Etch-A-Sketch Mitt And The Salamander

12 Apr

Mitt Now--"Primary Mitt"

I guess that really is more socially acceptable than my name for Mitt Romney……………

…………………………………………….”Mitt-the-(word that rhymes)………(Has four letters?)……..(One of them is “H”?).  Just kidding. I know you get it.

Here is what I don’t get; and I’ll bet you don’t either.

How can so many people totally ignore his repeated Flip-Flopping.

Wait. Even better. How can they ignore the blatant statement by his Political Advisor?

(Ooops.) “That was supposed to be a secret? Well; nobody told me.”

Just in case there might be a hermit somewhere who just got Wi-Fi and didn’t hear the report.

Mitt’s Political Advisor (whose name I forget and everyone else soon will too I’ll wager)………..(Mitt wishes he could; no doubt) was asked how he thought Mitts recently staunch Conservative positions would fly with the American people in his battle with Obama this Fall.

Are you ready?

He said to paraphrase:  Well, that’s a whole new ballgame. Kind of like an Etch-A-Sketch. You just wipe it out

"General Election Mitt"?

and start over.

Now you and I surely understand that what Mit’s Man was saying was that Mitt was playing staunch Conservative now but when it was time to battle the slightly more Liberal; Obama; he would just wipe that ouit and start over with more moderate positions and a kinder heart.

Or; to filter it down to it’s finest; most acute essence:  Just watch Mitt’s lips. If they’re moving; Mitt’s lying.

Now there is a Prime example of those American Family Values t he Republicans are so on about.

No doubt he is correct though. Lying; Corruption; exploitation of the poor and Middle Class……………………………..Sounds like the American way to me.

Of course; Mitt has no exclusive rights to lying and excesss “Flexibility”.

How long will it take for Newt to discover that even the Republicans are on to his game.

And we all know what it must take to change a Republican’s mind about his favorite Criminal…eh……Candidate

Newt has won a total of two; count them; 1; 2 states. The most Conservative State in the Union and his Home State.

Now I have to tell you that losing your homestate is a big hairy deal.

But winning it?

Not so much.

Now I thought about this for a bit and I came to a conclusion.

I’ll bet most of America has come to the same conclusion.

We know Newt is; shall we say; a “bit of a twist”.

“Honey; is it Ok with you if we sleep with other people too?”

“Just a thought Baby.”…………….”Hey!  Put that knife down.”

And we know; Oh how we know Newt is more than a bit of an Epicurian; a Gourmet.

You might say Newt is a “Commonsewer” where food is concerned.

Come on Newt.

We all know that you are just a fat man looking for a free meal and hoping the South will Rise again and decide that a hypocritical, overfed pervert is the only man for the job of President.

Who names their kid after a Salamander anyway?

a Newt

Give me a break.

A slippery; hard to pin down; amphibian who lives his life in two worlds and changes it’s color to suit the season?

Hmp! Maybe they knew what they were doing after all.

Is there a salamander called a Mitt?

No? ………………………..Thought not………………………………………..Should be though; What!

Now what this says about the Millionaire (whose name I forget; and he’s hoping you do too.) who keeps on dumping more cash down Newty’s throat; I really don’t know.

Seems difficult to believe that he would be willing to waste more money at this point in Newt’s Embarrasment; and yet we hear that he is still willing to stand by his man.

Did this guy kill a hooker at a Georgia Cat house and ask Newt to get rid of the problem?

Is he having Carnal Knowledge of Newt’s Sister;….. or Wife; ……………………………..or Newt?

He should be; because that’s the only satisfaction he is likely to get from his millions of dollars in contributions.


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