I Channeled Mitt; And What Do You Think He Said?

31 Jul
In a recent interview on a blog site called Bell; Book; Candle written by a friend of mine. A reformed Republican; if you can believe it. But I don’t hold that agin’ him.
We all have some political skeletons we probably wish wouldn’t come out and dance; or I do at least. Seems I was a bit of a Right-Winger back in the day myself. I made my conversion about the time Bill and Hill were in residence and then I was still drinking in the refreshing taste of Liberal Stew; exploring what it means to be a Liberal; which it turns out is nothing really.
There is no such thing as a Liberal if you depend on single word labels to define something. In other words it’s just a few tens of millions of people who want to be free to enjoy their rights and each one has a slightly different idea of what that means. But all of us agree on some things.
We don’t want to be lied to and we won’t accept lies as truth. When we see a red ball; nobody can convince us it’s blue. And telling us the ball is red; is ok; but you must produce the ball; and not hold it behind your back; switching balls at your whim.
Anyway; I was still here when My President was elected. Yes Barrack Obama is My President. And you know what they say; Once you go Black; you never; well you get my drift. Once I found Barrack Obama; I knew I had made the right choice and if I could vote for him for a third and fourth term; I would.So my friend posed a lyrical question as follows and then, I wondered what Mitt would say; and thanks to my John Edwards course on communicating with the dead; (yes it works for the brain-dead too) I was able to channel Mitt and supply the answer we seek…………………………………..………………………….Bell; Book; Candle: “Mr. Romney”;”In Massachusetts
You care
I care
We all care
For Romneycare

Working well there. Why not Obamacare in the other 49 states? Answer me that, Mitt, if you can.”

MITT: Hi; I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this comment.

I could answer your question Mr. Blogger; Mr BBC; Mr. “I think I can press an answer out of Mitt”; but if I did; would you believe me?

I mean; who really does these days? Well; to be fair; some of the Republican faithful still do and a bunch of the others think I’m lying; but only to you.
Just between you and me and the people who read your blog; I’m lying to everybody.

Hell Yes! Ain’t it a hoot? I just lie and lie and you can’t tell when I;m lying and when I’m telling the; well I’m never really telling the truth; you know; hell; I’m lying right now.

I never lie. I’m as honest as a Three Card Monte dealer;or is that not as honest as a three; well anyway. As you can see, I’m a straight shooter; an Obama booter; and a real bad motor scooter. Or maybe I’m not. See how that works? Heh Heh Heh.

A bad motor scooter; that’s a joke; I think; or a lie; or did I go and tell the truth by mistake again?

I am not a crook. I am not a crook. I was nowhere near that damned hotel. Oh; right; I may have been if you believe any of the lies; I mean truths that I tell.
because I am Mitt Romney and my Daddy called me “Mitt the shit”. No he didn’t. I was lying again.

Never knew what hit you; did you. Shwooo! Like a ball of lightning. BANG! Right in the kisser. Or maybe it missed you altogether; or not as depending on whether you ask today or ask me tomorrow; I;m Romney, MITT and I bring only sorrow. or I might not. Nah; I will; I believe; HEY; what day is this?

Who are all these poor people just standing around listening to me tell the truth? Get back to work you lazy degenerates. Did you believe that? Well; if you did then you might believe this too and I mean this from the sincerest part of my down-home, pea-pickin’ heart.

Actually; I never picked a pea in my life but I will bring prosperity through a complex system that is far too advanced and; and; complex for the likes of you roughies to understand. You belive that?

Of course you can understand it. “Trickle Down Economics”. We allow the very wealthy to hoard all the money and then they let just enough to keep the worker bees alive “Trickle; and I do mean trickle” as opposed to flow, or rain down; but all Americans will be wealthy if they work hard and; there I go lying again; or am I?


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