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21 Jul


Celtic Rage

I don’t suppose any of you even entertained the notion that I would just publish a piece like the one by JB-the Obamacrat and not have some thoughts about the subject.

And you would be correct. I do have a few thoughts

I thought the article was on point and as he so often does; JB picked the right words to touch the heart of his readers and accurately describe George Zimmerman’s demeanor in that interview.

The best example or my favorite at least is where he said…………..

“How would it effect all of Killer George Zimmerman’s many racist supporters if their son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandfather or grandmother, mom or dad, cousin or aunt and uncle, even a friend, was gunned down by someone, in cold blood, then that murderer went on national TV to talk about it as if it were a ballgame they had attended?”

This is the best analogy I can think of for George’s demeanor today.

Minute 6:16 – Hannity refers to the 9-1-1 tape where George Zimmerman was heard allegedly saying “These [explicitives] get away with this all the time.” When asked what he actually said on the tape, Zimmerman replies “[smile] Punks”

I watched the interview on YouTube and I was struck by how similar George Zimmerman’s demeanor and attitude about this killing were; to that of some Nazi war criminals I have seen interviewed about their crimes.

No shame; no remorse; no humanity.

He smiled; he laughed.

Minute 7:59 – Hannity: [In the 9-1-1 call] The dispatcher asked, are you following him. And you said yes. Explain that.”
Zimmerman: I meant that I was going in the same direction as him to keep eye on him so I can tell the Police which direction he was going. I wasn’t actually pursuing him… [smile]
{Yeh; we call that following him.}

I was almost in tears. Ok so I had to wipe away one or two. (and if you’ve seen my picture you will know that ain’t a pretty sight)

When this story first broke; I wrote an article that was; then; a bit premature I must admit.
But I was so angry at the actions of this killer that I took what I knew and made my best analysis of the crime.
I said that George Zimmerman was a cold-blooded killer. That he was waiting for the opportunity to kill someone and Trayvon just happened to be the right race in the wrong place.
I also said that If George got off on this murder; he was sure to kill again.

Since then I have had some small reason to think I judged too quickly. Perhaps and this was just a case of a racist wannabe.

After watching the interview today; I am now convinced that my first assessment was correct after all. George Zimmerman is a cold-blooded psychopath.

He is no doubt racist but then all serial killers have a certain type of victim they prefer.

Minute 15:55 – Zimmerman smirks as he insists that the screaming heard on the 9-1-1 call from the neighbor, was him and not Trayvon.

Just because he is racist does not preclude his being a serial killer or one in the making at least.

I don’t know if George Zimmerman has killed before and although I believe he will; I don’t know that he will kill again.

What I do know though is that he has surely killed this time.

He killed Trayvon Martin.
He killed his dreams.
He killed the hearts of Tayvon’s parents; friends; and family.
He killed the hearts of millions of Americans who believe in equality; brotherhood and freedom for all Americans; for all people everywhere.
And perhaps worse than all that in a way; George Zimmerman has hurt us.
He has hurt us deeply; with a hurt that isn’t likely to pass as long as I live.
I will always see the face of Trayvon as he was alive in his photos and I will always see the face of George Zimmerman as he smiled and told his story in that interview today.

Minute 18:07 – Zimmerman laughs as he clarifies that he is the only witness to the shooting of Trayvon Martin

I wanted to vomit.
I want to now.
God may forgive George Zimmerman for the horrible acts he has committed; someday we may as well. But though we may forgive; we should be easy on ourselves if we cannot.
Though we may forgive; we must never forget; never give up; and never let ourselves be deceived into thinking that more conflict and violence will ever solve anything.
We must never forget Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman because they are the tragic example of the results of that violence and hatred.
My brother is any man who believes in equality and freedom and brotherhood as I do.
Perhaps if George believed in it too; he would have chosen to say “Hold on Brother; let’s talk” instead of deciding to pull his pistol and take the life and future of an innocent young man on his way home from the store.

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