I Can See The Wolf; What Happened To The Shepherd?

11 Apr

It is a very impressive room.

A room; veritably dripping with power and authority.

The authority to make decisions for all 300 million Americans.

Decisions about whether the laws that Congress makes are in harmony with the Constitution.

If you have been even a casual observer and tracker of the decisions handed down by the body of men who occupy and work in this room; you could be forgiven if you stood up now and yelled at the top of your voice; “Yeah; Right”………………………………………………

…………………………………………I suppose that I should state for the record that I am speaking of the The Supreme Court of the United States. (SCOTUS for short).

I’m not going to go into the history and politics of these nine Justices.

The Protectors Of Our Rights?

It really isn’t worth the time and energy because thay are what they are and the only way to change that is to wait.

Wait until one of them dies or becomes old and infirm enough that he decides to retire.

It doesn’t take much attention to determine that retirement is seldom a choice these exalted Justices make.

Generally speaking; Supreme Court Justices go directly from the bench to the grave.

So; we get what we’ve got and all we can do is hope that at least some of the members of this august body decide to actually uphold the Constitution rather than twist it to the benefit of the Republican Party.

Ideally; this would be the action everytime a case comes before the Court but if you have been living for more than a few years you will know that it is certainly not the way this Court works.

The best example of how this Court often works; I think; is the case of :

Citizens United vs. The Freedom of the American People

In this case; the Court said it was ok for giant corporations and political Action Committees (PACs) to make unlimited expenditures to help elect the candidate of their choice.

They decided that it wasn’t enough that each of the stockholders and board members of these huge money trusts have undue influence over our political system by virtue of their great individual wealth and power.

No; SCOTUS decided that Corporations are people under the Constitution with all the rights of a person.

This is a truly momentous decision.

One that the American people will have to live ; or die with.

I say momentous because in this case; the Court; obviously dominated by the conservative members; ruled in favor of the corporations.

In making this obviously UN-Constitutional ruling; SCOTUS has opened wide the door for the big money corporations and their power hungry owners to use their wealth to gain total control of the Government and the people; and to enthrone their choice for Fascist Dictator.

With the amount of money these folks have to work with; you shouldn’t laugh at that notion.

In essence; SCOTUS has offered the American people up as fodder for the big corporate machine; thereby exposing the vulnerable underbelly of the people to the very entities that the Constitution was written and adopted to protect us against.

After 53 years of life and about 40 years of paying attention; I have to admit that I was shocked by this decision.

I once heard a story of a Shepherd who cared so little for the Sheep he was tending that he allowed the wolves to run free amoung the flock; actually opened the gate to the sheep pen and let the wolf in.

The result?

Predictable. I’ll spare you the details of the blood bath.

Not that the Court hasn’t made bad decisions before but I don’t believe they have ever made a decision that so betrays the trust the people are forced to place in them.

Sadly; the SCOTUS has proven itself to be one of the greatest enemies of the American people by it’s Citizens United decision.

Of course it isn’t the institution itself but the sick, Fascist attitudes of Justices like Antonine Scalia and Clarence Thomas and their ilk that have turned the Court against the people they are supposed to protect.

If you want to talk about life or death hanging on the decisions of these obviously biassed men then consider the Health Care Reform Law before the Court these last three days.

If they declare the “Individual Mandate” requiring “Almost” everyone in America to buy health care; un-constitutional; millions of Americans will die for lack of health care.

If they do this; they will be destroying the only piece of legislation that I have seen in the last 40 years that would actually benefit the people.

It won’t do much for all those wealthy Republicans out there but then they already have insurance (which is why they don’t care if you do).

But for the first time; Congress actually did something that helps the average American (who is not a wealthy Republican by the way).

In a few months we will hear the Court’s decision.

I hope that the Justices realize that keeping the people alive is the only way to really support their Citizens United decision.

After all; they have opened the gate.

What will the wolves do when they arrive to find the pen already empty; the sheep all sick or dead?


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