Isn’t It Time To End The Lies; Stop The Pain; Empty The Prisons?

30 Jul

It seems that more and more often we hear of an attempt in one state or another to legalize or decriminalize marijuana.

The Federal Government started Marijuana prohibition some 75 years ago during a time when medical science and science in general had not progressed to its current level of knowledge and little was known about the substance other than the fact that people wanted it; it would be a huge source of profit for organized crime as long as it was kept illegal and because it was not a mainstream practice; the public could be counted upon to ignore it or even approve if the Government publicised the correct body of lies; assumptions; and made up scientific facts.

Seventy five years later; we are still fighting the battle to end this prohibition and to make known the true; scientifically proven facts about Marijuana; and there are many now to publicise.

I decided to write this article after reading a question from a reader of a Q and A site where the public responds to questions. A young pregnant woman was concerned that she might have her newborn removed from her care because she smoked Marijuana during her pregnancy and she wanted to know how long Marijuana stayed in the system and what the real facts are about its use during pregnancy.

Several people answered; most of them spouting the same old Conservative line. Possible dangers; we don’t know if causes horrible defects; they can’t prove it does any harm but…

Then I decided to answer and I could do nothing but tell the truth; something the other respondents had carefully avoided.

So if you don’t know or you are wondering what kind of answer an old Hippie like me would offer………..

First; one should know that Cannabinoids; the active ingredients in Marijuana are already present in the human body; from birth. The body uses them in much the same way it does when you smoke or vaporize them. There are specific receptors in the human brain;labeled C1 and C2; designed specifically for Cannabinoids. So smoking or vaporizing Marijuana is not so much like taking a drug as it is like taking a cannabinoid supplement. Much the same way you would take a vitamin supplement to increase the intensity of the vitamins action on the body. Some Vitamins; when taken in large, prescribed doses treat some medical conditions as well.

Second; there is no (read that ZERO) evidence that Marijuana does any harm to either the mother or the unborn child. There is however an increasing body of medical evidence that smoking Marijuana is actually beneficial.

Marijuana and/or its psychoactive components; the Cannabinoids are used in a variety of medical situations from nausea; vomiting; premenstrual syndrome, unintentional weight loss, insomnia, and lack of appetite; spasticity; painful conditions, especially neurogenic pain; movement disorders; asthma; glaucoma; inflammatory bowel disease; migraines; fibromyalgia; and related conditions; multiple sclerosisHYPERLINK \l “cite_note-ms-8”[; and alcohol abuse; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; collagen-induced arthritis; asthma; atherosclerosis; bipolar disorder; colorectal cancer; HIV-Associated Sensory NeuropathyHYPERLINK \l “cite_note-21”[; depression; dystonia; epilepsy; digestive diseases; glioma; hepatitis C; Huntington’s disease; leukemia; skin tumors; methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA); Parkinson’s disease; Tourette syndrome; and spinal cord injuries

The use of Marijuana by pregnant women has long been advised against by the Main Stream medical community. But are these warnings scientifically valid? Is the evidence for or against smoking or vaporizing while pregnant?

This is a link to a website where a gentleman listed as a “Pharmacist Clinical Specialist” will recommend against it but to me the most informative part of this page is the comments from readers below.

This link is to a web site and an article by a Canadian Midwife who highly recommends smoking or vaporizing during pregnancy

Dr Kate is reached by email at:

Also: “Melanie Dreher, who is the Dean of Nursing at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, did a study in Jamaica. It was actually published in the American Journal of Pediatricsin 1994, but now it’s re-circulating because of all the interest in the neuroprotective properties.

Basically, she studied women during their entire pregnancy, and then studied the babies about a year after birth. And what she studied was a group of women who did smoke cannabis during pregnancy and those who didn’t.

She expected to see a difference in the babies as far as birth weight and neuro tests, but there was no difference whatsoever. The differences that the researchers did notice, that are unexplained and kind of curious are that the babies of the women who had smoked cannabis — and we’re talking about daily use during their pregnancy — socialized more quickly, made eye contact more quickly and were easier to engage.

We don’t know why this is so, but all the old saws of smoking during pregnancy will result in low birth weight did not show up — at least in the Jamaican study. In U.S. studies where we’ve seen a similar investigation, women have concurrently been abusing alcohol and other drugs as well.”

Obviously any study of Marijuana where the subjects were using dangerous drugs like Alcohol or Narcotics are worthless.

Marijuana generally leaves the body after about 30 days but tests of the umbilical cord at birth will show usage during the entire pregnancy. So the key is to stop smoking a month or so before you have the baby. Then at birth the levels will be low enough to be able to say; “I used to smoke but I stopped when I found out I could get in trouble or lose my baby” or “I was smoking it to help with my Morning Sickness but I stopped when it stopped”.

It is a sad commentary on American society that a substance like Marijuana is illegal despite it’s many demonstrated benefits and the complete lack of evidence of any harmful effects.

It is a shame that one is required to compromise one’s principles to avoid the consequences of using this harmless substance; and it is a crime and a sin that although they will take your child away and force you into Drug Treatment Programs for testing positive at birth for Marijuana; they will allow you to stay addicted to; Alcohol and will happily supply your daily dose of a drug like methadone which is proven to be:

a) Addictive–Marijuana is not addictive b) Dangerous for the baby before birth and leaving the newborn with a serious addiction to methadone; which is much harder to stop than Heroine. C) Likely to leave the newborn child, handicapped both physically and mentally for life.

More reasons Marijuana is proving to be a real benefit.

THC is as a powerful Anti-inflamatory; a drug that reduces inflammation and it is speculated by doctors that this is the reason that while people who smoke cigarettes have a much higher rate of Lung cancer than those who do not; of those who smoke cigarettes; those who smoke both cigarettes and Marijuana have a much lower rate of Lung cancer than those who smoke only cigarettes.

Additionally; when I was hospitalized for my open heart surgery the nurses told my wife that smoking Marijuana was the reason that 35 years of a two pack a day cigarette habit had done so little damage to my lungs. The doctor was amazed but the nurses were not even surprised and understood the reason immediately. Of course;

A proud Marijuana smoker

as soon as I found out that it was illegal; I quit immediately

THC is just one of a list of Cannabinoids contained in Marijuana. CBD, CBN,CBG, THVC and a host of others each having a different effect on the brain. Marijuana in whole or by use of one of its components is  used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Malignant Tumors where kills the tumor without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue and with none of the side effects of traditional (read that toxic) Chemotherapy. .

So why does the Federal Government insist that Marijuana is a dangerous drug and not an effective treatment for many medical diseases and conditions? Good question; isn’t it? Of course nothing is good in excess. Moderation in all things is best; especially for a woman who is pregnant. So consider all that I have said before you decide how to handle your quite normal use of Marijuana as it relates to your Pregnancy and the Authoritarian society in which we live. Be careful. They have all the power and most of the money. Peace.


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5 responses to “Isn’t It Time To End The Lies; Stop The Pain; Empty The Prisons?

  1. shotgunjane

    July 30, 2012 at 16:24

    I absolutely enjoyed your post. I’m not quite as seasoned in blogging as most so I feel I’m not one to criticize, but I found this article very accurate and informative as well as highly enjoyable to read. I was wondering if you would mind taking a look at my blog and see if there’s any advice you may be able to give me? I’d be highly appreciated. Once again great blog, and I’d like it to be the first post I’d share if you wouldn’t mind.

    • angrymanspeaks

      July 30, 2012 at 22:29

      Thank you for the compliments. I have been blogging for about a year and I try to keep it lively. My work is far from technically correct but most people don’t seem to mind. I keep trying to improve and they keep putting up with me.
      Of course you may feel free to repost anything I write. the more places my work shows up; the mpre people will see it. I don’t make money from this site although I am told it is possible if you attract enough readers. I don’t know if I want to. Somehow I feel like it would cheapen my message but we’ll see. Money is hard to turn down these days.

      • Shotgun Jane

        July 30, 2012 at 22:44

        Ha of course it is these days with the economy being in the state it’s in. I’m actually hoping that maybe one day I could make money blogging, just for a little side cash. And someone with your writing ability would do quite well I believe, and I’d be more than glad to share your posts as for I feel they should be as great as they are. It’s a great inspiration to read what you post and know that you’ve only been doing it for a year. Keep up the great work and I’ll definitely continue following.

  2. Wilson Whisonant

    August 23, 2012 at 14:03

    Nausea is really quite bad and it can reall ruin your day but first generation antihistamines can also be used as a reemedy..,;`;

    Have a great day!

  3. Brady Akau

    November 13, 2012 at 08:57

    Day to day i always feel nausea and it is mostly caused by my astigmatism (eye problems). There are other causes of nausea and mostly they are benign.`

    Take a look at our blog site as well


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