Maryland; My Maryland: Shame Is Your Lot ; Weakness Your Only Sad Excuse.

21 Jun

Maryland; my home for all of my fifty-three years.

As States go; I thought Maryland to be better than some. Worse than others; but a State generally inclined toward the Democratic Party; Liberal thought; and a fairly good sense of right vs. expedience.

I knew;  as you could not help but notice; that Marylanders were not inclined to take to the streets as the Occupy Baltimore Turnout has so recently demonstrated.

The meager turnout and enthusiasm shown in my Fair City wasn’t for a lack of reason to complain.

It wasn’t because folks in Maryland are just sooo’ happy to be here that they overlook the problems.

The weak turnout is due to something far more sinister and frightening; Weak Will.

And Maryland?

My opinion of this state has quite saddly; turned from pride to shame.

Deep shame.

This is why………………….

………………………………Although I know there have been other things that have happenned over the years; the first one that sounded an alarm in my poor sad head was the election and subsequent administration of Govenor Robert (Bob) Ehrlich.

In the truest and proudest tradition of the Republican Party; Bob Ehrlich raped the people of Maryland from the word go. The most blatant example is his Superhero type claim to be the representative of Maryland’s people in their fight with Constelation Energy over the 75% increase they sought to inflict on Marylanders.

After Bob’s long, hard battle with the Company; After he had sweated blood to get us a better deal……….

Marylanders electric bills were only increased 75%.

The Deal Bob got us?

It was the work of a true Republican Hero.

Marylanders would be charged 75% more for their electric but they could spread the first several months of the increase out over the next year or some such nonsense.

So your actual bill went up 75%; you paid an extra 15% now; so you were paying 115% of your old bill but when the full bill kicked in; you were paying 195% until the acrued part was paid off when you were left paying 175% of your old bill and feeling like you were getting a break.

Of course before he could foist this deal on us; he had to do away with the regulation of the price by the Public Service Commision. Otherwise we would have been protected from such assaults.

Now I know it isn’t fair to blame the State for the actions of a crook like Bob Ehrlich but I ask myself now as  I asked myself then:

How could the people of a mostly Democratic State like Maryland elect someone like Bob?

Apparently Marylanders didn’t have a good answer for that question either as Bob was soundly defeated in his bid for re-election and his bid to regain his seat four years later.

Bob Ehrlich has since moved on to places where the people don’t know him so well or where they have no say about what position he operates his particular brand of organized crime from.

Next we elected a Democrat.

Martin O’Malley.

Maryland has;  along with Virginia; by virtue of natural geography; been entrusted with the care and  husbandry of the largest fresh water bay in the world; the Chesapeake.

Twenty-five or so years ago; we were warned that the Bay was in dager due to raw sewage, fertilizers and various other chemical pollutants that were allowed to freely run into the Chesapeake.

An enourmous campaign was begun on the part of government and the private sector to stop the destruction.

It worked and the Bay has been making a great comeback.

It was a proud thing.

But Martin O’ Martin O’ Malley has turned pride to shame by fighting the efforts to stop run-off pollution by poultry farmers affiliated with Perdue.

Martin has made it known through the grapevine that any corporation that wants to come to Maryland and pollute our environment or poison our bay can expect his full co-operation getting around the environmental protection laws and sucking the State dry of it’s resourses; it’s most treasured natural feature; and most of all; it’s Pride.

I thought these things were bad, and shameful.

I still do but just yesterday the Maryland Court of Appeals made a proclamation that has moved me from feeling shame at our gullibility to a feeling of real disgrace.

The Court in Maryland has declared that Pitbull Dogs are an “Inherently Dangerous Animal”.

This of course opens the door for all sorts of legislation and regulation regarding Pitbulls and even for the forced euthanasia of all such dogs as is already enforced in Northern Ireland.

If I compared the destruction of an entire breed of dog to be equal to the slaughter of millions during the Holocaust or the murders in Rwanda or The Sudan or other attempted Genocides, you would say I was crazy; my moral compass and sense of priorities and values was ascew.

I get that.

Though I don’t see much difference myself.

Suffering is suffering and baseless pursecution is baseless pursecution be it man, dog, snake, or Tiger.

But in the case of the Pitbull specifically.

Pitbulls are by nature a loyal, friendly, affectionate, gentle and loving dog.

I have owned two and have been aquainted with many more.

When treated like a dog; a pet and given love and consistent discipline they are a dog’s dog and a man or child’s best friend and loyal companion.

I have also lived in areas where dog fighting was prevalent and I have seen what is done to make Pitbulls fight.

It doesn’t come any more naturally to them than to any other dog.

From the time of their birth these poor dogs are starved, kicked; beaten with chains, trained to attack smaller dogs and mistreated so brutally that any human child given the same treatment would become a killer as well.

If you have never seen it; it would make you sick as it has me on more than one occasion.

I have seen a puppy placed in a sack and beaten half to death over and over until it was a viscious dog willing to attack anything to defend itself from further abuse.

This statement by the Maryland Court is a disgrace not only because of the unjust treatment it will bring to a honorable and wonderful breed of dog but because it fails to address the real problem and therefore will not save people.

It will just kill dogs; good dogs; loving dogs.

It labels the innocent dog as “Inherently Dangerous” but fails to address the behavior of the only truly “Inherently Dangerous” animal involved in this controversy; MAN.

It is Man who abuses and brutalizes dogs to get them to fight.

Before the Pitbull; the big fighting dog was the Bull Terrior.

When I was a child, there was a big rage about how German Shephereds would turn on their owners. it was said that they were “Inherently Dangerous”

Later it was Dobermans; then Chows; then Rottwielers.

And now it’s Pitbulls.

It seems there is no end to our ability to blame and punish others for our own actions and crimes.

We give dog fighters and fight breeders and trainers short prison sentences for their cruelty and brutality but we kill the innocent dogs.

Well after a short life of torture and abuse, perhaps there is no better answer but to publically and offically condemn a whole breed of dog because of the actions of a few people is beyond disgraceful.

It is inhuman.

And what then?

After the entire breed has been destroyed.

Will the dog attacks stop?

Will the dog fights?

Do we really believe that Pitbulls are the only breed that can be forced to do battle with each other if we torture, starve, and beat them enough?

Which breed should we choose to torture; brutalize; and then committ Genocide on next.

The Maryland Court has opened the door by condemning an entire breed of dog rather than addressing the human behavior which is the cause of this problem.

And doors are always easier to open than to close again.

I’ll give you one more opportunity to laugh at my reasoning.

It’s a bit of a jump from dog euthenasia to human genocide; but not that big.

This proclamation by the court in Maryland is at the very least; a step in the wrong direction.

Remember: When the Nazis were killing their millions; they claimed the victims were less than human. Subhuman.

Well Dogs are less than human; so will they declare any being they wish to wipe from the face of the Earth

The descision to exterminate a whole breed or kind of anything is the critical descision.

After that it’s just a question of which subhuman or soon to be declared subhuman species is next.

If the will is there; they will create the justification.

More frightening and far more disgraceful in my view is that there was so little resistance to this act.

The people of Maryland; in their typical apathetic way; just let it happen. No demonstrations; no big campaign to save this helpless and much maligned breed.

No back-bone.

Weak Willed.

Shamefully unwilling to stand up for what they know is right.

Willing to let every double-dealing politician with a good line exploit the State and it’s people.

Willing to allow every Authoritarian, Right-wing, Fanatic have a go with their favorite freedom-steeling laws and declarations rather than stand up and fight these illogical and frankly quite Fascist actions by their government.

Yes; I am ashamed of my State.

I only wish Maryland was the only place in America where this is happening.

Saddly it is not.

This disease is spreading throughout much if not all of our country.

It gets it’s start due to a heart condition.

Apathy is a condition of the heart; the soul.

It afflicts us after decades of being beaten down and used by the Political system for their own purpose; being lied to and slaughtered by the thousands in unjustifiable wars; being empoverished and disenfranchized by our own government and commercial powers.

If you thought the war in Viet-Nam was wrong; where were you when we attacked Iraq for no good reason?

If you protested then; why are you not leading us now?

Why is it that the largest public demonstration in recent history is to protest economic issues?

Why isn’t that the smallest protest;  with bigger ones for human rights, marajuana legalization, ecological responsibility, abortion rights, green energy, and yes; the genocide of Pitbulls and the unfair blame placed on them for the actions of some owners.

Freedom is freedom; right is right; and genocide is genocide.

Maryland is willing to meekly stand by and watch the destruction.

Shame and Disgrace…………..I can’t think of better words.


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