Pat Robertson: Preacher? Prophet? Politician? Con-man? Fascist? Yes And So Are The Rest Of Those Phoney So-Called “Christians.”

05 Feb

This post may require a short explanation. I was visiting a friend yesterday. We were engaged in the free practice of our chosen Religion when Politics came up in the discussion.

This is not unusual as our Religion is more closely tied to our Politics than most people’s.

Most people insist on complete seperation of Religion and Government; a worthy effort to be sure because most Religions are as or more oppressive in nature than the Fascists who run this country and most others as well.

I believe that is because they have a false understanding of the Religion they profess to follow.

This is true of Christians; Muslims; Jews; and many other; smaller Religions.

I know it’s considered Bad Form to trash other people’s Religion or Faith but it seems to me that these Religions have done enough trashing of their own to warrant a little balancing of the facts; so to speak; so today I will ask you to: Consider this……………………………………….

Consider the case of the much renowned Islamic terrorists who claim to be killing for Allah.

I have several aquaintences who are well versed in Islam and they know what all real Muslims have been saying.

That Allah does not require or ask or authorize or condone sensless violence.

That the Quaran is a beautiful; Poetic book that encourages one to seek Peace and Harmony. It is a moral guide and a commonsense approach to life and Faith. An example of God/Allah reaching out to man if you are a believer and if not it is an excellent example of man reaching out to God.

Those Muslims who practice such violence; who sponcer or condone such violent reaction to their peoples problems; like the Christians who have done the same (for what were the Crusades if not Terrorist attacks on a people whom we assumed were less deserving of life and freedom because they disagreed with our Religion) have left the path of enlightenment and have followed a path that leads to either Power and Wealth or to Death.

They have convinced others to act with them; or should I say for them because you may have noticed that the Leadership and the Wealthy men behind these actions never volunteer to become suicide bombers.

No; they get gulible young men and women who are filled with the energy and emotion that is only granted to the young.

Those who have lost family to the wars and violence and have a right to hate those responsible.

That isn’t always America although I am sure many of them have good reason to hate us. But it isn’t too hard to convince the young that your target is related to those others or that Terrorist actions will bring the downfall of a Military Power; and that Allah will be pleased and will bless you in Paradise.

Seems silly I know but the young will always be the tools because they are easily led.

Then consider the long history of war; murder; child molestation; torture; and life destroying doctrines such as the prohibition on contraceptives; that various “Christian” Churches have been pushing for as long as I can remember.

Not just Abortions but contraceptives; you know Birth Control pills; Condoms; IUDs etc.

For these folks it isn’t enough to disapprove of Abortion; a perfectly understandable position for a Religion to espouse. No; they feel they need to stop their parishoners from preventing conception.

And not just the Catholic Church either; although their record of abuse and visciousness is impressive; they are saddly; not alone.

Various Fundamentalist Churches have been the target of the Justice system for the practice of Child Molestation.

Of course the Catholic Church has Molestation down to a Science.

They have created a hugly powerful; wealthy organization that is granted special priviledges due to their status as a Religion and has used that priviledge or I should say misused that priviledge to shelter and protect the many twisted Fucks who have been forever drawn to the Church for it’s protection from prosecution in such cases.

Only in the past few years has any real effort been made to force the Church to turn over suspected Child Rapists to the Secular Authorities for prosecution. And then only when they are caught or reported to Police by the already traumatized victims.

The Catholic Church is very aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of these sick Bastards still woking as Priests and they are aware of who they are in many cases.

But they are not required to report such crimes on their own because they claim it as a Confidence of the Confessional and therefore get away; once again; with protecting these viscious vermin from detection.

Often the response of the Church to complaints has been to transfer the offending priest to a new parrish where he can begin anew; with a clean slate; and the same filthy; totally ungodly behavior and criminal practices until another complaint is heard; then; it’s off to another fresh group of young victims to torture and sodomize.

And let’s face it. of all the “Christian” Denominations out there today; the Catholic Church is the most un-christian organization with the most Pagan Religious pratices and rituals of any of them; not even considering their lengthy and blood stained record of criminal activity of one type or another.

They worship a veritable Pantheon of gods.

They do this under the guise of Sainthood.

Cannonization; the Catholics name for granting Divinity.

Imagine; the very notion that  any  man or Church can actually grant god status to a human being and have it accepted by the blind sheep who follow these Perverts to Hell.

To claim; with a totally staight face; that God himself has granted such Authority to the Head Pervert.

To claim that this one man; often a ruthless; criminal; murderous man; always a Political man who; like any Monarch; knows how to control people and pressure governments to act as they wish is a representative of God or Jesus is one of the most absurd ideas.

Then for him to encourage ne’ demand that the people worship these Man-made Humans/Gods in place of God himself is beyond realm of questionable practice and into the dark area we call Evil.

It is sort of like the Hindu Religion in that there is a multiplicity of options in gods.

You basically choose the one that suits you.

Of course the Hindus freely admit that this is the nature of their Faith and don’t try to hide behind the facade of Christianity to mislead and deceive people.

Therein lies the telling trait of an Evil Organization. Deception; Lies; and claims of Authority over things only God himself has Authority over.

And before you think that these Religious Organizations and Churches involve themselves in Politics and Lobbying for restictive; un-constitutional laws because they believe God wills it; a perfectly absurd idea; consider the fact that Church membership has been in decline for decades.

People have awakened to the hypocracy and greed that motivates most Religions.

If you were that Church’s ruthless leadership it would behoove you to get what members you have left to procreate as quickly and prolifically as possible in hopes that the children will remain as gulible as the parents (who must be real shmucks to still believe their Churches are representatives of God).

They don’t care if their people can afford to raise so many children or if the parents plans for their future are destroyed.

Afterall; the poorer they remain; the easier they are to control.

And the easier to get them to continue the unrestrained procreation and……………………and………………….and what do you think?

Fill the coffers with cash.

It isn’t about God for these guys; anymore than Politics is about the welfare of the people.

It’s about making money; gaining power; and controling people.

It’s about telling oneself lies to justify your greed and avarice.

Of course if you are going to delude yourself as to your motives and pretend to be a man of God; you must preach these lies and express your firm belief.

Otherwise people will just think you are greedy and power hungry. Imagine that.

Now I have stated before my personal belief that life begins at conception as well as my belief that my opinion should have no effect on a woman’s right to have an Abortion if that is what her conscience allows her to do and she feels it is the right choice for her.

Because I have attended several different Churches in my life; and as hard as I try; I can’t remember when it was that God told me either verbally; telepathically; or in writing that I was responsible for policing the actions of others. Or that I even have a right to do so.

I won’t turn this into a sermon but I do wish to tell you why I feel as I do so you too may understand that Any Religion that attempts to influence a legislature or affect what laws a Nation follows is not acting for the God that I am familiar with.

I also find it a bit galling that I can’t state my Christian Faith without explaining that I don’t mean I believe or act as these So-called Christians who want to control us.

Failing to explain or keep silent about my Faith will often prove to bring ridicule and cause others in a political discussion to have less respect for my opinions.

Some because they are Atheists and any mention of a god is irrelavent to them but many because they are believers in God and are not interested in hearing another phoney believer express their self-interest and bogus religious self-righteousness.

All of these Preachers and supposed Christians who involve themselves making laws against things because they disagree with them; have left the path of Faith and are following a path to celebrity and mo’ money; mo’ money; mo’ money.

My understanding of God and his wish for me is that I develope a personal relationship with him through prayer. He asks me to follow his will as expressed in the Bible. To act as Jesus did. to follow his example. I’m not sure who’s example the Catholics follow. I am trying to remember the painting or Biblical story about Jesus forcibly Sodomizing the young boys who came to him; or trying to influence the Roman Government to enact laws to force people to follow him. Hmm.

But however much these Religions try to convince me that they can interceed with God on my behalf; I and only I am responsible to God for my actions.

No one else can make me straight with God if I fail to act appropriatly. Therefore no one else can tell me what my actions should be. I am responsible.

God has said that the whole world is in the power of Satan and that God has nothing to do with Government or Politics.

If a person decides to force any legislation that prohibits anyone from excercising their free will and acting as they believe they should; they are wrong. Simply that.

I don’t care what the issue is. Abortion or drinking Alcohol or smoking cigarrettes or smoking Marijuana or  anything else a Church might decide to push in the name of God; Faith; religion or personal hygene for that matter.

I believe that Churches and religions that try to involve themselves Politically to force people to do as they say or they feel is right; or Gods will; have; rather than expressing their Faith in God; made public admission and evident proof of the fact that they have no Faith in God whatsoever.

Otherwise they would never have reached the presumptuous; self agrandising and self-centered conclusion that God needs or expects or even approves of them attempting to force changes to this worlds laws in order to bring about the fulfilment of his will.

People who really have Faith are happy to live that Faith not gather as many followers as possible to get mo’ money and control over the lives of the people they are supposed to want to help. That’s what real Faith will teach you; to wait on God to make things right; not to try to act as though you were God.

I have Faith in God and that is why I am happy to leave judgement up to him and leave my neighbors to do as their conscience advises.

I have Faith in God and that is why I believe that my job; if I am his follower is to try to help people to come to a understanding of God and it should be perfectly obvious that the Churches are not even attempting this.

It is my job to offer comfort and aid to those in need; to teach anyone who wants to know what I believe and why; but not to try to force you to believe as I do or act as though you do with the threat of eternal hellfire (another ludicrous notion) or by acting in cahoots with the Political System to bring the State on board with my beliefs.

The Political System is supposed to serve all the people; even those who don’t believe or act as a Church demands.

The Freedom of Religion is not just about going down the street on Sunday without being harassed. It is about people being Free to follow their beliefs whether they are part of an organized religion or not. Whether they agree with the most popular religion or not.

It is about the fact that by inflicting any Church’s will on all the people; we deny the rights of any who disagree therefore denying them the right to practice their Religion freely.

Of course almost any Church will agree with some laws as they stand.

Murder; they hate murder because it reduces the number of people they could possibly fleece.

Robbery. Churches can be robbed too so of course they agree with this law as well.

Lots of laws work very well for these High Dollar Con-men.

And that’s Ok. They should be protected from violent crime and theft just like anyone else.

But when they decide they want to influence the laws; so that they all agree with the Church; they have crossed the line and lost all credibility as a Religion.

Wow; that doesn’t leave many Religions with credibility does it?

Well; that’s alright too because if you believe God; the Political Governments will tire of this intrusion into their realm as well and will turn on Religion and destroy all of these Phoney Churches that teach Politics in place of religion and Faith

If you don’t believe in God; that’s Ok because if you are right; Religions have even less right to intrude in Politics than if you do believe.

If you are wrong and God exists; then what he said will occur and that’ll work out right from your point of view as well; and mine because I do believe in God but I don’t believe in any religion that practices Politics to any degree and I believe; as I am sure you do; that they should be ousted from the Political proccess completly.

Of course the most repulsive of these festering, mailgnant puss-pockets that call themselves men of God are those like Pat Robertson who not only preach trash and lies but run for political office; supposedly to bring God into Government.

Do you think if God does exist that he would need a Pat Robertson to get into Government if that was his desire?

Of course Pat does know who the next President will be.

God told him just a couple of weeks ago.

Of course Pat can’t say who.

God told him to keep it secret.

Strange how Pat can go on TV and slobber all over the stage telling us about the other things God told him.

You know. Things that can’t be verified.

But the one time God decides to tell Pat something juicey that might actually go towards proving his Devine Chit-Chats are authentic and that he is talking to God; God says, “Shhhh; don’t tell anyone Pat. It;s our little secret.

You know that act has worked well for most of mans time on Earth.

The Shaman or Witch Doctor goes off or into a trance and converses with God; or The Spirits or what have you and then claims to have secret knowledge that God gave them because he respects them and they are extra deserving of his confidence.

The real hoot though; is that even today; people are still falling for it as can be seen by the huge amount of Wealth guys like Pat have been able to amass through their deceptive tales.

Of course it helps that he spends a bunch of his time begging the poor people who think he is a  “Good man” and who watch his daily; mealy mouthed; expresssions of his Faith…………………………………………in the Almighty Dollar to send him more money……………………because…………………………………God needs cash.

I’m no Man of God but I’m pretty sure that if God really wanted to spend some money; say to buy a new Cadilac or a Jacuzzi or something; he wouldn’t need these poor gulible bastard’s money.

I’m pretty sure he could qualify for the American Express Black Card.

If you are sending money to Pat or any other Church or Preacher who asks you to; you can be fairly sure God will never see it. Pat’s Tailor; Barber; Therapist; Housekeeper; Body Servant or Gold Dealer will get the bulk before Pat gets home to tell God about it.

If Pat really wanted to do a Godly thing; he would send all of his money to help the poor instead of paying for TV time to beg and coerse it out of the poor hapless Rams and Lambs who are waiting to be fleeced and………………………….”BAAAAAAAH!”



Oh Pat? He went that-a-way; around the corner.


No problem. I should heve recognized you as one of his followers anyway.

See?   They don’t even seem human do they?

And if you think they don’t look human just walking along; you should see them when the mumbling and shaking and the wailing starts.

So until next time; Goodbye and don’t forget.

The Lord loves the sound of crisp dollar bills; not the annoying jingling of change so send your money to me. I am sure it will reach God just as quickly as it will if you send it to Pat or one of his equally “Christian” peers. Faster maybe. I might decide to actually help someone with it rather than live in luxury off the money of poor, lost and vulnerable folks seeking comfort in the words of a cheesy worm like Pat or any of the other mind reading acts or sideshow healers on TV or not.


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One response to “Pat Robertson: Preacher? Prophet? Politician? Con-man? Fascist? Yes And So Are The Rest Of Those Phoney So-Called “Christians.”

  1. Sameer

    July 7, 2014 at 23:58

    I am completely ionncent. I had no idea my tie dye would end up looking like a giant penis. I am amused tho that Mel leapt right there. I guess it’s way different from those days of her famous quote from 1982: I didn’t know it looked like that


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