Oh Martin’o – Martin’o; Wherefore Art Thou Martin’o ………………………..Malley?

11 Apr


"I have done nothing but in care of thee,
Of thee, my dear one, thee, my daughter, who
Art ignorant of what thou art, nought knowing
Of whence I am, nor that I am more better
Than Prospero, master of a full poor cell,
And thy no greater father"

Anyone like Shakespeare?

I love Shakespeare.

How about the Comedies? Great huh?

Well in the beautiful State of Maryland; in the country called the United States;

We have a political comedy going on to vye with Shakespeare’s best.

In the Maryland Legislature yesterday; the Honorable Gentleman of our General Assembly were all stressed that they might not be able to pass a balanced budget bill before the midnight deadline.

The leaders assured us that they could see no reason why this should be a problem.

But they failed to account for the dramatic flare of the Governor and his political collegues.

Or did they?………………………………..

……………………………..Even the formidable Martin O’Malley couldn’t pull this off on his own.

No; this calls for the thespian skills of both sides of the aisle.

I was thinking about it and I figure it must have gone something like this:

Speaker: “Gentleman; as you know we only have until midnight to pass both a balanced budget and an increase in the Income tax to help pay for this budget.”

“Failure to do so will result in complete financial disaster for the state and political disaster for all of us.”

"Forsooth Good Martin'o; Hast Thou SeenThose; Which I My Marbles Call?"

“Is there a motion to bring these vital bills to a vote?”

Rep 1: ” Mr Speaker!” ” I would like to discuss the issuance of an additional gambling licence for the Multi-billion dollar corporation that is already licenced to rape our citizens so we can get a substancial kickback….eh,….licencing fee etc.”

Speaker: “Well what do you have to say?”

Rep 7: “Mr Speaker! Mr. Speaker!

Speaker: “The chair recognises the Honorable Gentleman from District 7.”

Rep 7: “Mr Speaker, I would like to request that Honorable and Morally Sound Representative from District 11; return the nut cracker to this side of the hall.”

Suddenly from the back of the hall; a dimnuative man; twisted and crippled; walked to the front; pulling his obviously malformed leg behind him.

He passed before the Speakers chair and out a side door.

A palpable silence filled the hall as the assembled worthies looked at each other in confusion.

Rep 1: “Mr. Speaker!” “As my statement about this vital gambling bill will take a bit of time; I would like to suggest that we break for lunch.” “It is 10am after all.”

Speaker: “Excellent idea sir.” “We will reconvene at 3 pm.” “The beer’s on me” “Has anyone had the Lobster in the cafeteria?”

After the break hours of discussion on the gambling bill centering on the graft….eh……fees that might be lost if we fail to pass the bill………

Rep1: “It might take two more years for us….eh….I mean… the people of Maryland to benefit from this……….eh…”

Rep2:  eh….wonderful opportunity for our citizens…….Yes…that’s it.”

Then from the same side door he had exited earlier in the day; the small crippled man with the leg he pulled behind; entered the hall and circled the assembled legislators before leaving as silently as he had entered; the only evidence of his passing; the slow steady sound of his gait: “Clump….shhhhhhhhoop- Clump……..Shhhhhhoop” as he struggled with his bad leg.

Speaker: “Well; it’s 11:45pm and we havn’t done beans.”

Rep 3: “Not so; Mr Speaker, I had a great massage during the lunch break and Representative 1 got a 15% break on his auto insurance”

Speaker: “Well; I suppose we could pass this old balanced budget bill we have hanging around.”

Rep 4: “YOU MEAN?”

Speaker: “Yes!”

Rep 2: “No!”

Speaker: “Yes”  ” Announce to the people that although we didn’t get the tax increase for the wealthy; we did mange to pass the…….””””””DOOOMS-DAAAAAY budget””””””””””””.”

Now if you think increasing taxes on the wealthy is unpopular with the Conservatives who are relatively few in Maryland; you should wait until the people hear about the Doomsday Budget.

It balances the budget by cutting many Government services. Education will be a big loser.

Also; State workers will not get a cost of living increase.

Funding for Medicaid? Gone

The Leaders are upset; shagrinned. They beg for the Governor to call a special session to sort this out.

The Governor; The Right “Honorable” Martin O’Malley acting like a parent who thinks his kids need a strict lesson even if it traumatises them; says he is not at all happy.

He just doesn’t know if he will call a special session.

“These people are all adults who have had 90 days to work this out”

As if “Marty” is going to allow the most unpopular and socially destructive budget in the State’s history to pass rather than call the Legislature back.

If Martin really wanted to solve the problem “without” all the drama; he could have called for an extended session to work exclusively on budget issues such as the tax increase.

Or perhaps; just perhaps the Governor could have insisted that the budget agreement reached by the legislature yesterday; the one that would have solved these issues; was actually voted on before the end of the session or after the end if need be.

No; it seems that we are being asked to believe that the State legislature and the Governor of the great State of Maryland are so immature; so incompetent; so completely careless of the needs of the state; that they had a deal in hand but just couldn’t seem to get their hands up in time.

Nobody likes a tax increase.

I can understand how this farce points up the negative results of not passing the increase.

Points up? I should say.

Not all of our citizens are able to discern such political plays as this.

Many are probably wetting their pants worrying about the threatened cuts.

Even the venerable WYPR public radio station and NPR affiliate was reporting this story as if it was a real.

“What will they do?”

“Will the Governor call a special session of the legislature?”

Now I know Martin O’ Malley is a Democrat.

Which means he is pretty far right for my taste.

But I don’t think he is a bad Governor as Governors go.

Certainly he has been a breath of fresh air after the years of Bob (How can I do you today?) Ehrlich.

I just disapprove of disception and un-necessary drama.

Or do I?

Maybe this kind of well planned manipulation of public opinion is what keeps me coming back to the show.

It has been a hoot; I have to admit.

And it’s not over yet.

We are still in suspence.

The Governor blames the Legislature; the House blames the Senate; The Senate blames….I don’t know……..their Mommies for all I know.

One of these most excellent actors suggested that he believed there was some “foot dragging” going on in the other house.

Imagine that.

I imagine that; after a reasonable period of stressful suspence; intersperced with some adequately critical rhetoric; Governor Martin O’ Dooright will dash onstage; accompanied by his faithful horse “Nell”; and annonce that he is calling a “Oh so” special session to resolve the budget and he will stand for no more dilly-dallying.

As if they didn’t plan this whole “Comedy”….. or is it a “Tradgedy”?….. It is definitely a “History”….. of politics in America.

Deception; extreme choices offered to make an undesirable law seem pallettable; cartoon Superheroes called in at the last moment to save the day for the common man.

I told you.

“Pray; is this a Budget I see before me?”

“Nay; tis but a bodkin for the sure removal of the people’s gut.”


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