Only A Republican

17 Jul

The following are two excerpts from a statement issued by Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from the Great State of Tennesee after hearing of the Supreme court’s decision to uphold the President’s Affordable Health Care Act.

Washington, Jun 28…”I believe Americans should have the freedom to make their own health care decisions. That’s why my colleagues and I will keep working to repeal Obamacare, and work to restore the freedom intended and secured by our founding fathers.”

Yes because the millions of Americans who were previously without health care really miss being able to choose from all the wonderful health plans offered to them………..

………………………………..And just what was that freedom that the Founding Fathers secured for us and that Marsha Blackburn wants to restore to us?

Could it be the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure; stolen from us by her Republican Party under the guise of National Security needs and which has never been used to catch even one terrorist;  just a few honest drug dealers going about trying to put food on their table like everyone else?

No not that one.

Could the right honorable Congresswoman mean the right to freely assemble peaceably and seek redress for our grievances; denied to us under the guise of public safety and crowd control concerns and the ridiculous prohibition against sleeping in the park?

No not that one either. And by the way. What is it about the word Occupy that so escapes these Fascistas and their blue coated attack dogs anyway.

They should understand the word. Their party has done enough of it. Occupy Iraq. Occupy Afghanistan. Occupy Viet-Nam (another war started by Republicans and left a disaster for the next President {a Democrat} to clean up).

Do you suppose that when they take their troops over to occupy a country like Afghanistan; they send their soldiers home to Mommy every night to sleep?

Don’t these countries have laws against sleeping in their parks? Not to mention their military facilities and government buildings?

I’ll bet they do.

Oh yes; that freedom Marsha is so worried about. Well after a long and exhaustive perusal of the Obamacare Act; her desire to repeal it; and the clearly stated beliefs and plans of the Republican Party; it seems clear that the right that Marsha is so concerned about is the right to die a slow agonizing death with no hope of competent care for those who can’t afford Insurance. Because as we know; before Obamacare any health insurance was out of reach for millions of Americans. The right to make one’s own healthcare decisions; limited to those wealthy enough to afford insurance.

So; in a nutshell; Marsha is stating for anyone with ears to hear; plain as the Sun in the sky that the reason she wants to repeal Obamacare is that she has lost the right to live a long life with great healthcare and to watch the rest of us wither and die for the lack of the same.

Nope. No problem with that way of thinking. It’s starting to make me miss those good old days of Feudal Lords and starving Serfs.

Only a Republican Boob like Marsha could ever make a statement like this.

Can’t you just see her smiling and nodding as she defecates through her mouth?

“I join the American people in their disappointment over today’s Supreme Court ruling.”

Of course it is important to remember that when a Republican like Marsha Blackburn uses a term like “The American People” she doesn’t mean the same thing as we do when we use the same term.

To Marsha and the other Republican Elite, like Mitt Romney (a prime example if ever there was one) the only real Americans are those who are able to fend for themselves. Wealthy people who have inherited their wealth or are crafty enough to have amassed wealth by sharp (read that dishonest) business dealing.

Because we really should face that you don’t become wealthy; truly wealthy by being an honest man. By giving a fair deal.

You become wealthy in America by gaining an advantage over your adversary. By using manipulation, intimidation, false information, bribery, industrial espionage, and a veritable cornucopia of underhanded business practices and political influence buying.

You don’t succeed swimming with sharks by acting like an Angelfish.

This set of ethics; adhered to by the Elite Authoritarian Leaders who control the Republican Party leads us down the slippery slope to inhumanity and the law of the jungle.

To the belief that those who are not able to swim with the sharks are only worthy of being food for the sharks.

This has always been the attitude of the Republican party ; for as long as I have been alive but never have they used and demonstrated the intent to further use their wealth and power to allow so few new sharks and create so much shark food.

They see what they believe is a perfect opportunity to take complete control.

They believe their money gives them the power to rival God and/or Nature. With the number of gods popular today and the confusion as to the exact nature of Nature so to speak; it is difficult to say if they are right or not.

But they have made another assumption; and here I believe they have erred to their ultimate demise.

They have assumed that their money gives them enough power to overrule and manipulate the will of the American people.

They have underestimated the power and the character of the vast majority of Americans who will fight; in the Congress; the Courts; and in the streets if necessary to restore our rights and freedoms and prevent the abuses that the Republicans would visit on us with vigor and glee.

This may not be obvious now. It may not be seen until the eleventh hour but when it is finally unleashed; the will of hundreds of millions of Americans; suddenly made aware of the Republican’s role in their impoverishment and the frustration of all of their dreams in a life so short must be the greatest weapon in our battle for our America. A free America.

So, does this mean that all of our words and all of our efforts to educate and enlighten people to the truth are wasted?

No because the more we speak; the more people will listen.

Like a tree; what begins as a tiny seed, grows and spreads until the result is a glorious expression of natural beauty.

In this case a glorious expression of the will and desires of the American people moved to defend their country from the dangers within.

When the early Americans began to foment rebellion and men like Patrick Henry were running around making speeches; inspirational speeches; do you suppose huge crowds gathered to support them?

No, in fact only about one-third of the colonists ever took up the cause of America’s freedom from England.

But just one-third of the people were; in the end; able to bring about a complete change of government and found this nation.

Now, I’m not sure of the exact figures but I can state with confidence that  those who are intellectually, morally, and emotionally opposed to such a power play and tyranny as that planned by these so-called “Republicans” are significantly in excess of one-third of the people.

It can be done. We can prevail and more importantly we can see that these Wanna-be Fascist Tyrants who have the gall to name themselves after a form of government that they do not understand and would not support to mislead us as to their views; do not prevail.

Keep on telling everyone you know of the danger; to prepare them for the day when they believe you.


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