Not My Indefinite Detention; Not My Problem

10 Jan

Entertainment for the 1%

A friend refered me to this story out of the Times this morning and I was struck by a feeling that I have never had before when hearing about people in such situations. It suddenly hit me;

“There but for the whim of my President go I”

Then I began to wonder what kind of treatment I could expect if I were indefinitly detained  by the FBI; the Federal Beaureu of Insane Paranoia or another Fascist organ of my benevolent Government.

Anyway; surely they are careful about who they indefinitly detain;………..right?…………………………….right?

This is the story of a man;

Who went to learn but wound up in our can;

And ever since, his life is not what he planned……………..

He left his home in Germany and went to visit Pakistann just after 9/11.

He was seeking to learnmore of his and his wife’s religion so as to bond with her more completely.

He was about to leave Pakistan and return to Germany to resume his life when:

“I was in Pakistan, on a public bus on my way to the airport to return to Germany when the police stopped the bus I was riding in. I was the only non-Pakistani on the bus — some people joke that my reddish hair makes me look Irish — so the police asked me to step off to look at my papers and ask some questions.”

Note that he was singled out because he was not a Pakistani.

Was that because they honestly felt that a German was a more likely candidate for terrorist? Could not be a Pakistani is working as a terrorist.Or perhaps they thought he was Irish.

Well read on because the injustice and conspiracy just won’t stop.

“I later learned the United States paid a $3,000 bounty for me. I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently the United States distributed thousands of fliers all over Afghanistan, promising that people who turned over

Taliban or Qaeda suspects would, in the words of one flier, get “enough money to take care of your family, your village, your tribe for the rest of your life.” A great number of men wound up in Guantánamo as a result.”

So it seems that it was just the standard “Round up the usual suspects” mentality working to satisfy the Americans much as it did the Germans in “Casablanca”.

These Afghani and Pakistani people are dirt poor; hate Americans; don’t care much for Germans either it would seem. And who can blame them?

They are the inheritors of a three-hundred year old tradition of mis-use by the Western Powers. Dutch; British; Russian; American.

So when the pamphlets dropped the Tribes just laughed and laughed and laughed; and then began turning in everyone they didn’t like or who could be grabbed from the streets and not missed. At $3000.00 a crack; they were living Large.

And we; the US never suspected were being taken for a ride?

Never wondered if these oh so co-operative citizens of these nations who hate us might not just have a hidden agenda. An alterior motive not consistant with stopping the terrorists?

Amazing! Makes you proud doesn’t it?

Well when this guy found out he had been sold to the Americans he felt as we probably would.

He was glad it was the Americans because he just knew he would receive fair and humane treatment.

Here is some of his description of the “Fair and Humane” treatment he received from us.

During their interrogations, they dunked my head under water and punched me in the stomach; they don’t call this

waterboarding but it amounts to the same thing. I was sure I would drown.”

“At one point, I was chained to the ceiling of a building and hung by my hands for days. A doctor sometimes checked if I was O.K.; then I would be strung up again. The pain was unbearable.”

“After about two months in Kandahar, I was transferred to Guantánamo. There were more beatings, endless solitary confinement, freezing temperatures and extreme heat, days of forced sleeplessness. The interrogations continued always with the same questions. I told my story over and over — my name, my family, why I was in Pakistan. Nothing I said satisfied them. I realized my interrogators were not interested in the truth.”

This is the way we treat our prisoners in Indefinite Detention. This is the way they will treat you or me.

I never used to worry about that. I believed the Constitution protected Americans from such treatment.

Not anymore. Even though it spits in the face of our Constitution; the new wording of the NDAA  allows for the Indefinite Detention of American citizens without recourse to due proccess because it no longer prohibits it.

Let the Government say it isn’t true all they want to.

If it wasn’t true; then they would not have fought so tenaciously for the exception of US Citizens to be left out.


*”At one point, I was chained to the ceiling of a building and hung by my hands for days.

*”The pain was unbearable.”

*”beatings, endless solitary confinement, freezing temperatures and extreme heat, days of *forced sleeplessness.”

*Too bad we don’t have one word we could apply to all of the above……..Of course; *America doesn’t Torture so that can’t be it.*


How do you think they will treat us?

This is a link to entire NY Times article.


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  1. ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡

    January 10, 2012 at 00:40


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