. Then they said something that just blew my mind. They said that his action borders on criminal behavior.

BORDERS ON CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR?”, I said. “Way-el’, I’d shay’ thish’ here Hombre done crossed that-there border shum’ ways back.”

Back; back; way back; way back when…………….

……………………………..he decided to become a cop. Anybody who wants to become a cop should automatically be disqualified from the position. You can’t be mentally stable and desire

I wanna be a Policeman

to do that job. I’m not absolutely sure that you can even be human.

I have been living in the same Maryland town for the past ten years. I just recently moved out but I will not mention the name even now for fear of retaliation.

I have witnessed people beaten, forced to the ground and kneeled on until they could not breathe, children threatened with Police Firearms for riding their Dirt Bike where they shouldn’t, people required to show I.D. for no reason but that they were standing still; or

Denver police use tear gas pepper spray batons and rubber bullets

walking; or sitting.; and people threatened with arrest because “Wyatt Earp” didn’t like their tone of voice. When they asked what they were to be arrested for; the cop said; and I quote, “Oh, I’ll find something. You can believe that.” These Cowboys ride roughshod over any and all challenges to their absolute authority. Absolute in the sense that they feel free to ignore the Constitutional Rights of the citizenry.

And check this out. I was driving home one sunny afternoon; smoking a cigarette; (tobacco), when I was pulled over by one of the local Constubulary because I had a brake light out. When the officer approached my window he immediately asked if I had just lit the cigarette. I showed him the half smoked butt and asked why he was interested.

Get ready; this is a killer.

The nice Policeman told me that he was concerned that I may have lit the cigarette when I realized I was being stopped; in an attempt to antagonise and annoy the kind officer and that he would have considered; get this; arresting me if I had just lit up because cops don’t appreciate that.

Now you all know my name so it should come as no surprize to you that I was angry. I considered telling him that as an American citizen; I have the right to smoke outdoors and in my car and in my own home and I don’t give a Flying Fuck whether he like it or not and that had I not been smoking; the first thing I would do if I was being stopped ; is light up a cigarette; as would any smoker. You always smoke when you’re nervous and I can’t think of anything that makes me more nervous than being within spitting distance of a cop.

Discretion being the better part of valor and as I was alone; on a secluded road; with a cop; and his club, gun, mace, etc; I restrained myself.

I have related this story to several audiences with the same reaction each time. First; astonishment. Then; jeers and laughter. A lawyer friend of mine suggested that he would take that case to court Pro-Bono just to see this cop tell the judge why he arrested me.

That’s a pretty funny story but the behavior and attitude of that cop is no laughing matter when you think about it.

The local Police have displayed all of the early signs of a Fascist Police State and nobody seems to care or be willing to challenge their behavior.

As you say; this is happening all over America. America! And this under a Democratic administration.

What would life be like if the POO (Party of Obstruction) gets their man Mitt in office?

Because: Mitt is UN-FIT

Not only is he unfit but he is so unfit that I suspect that he is just a figurehead for the Right-Wing Conspiracy to turn this nation into a slave state with a Fascist Government. A prancing, dancing marrionette with a stupid grin on his face nodding and smiling to the commands of his Masters.

Smiling and Nodding

Cop brutaly kicking a woman in her head

I know; I know. We aren’t supposed to say that. People will call me paranoid, extreme, delluded. They’ll say I’m out of my mind. But then if I am right; that is what they would say.

So the Police? These aren’t real Police anyway. Real Police are supposed to

keep order and help people; defend citizens.

This citizen feels very protected; as should you

These are just hired Thugs in the pay of the Republican Hierarchy; sent to destabalize our society and rule through fear and intimidation. Beating anyone who objects to their brutality and brutalizing everyone they can to create an atmosphere of violence; hatred; and terror among the American people. They know the people are the greatest threat to their victory and conquest. Only the people have the power to stop them through the use of

Angela Garbarino beaten by shrieveport cops because she asked to make a phone call

our shear number and physical presence.

Think I’m paranoid? I may be, but it would behoove us to keep in mind that old clish’e; “Just because your paranoid; doesn’t mean, they’re not out to get you”


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3 responses to “Criminal Cops; They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere

  1. heretherebespiders

    August 3, 2012 at 20:43

    My dad is a retired cop, a good friend is a retired cop, and I only escaped being one myself back in 1990 because I came in number 17 on the list of eligible candidates for free training – they only went to number 11. All of us would admit there are some shitty cops out there, but I’m sorry to see you tar them all with the same brush. Yes you would have to be somewhat crazy to take the abuse from everyone day in day out all day long with a serious risk of death at any moment; for not-great-pay but good benefits if the guy in the car you pulled over or the domestic dispute you go to snaps and shoots you dead, at least you leave your family taken care of. If you still have one, that is, after you come home hateful and stressed after seeing another teenager’s brains spattered all over the inside of a windshield or another beaten wife who refuses to press charges. no, these are not excuses for police abuse and beatings and I don’t mean them to be. But cops are humans and like all of us some are good and some are bad. A better call is to look for ways to police the police, perhaps? Even that leads into more difficulties…

  2. amaya73

    August 3, 2012 at 20:45

    I’m sorry my word choice made you angry, angryman. I was trying to make the point with my post that cops rarely face any punishment for actions that we as private citizens would most likely spend years in jail for. I think we are on the same side of the issue, though I may not say things the same way you would. I agree that Pike deserved to be prosecuted for assault. Police officers should pay even harsher penalties for brutality because they are in positions of power.

    • angrymanspeaks

      August 4, 2012 at 04:17

      Hey, I’m not angry at you. I saw an opening and I ran with it. Thanks for the wording.


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