A Republican Aristocrat Speaks Out And Tells The Truth (For Once)

25 Jun

An American Aristocrat; Mitt’s Ancestor?
We don’t know but he looks like a jolly good fellow to me.

Greetings to all you real Americans out there.

I’m Thomas Kennsington St. Washingtonsonson Jefferson-Smythe and I am a real American.

By real American; I mean I am; like you; a stand alone American.

An American who never asks for a handout.

Never gives one either.

Personal Responsibility; that’s the ticket for a great America.

Law of the Jungle.

Like myself; you believe in the survival of the fittest; the right to crush anyone or thing that gets in your way and the right to use your money to buy influence.

We believe in the right of might and money.

We believe that we are a truly superior and entitled class.

After all; my hands have never been sullied or callused by labor.

Inherited wealth and sharp business dealing are the American way.

But please; don’t call me an Aristocrat.

We have no Aristocracy in America.

Just read this quote from a character in an American novel.

Proves it eh?

“The brilliance of the American aristocracy is they’ve convinced the world they don’t exist… It’s safer that way. Unlike us [the old European aristocracy], they’re invisible targets…It’s very clever — you teach them in America anyone can become rich, so that when they hate the rich, they hate themselves. It paralyzes them. All they can do is eat.” – Dirk Wittenborn, Fierce People

I’m just your average American.

Why lie?

Why not tell these upstarts the truth?

They’ll still fall in line even if I do tell them the truth.

They’ll do as they are told because they have no choice.

They aren’t smart or wealthy enough to do anything else.

Come on. Don’t hold back. Say what you really feel; or better yet; let me…………………………………………….

 read more of the truth here

………………………………………………….It’s time to put these low-life workers in their place.

I’m tired of hearing them whine about not making enough money and not having health insurance and having to feed their filthy little brats hot dogs and noodles for every meal.

Why these ungrateful corporate slaves eat better than any group of peasents in history.

I say; work harder; longer hours. save your money instead of buying booze and drugs and buy cheaper food.

You don’t need health insurance if you have no life to insure.

Surely you don’t believe your poverty ridden lives are worth insuring.

Longer life only means longer suffering for your Ilk.

You are expendable parts for a corporate machine owned and operated by a few million Americans like me who have inherited our wealth from our most excellent families or stolen it from stupid Peons like yourselves.

Further proof that you are not the fittest or the brightest; the qualities needed to excell and prosper in America.

Just face the truth.

We are not better than you because we have all the money.

We have all the money because we are better than you.

Let’s face it. Complete honesty about how we feel.

We really are a better class of person than the masses of workers.

After all; we know all the proper utensils to use at a formal dinner table.

We are gifted at games such as Polo; which you will never be able to afford to play.

And when you say we have no concept of what it’s like to be a poor American; well of course we don’t.

Why should we?

Why would we ever care?

I spend my time worrying about how to spend my vast wealth.

How to keep it “in the family ” so to speak so that people like yourselves never get a chance to lay hold on enough to improve their situation.

What would you poor wretches do with money if you had it?

Spend it! On whatever Wal-Mart fakery you think will indicate you have class.

You wouldn’t appreciate the finer things anyway.

You would only waste them.

Of course you would have to know how to recognise fine craftsmanship and great art.

What are the chances of that?


Please! Let us handle the money and the leisure time that comes with it.

We know how, We know best.

You just keep struggling along as only you know how.

All of your hard work will be over soon.

Work harder.

The harder you work; the faster it ends; and the more room you make for your children to take over your place at the wheel.

In short; give in.

Low types; blue collar types; worker bees will never be allowed to live with dignity.

It isn’t your lot.

And Obama?

Come on.

Do you have “GULLIBLE” tatooed on your cretan foreheads?

Did you really believe we would stand by and allow a black man to succeed as president?

Bad enough he was elected.

But it did give us a chance to show how inept a black man really is.

We have fought his every move.

Even the ones we liked just to discredit him and we have lied about everything he has done.

You know in your hearts that we; the mighty and wealthy and powerfull are and have always been the driving force behind Racism in this country.

Because…… know………………………..we’re better


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