Rich People Have Rights Too; Says Mr Babs

18 Jul

I recently read an article on a site that allows posts from a variety of political viewpoints by a man called Mr Babs.

Mr Babs asserts that taking money from the wealthy to pay for Welfare and other Social programs is wrong.

He says it is just as wrong as taking money from the poor (himself according to his claim) to pay for welfare.

Mr Babs says that taxes are to be used for public services and Welfare is not a public service.

Mr Babs says it is wrong to transfer money from one group to another (rich to poor).

Mr Babs says in the end; Robin Hood was just a thief.

Mr. Babs has a whole lot more to say on this issue and I recommend you read it and tell Mr. Babs the problem with his logic. I did and here is what I said……………………..


On the whole, this sounds like pure drivel but further consideration leads me to believe that it is much more.

It is a dangerous, misconceived notion that must be dispelled at once.

In a perfect world, the wealthy; be they people or corporations would own and operate businesses. they would pay their workers a decent wage for their time and all would prosper together because as the company’s profit

In a Perfect World

went up so would the wages.

This would engender loyalty in the workers and assure the continued success of the company.

In a perfect world the wealthy would understand that the workers are their ticket to wealth rather than an obsticle to wealth.

In a perfect world everyone would be healthy, mentally stable, and intelligent.

In a perfect world there would be a job for every worker and a worker for every job.

In such a world, the idea of taxing the wealthy to pay for Social programs would never come up.

In such a world there would be no need because there would be so few cases of need.

In such a world there would be no need because the wealthy in this world obviously have a conscience and would contribute freely to assure that all were cared for.

But Mr. Babs, if you think that I have just described the world we live in; I want some of whatever you are taking or smoking because the mere notion is is so far beyond the limits of reality as to seem extremely idealistic (in a kind of Republican/”Authoritarian Follower” sort of way) or even delussional.

In the world that I and most of us live in, the wealthy own and operate the businesses and maximise their short-term profits by paying wages guarenteed to keep the workers in poverty. An ever worsening state of poverty.

Baby Jacob or Sophia is far more like to fall into this category today than ever beore in our history

In the world I live in, workers are treated not as human beings worthy of respect and dignity but as expendable parts of a vast corporate machine where they are hired; worked until they are no longer productive; and cast aside like refuse to the mercy of a system that cares nothing for them; degrades, humiliates, and emasculates them (in a gender nuetral sort of way) for needing help even if they are at the end of a long career of abject slavery, drudgery, and pain.

In the world that I live in a small percentage of the people (say, 1%) have set about amassing so much of the wealth that they are able to control markets, policy, law, the media, and every aspect of the lives of the workers.

They have placed our nation on a slippery slope to a Draconian system of a few Elite “Lords” and a vast multitude of helpless slaves working for mere subsistance; that subsistance dependant on their productivity.

In a world such as this, it is not theft to take money from the very wealthy and use it to aid those who are not productive for whatever reason.

It is not theft to demand a life with dignity.

It is not theft to demand a decent living wage .

It is Justice.

It is resetting the balance.

It is reclaiming our right to freedom; to “Our American Dream”.

It is about taking enough to assure these things to everyone before we allow these few people to take the rest to play with.

Because the ultimate irony is that these wealthy few don’t need more money to survive or even to live an oppulent lifestyle. they don’t lose anything if they concede to this demand except play money.

Money they use in there games of power and sharp dealings.

So before you speak to me in defence of the rights of the wealthy;  perhaps we should have a little game of show and tell.

You say you are poor. How do you define poor?

If you own your own home and think you are poor; you might be out of touch.

If you get up everyday and know your electric will still be on by evening and think you are poor; you might be out of touch.

If you have ever thrown out a shirt, just because it had a stain on it and think you are poor; you might be out of touch.

If your gas gauge in your car reads above a quarter tank anytime after payday and think you are poor; you might be out of touch.

If you can afford a desk-top computer and have the time to blog on subjects you have so little understanding of or compassion concerning; you just might be an “Authoritarian Follower” and that means you are way out of touch.

It means that you believe that most Americans want what your guy is offering.

It means you will believe anything you are told by your leadership and will defend them beyond the point of reason to the point of complete illogic.

It means that no matter how much empirical data, statistical proof, and human reasoning; no matter how false I can show the Republican assertions to be; no matter the historical record; you will never be convinced that you are wrong.

Fortunately, you are not my only audience so how about that game now.

I’ll go first. I am below the poverty line and yet I don’t think of myself as poor.

I receive a total monthly income of $1500.00 after I pay for my health care insurance which is through my former employer.

I have no savings; no stocks, bonds, investments, wealthy relatives or the ability to work.

I have one car and the tank usually sits around an eighth of a tank.

Ok; your turn Mr. B.

Let’s hear what you consider poor.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t wish to disclose you income or investment portfolio.

Mitt doesn’t want to either.

He thinks of himself as poor too.

Says he only got paid two-hundred thousand dollars for many of his speaking engagements.

The last time I spoke in public; I almost got two hundred days in the County Lock-up.

So now i do what I feel the most satisfaction from on-line.

That is to spit straight in the eye of any Republican, Wanna-be, Tyrant that has the temerity; the unmitigated gall to come before the on-line community and claim to represent the will of the American people.

Sounds like I’m talking to you Mr Poor Guy and; “PIT–UIE”; what was that?  Ooooh. Right in his greedy little eye.


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2 responses to “Rich People Have Rights Too; Says Mr Babs

  1. mama"J"

    July 20, 2012 at 10:24

    No matter what the topic I
    agree or disagree,i always enjoy your post. Once in awhile one will make me angry.Quite a few have made me laugh.and all of them,Mr.Angryman,have made me think. I look forward to reading more. T.M.D., Mama”J”

  2. rich dates

    July 22, 2012 at 07:20

    Just wish to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness in your post is just cool and i can assume you’re a professional on this subject. Well with your permission let me to snatch your RSS feed to keep up to date with coming near near post. Thank you 1,000,000 and please keep up the enjoyable work.


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