Bill Maher- Traitor Or Traitor? You Decide

07 Feb

I was watching Bill Maher last night and he was going on about how OWS seems to be letting up in New York; perhaps because of the cold; and he made the statement that those left seem to be

Read That: Ultra-Sellout Advice

those who want to break windows etc.

He feels that the time has come for OWS to go home and try to effect change through the current political system.

But….but….but…..BUT ; I checked the channel; made sure I was wearing my glasses; then just sat there with my teeth in my mouth. I was astonished; flabbergasted; taken aback even. I was aghast; astounded; discombobulated.

I sat and I thought and I sat some more and after about two minutes; I realized why Bill Maher; well known Liberal Humorist said……………………..those words I mentioned before……..I won’t say them again as the less print alotted to them; the better but if you want to know what I think; hit the “Sellout” button…………………………………………………………

It occured to me that; here as this famous Liberal; making proclamations that not only discourage the movement but that demonstrate a lack of understanding of the current world situation and especially that in the US.

Does he actually fail to see that the system is owned by the Corporations; Banks in particular?

Does he not see the Conspiracy of Wealth that is seeking to control the whole world to it’s detriment?

How can a man who is in a position to have all of the information he does and assumedly has sourses of information that we are not privy to; fail to see the mutually supportive actions and policies of the Banks; the Military Industrial Complex; the Press; the Advertizing Industry; and the Upper Eschelon of the Republican and Democratic Parties?

I realize that most of America is plodding along; too engrossed in the ever more difficult task of survival.

I realize that most Americans will go like sheep to the slaughter because they can’t see the forest for the trees.

But how can it be that a Simple Country Philosopher like myself sees the so obvious patterns that make visable; that which was designed to be invisable to us; the Manipulation of the worlds people and ours in particular; and yet Bill Maher is blind to it and publically reccomends capitulation and submission to the very system that brought us to this pass?

How can he really believe that effective change will be allowed to happen that way?

How can he sleep at night knowing he is encouraging the American people to give up and bend over?

Is that Bill Maher kissing that American?

The only answers I can arrive at are that Bill Maher; the smarmy, sarcastic, smartass, Liberal who is never afraid to be irreverent and attack the most revered of American Institutions at will; is aware of the patterns and is aware of the Conspiracy.

Of course he is aware. How could he not be?

He is aware but as with all other Public figures and Political Leaders; he has been Purchased.

He has been bought and paid for as surely as the Political system has been bought and paid for and if America listens to him or any other product of the mainstream media; no matter how Liberal they may appear; they will only be hearing what the Conspirators allow them to hear.

Bill’s message is like that of the Apostles when Jesus told them he would be tortured and killed.

“No Lord, this will not be your fate at all.”

Relax; don’t worry; everything will be Ok if we just trust the system.

Trust the politicians to enact legislation or amendments that take away the source of their wealth.

Trust the 1%; who control and pay those Politicians; to just give in when we Trustingly present Congress with a Bill of our design; sponcered by a Legislator who knows that the Bill has no chance to pass; will be tied up in committee and by postponement for a lengthy study of the problem; and hearings to assesss the need for this Bill etc.; and will be killed in one way or another after the Politicians believe they have put on a convincing show of interest and concern.

And Americans will say, “Well; the people have spoken” and go back to their individual Salt Mines to wait for another time; which will never come because this is all a fantasy of some gulible; inattentive, pathetic, cowardly, and/or traitorous mind.

The one that resides in Bill Maher’s head.

I don 't know what Bill should do; But Judas betrayed one man; Maher 300 million. I don't know what he should do......

Bill Maher: Traitor to his convictions.

Betrayer of the American People


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2 responses to “Bill Maher- Traitor Or Traitor? You Decide

  1. lottakatz

    March 11, 2012 at 09:14

    Bill maher isn’t as liberal as people think he is at first glance. As a long-time Maher fan I am constantly amazed at some of the blind spots he has. He’s liberal on some issues, conservative on others and I think, flat out ignorant on even others with no inclination to find out the facts before or after he starts making his opinion of those issues public.

    What you’re looking for I suspect (with all due respect) is a consistent philosophical approach; something I’d also like to see in public commentators, but which is almost totally lacking. He doesn’t have a clue about how OWS can spend its time productively and most likely doesn’t understand the breath or form of the movement so he just says what seems appropriate built on traditional methods of social-change organizations entering the mainstream.

    Traitor?, Um, not so much. Shallow on many issues? Bingo!

  2. 3%

    April 15, 2013 at 18:47

    Maher is dog excrement! He is also a traitor, how in the world this pos has an audience at all is beyond me. He is lucky there is a 2nd amendment to protect his right to free speech so he IS ABLE TO, denounce the 2nd amendment !!


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