Barrack Obama Is The Greatest President We Have Had; In The Last 43 Years.

01 Aug

Barrack Obama has done what no other President has. He has actually benefitted the American people. Not with vague promises and less than obvious laws that are predicted to do some good down the road but with dollars and cents value; today and Health Care of all things. Who ever really thought that we would see a day when nobody has to say; “I can’t afford to go to the doctor; even though I am sick” or in pain or having a hard time breathing? We are after-all, one of the last nations to address this problem and even after the SCOTUS decision to uphold, we still lag far behind those nations which provide Universal Health Care.

But that is no reason to feel anything less than proud of what The President has done……..

………………. What else could any President do that would have so much positive effect on so many Americans? Not since Lyndon Baines Johnson has a President done so much and never for so many people of all races and never in such a corporal way.

The fact that the “Obamacare” legislation has met with so much resistance; only points up the absolute need for it. It shows us just how far the POO (Party of Obstruction) is willing to go to cast a shadow over the Obama Presidency and defeat him in November; even allowing and encouraging the continued real, physical suffering of millions of our own people. With callous disregard for human life and human pain, they have shamed themselves; yet they don’t even seem to comprehend the extent to which they have shown their true colors.

One day, America will look back and everyone will recognise just how great My President is. Until that day; it will have to suffice that we see it.

It is the way of things that a man’s best ideas and his true vision are often not known until after his time. We know this from History. The true scope and vision of Martin Luther King was not recognised while he yet lived and the nation was not aware of who they had slaughtered and what he could have done né would have done, for all of us. It is enough to make me quite melancholy at times; thinking of the waste and human suffering this nation has caused and endured.

As to that 46%. I believe that number is not an accurate expression of America’s views in that; Polls are conducted among the voting public. If we can find a way to motivate a whole bunch of those who don’t vote; who feel disenfranchised and frustrated with this corrupt political system; I feel sure that we could swing that 46% down, down, down to its real place (I speculate between 25-35% but that is just a guess). But that means convincing the great masses of silent, brooding, Poor and Lower Middle Classes that they are not alone; that they can make a difference when their vote is added to the already enormous number of Americans who support My President.

Oh! POO (Party of Obstruction)

The “POO” is just that; an obstruction and obstructions simply need to be overcome, circumvented; or swept out-of-the-way. That’s our job. The President can’t do that alone. It takes votes. Millions of votes. Our votes. But wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if we could motivate all of those who are silent now. I believe we have the potential to send Barrack Obama back to the White house with more than a majority. I believe we have a chance; if we want it; to send him back to the White House with a Mandate from the people to forge ahead with his vision and send the POO scattering back into the slimy holes they climbed out of.

And don’t forget.

                                                           Lyin’ Mitt is UN-FIT


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7 responses to “Barrack Obama Is The Greatest President We Have Had; In The Last 43 Years.

  1. hobolisa

    August 2, 2012 at 15:30


  2. Steve

    August 2, 2012 at 15:34

    From your prospective of turning this, the greatest nation on the face of the planet into the world’s newest People’s Republic I guess he would be the greatest president. At least since those previous stalwarts of freedom and personal choice, Woodrow Wilson and FDR, who wasn’t even as far left as this guy. To the rest of us freedom loving, greedy, rascist homphobes that obviously hate everything, he has been the greatest threat since…well there hasn’t been anyone this bad. look up some video of yesterday’s Chick Fil A protest and you’ll see what the polling places are going to look like in November. This guy the greatest president? LMAO

  3. Sylvia Shoemaker

    August 3, 2012 at 10:40

    I wondered why so many people were afraid of Obamacare. I started reading what was being said. Then I realized that people are afraid that if poor people can have medical care, it will somehow take away from their medical care or benefits. The idea that everyone can have medical care is very wonderful, and I hope they don’t figure out how to steal this away from us. So far, from my personal experience, the health insurance doesn’t really cover everything, so you end up getting big bills in the mail to pay anyway. So you have to pay for the health insurance, AND a big bill too. They need to fix that. Seems like Republicans are always going to keep the poor people down if they can. Something needs to be done about jobs too.

    • angrymanspeaks

      August 3, 2012 at 13:05

      Yes; I fear you are correct Sylvia and welcome to angrymanspeaks. I have been watching the decline of this nation for 53 years. For awhile I thought we were getting better but it seems that the evil was just waiting for a new opening. I guess they can’t kill all of us in the back of their Police cars so they are hoping we’ll all die of untreated ailments. Cause; you know; they only slaughter Black children in their cars or on the streets; and Latinos of course. Just depends on here you live. Arizona should be pretty safe for African-Americans; out there they are too worried about getting rid of the Latinos to kill off the blacks. I guess they figure there is always time later for that; if the rest of the Fascist murderers don’t get the job done first in places like Arkansas and Florida. Sorry; I’m really pissed this morning after hearing about the Chavis Carter murder.

      • Steve

        August 3, 2012 at 21:46

        where do you live Detroit? My goodness man, you really should get some serious mental health help. Everybody is out to get you and all the poor Latinos and blacks? You have been watching the decline of this nation because the Progressives that you seem to love and support are trying to turn this once great counry into the People’s Republic of North America. Take a look around at every vestige of left wing control. You can start with every city and california, New York and move on from there. Government is NOT the solution, it is the problem. People need to be free and unencumbered by all this government BS. The best thing government can do to make things better is get out of the way and leave us alone.

    • hobolisa

      August 3, 2012 at 15:08

      Interesting point about that fear, Sylvia. I think you may have hit the nail on the head. It has seemed to me for many years that a lot of Americans are so into the competition of the free market that they make it a virtue, and get stuck on the whole idea of competition. That turns those Americans into very dog-eat-dog creatures. I have noticed this ever since I moved back to America at age 13. Other countries tend to have a higher virtue of cooperation for the common good, Many Americans don’t seem to realize that we need both virtues to have a place here, in order to be a well-rounded society.


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