Silent Night – Silent Night – Well It’s Silent Anyway

25 Dec

I sat for a long time trying to decide just what I could write about Christmas that wouldn’t sound phony and cliché  With the Economy as it is and our Politics where they are and with me always telling everyone to expect a Fascist takeover of our government; I wasn’t sue what i could say that would sound sincere.

I didn’t want to be one of those guys who isn’t able to put down his sword long enough to talk about something more positive for the Holiday and come here with my usual angry criticism and drag everyone down.

I also didn’t want to be a hypocrite by wishing a Merry Christmas to people for whom I have no respect and believe to be Evil and who I am sure do not wish me a Merry anything.

So; a real puzzler; but then I remembered that I had read an article about a Christmas event that happened some time ago and it occurred to me that perhaps I could write a Christmas wish that I could feel good about; and maybe you can too.

So here we go. Imagine that is cold. So cold that you can’t feel your fingers. Snow is falling steadily but slowly and in the distance; the sounds of singing wafts over the frozen ground and now and then you hear the sound of………………………..

………………………………artillery shells as they explode among soldiers hiding deep in the trenches of both armies.

This is as you would expect. It is 1914 and the war is World War I. The armies are British, German, French and Belgian. The fighting has been slow for a week or more and both sides have fallen into a state of diminished anger, hatred and aggressiveness.

Conditions in the trenches are misery. Frozen in place or trudging through mud. Soaked to the skin and unable to get dry.

Yet somehow on this frozen Christmas day the sound of singing could be heard across the deadly, barbed wire covered “No Man’s Land” Singing from both sides and as they became aware of each other; they switched to Latin and sang “Adeste Fidelis” together.

This encouraged contact between the troops of the opposing armies and before long a truce had been called by the officers in charge of that part of the line. And it spread up and down the line. Men from both sides came out into “No Man’s Land” to talk, trade foods and beverages and reports say that an occasion game of Sandlot Football broke out. (Soccer not NFL)

The extent of the truce is described in this excerpt from the article that inspired my twisted line of reasoning.

The Christmas Truce By Aaron Shepard Printed in Australia’s School Magazine, Apr. 2001

Starting in some places on Christmas Eve and in others on Christmas Day, the truce covered as much as two-thirds of the British-German front, with French and Belgians involved as well. Thousands of soldiers took part. In most places it lasted at least through Boxing Day (December 26), and in some through mid-January. Perhaps most remarkably, it grew out of no single initiative but sprang up in each place spontaneously and independently.

This story has been told many times; in Theater, Film and as the original Newspaper Story reported it from the Front.

Mostly it is told as a plea for World Peace; either overt or subtly depending upon the accompanying material.

As I read; one passage caught my attention and caused me to think. (Normally I would have smashed something in typical Angryman fashion for causing me such pain but it being Christmas and all….) It is from the letter and speaks to a more basic level of humanity in us.

I was just starting back to the trenches when an older German clutched my arm.

“My God,” he said, “why cannot we have peace and all go home?”

I told him gently, “That you must ask your emperor.”

He looked at me then, searchingly,

“Perhaps, my friend. But also we must ask our hearts.”

“Our hearts”

That is what we all have in common. We have hearts.

And not just Liberals or those even farther left.

I’m fairly certain that if we were to look at the average Conservative and at least some of those even farther right we would discover that indeed; they also possess a heart. Shocking I know but stand by.

I’m pretty sure of my ground here. I’ve actually witnessed acts of random kindness perpetrated by people who just oozed Conservative values and strictures from every pore.

So; had time to get a grip?

Thank God because I’m in a bit of a hurry ………….Christmas and all; you know?

It seems to me a perfect time to speak; Heart to heart with everyone who has a heart. (This will of course leave out the 1% as they fall into that category I spoke of earlier; Those for whom i have no respect……..because they have no Soul; no humanity…………………………no Heart.)

To the rest of us I say that thinking about this will lead you to an Epiphany. If you consider the deeper implications of this odd condition of these “people”.

And we, all of us Liberals and Conservatives; Left and Right; being of normal make-up.

Being capable of Love and not just Covetousness; Compassion and not just False Sympathy.

This country is going down. That should be plain; even to the Right.

We; all of us; as humans have an obligation to band together. To get the kind of country we want.

We can discuss the details of what we want and need later; if we are still here.

If we let the 1% win; take all the power; and all the money; and all the sex toys, …………well maybe not the toys. But the rest is true and you can ask my wife if you don’t believe me.

Seriously; we ask for more controls; they say NO.

You ask for less controls;  they say NO

We ask for more Health Insurance; they say NO

You ask for less Health Insurance; they say NO

Nobody is getting the kind of government or the kind of country they want.

Isn’t the goal for everybody to get what they want?

Ok; I know. “Not everybody can be rich” and “Jesus said there will always be Poor” but I’m thinking it’s a question of definition.

Shouldn’t we at least try?

See if you can wrap your hearts and minds around this.

If we define Poor as something above Homeless Starvation say; the equivalent of a middle-middle class income, wouldn’t we all be able to sleep better at night?

It’s a win/win situation. Either you sleep better knowing that no one is suffering needlessly because of poverty or you sleep better knowing that no dirt poor; out of work clerk with a shotgun and a grudge is likely to be stealthily approaching your sliding glass patio door at 4am.

If we all got together and really talked. Tea Party; OWS; Right and Left; and figured out what we have in common (like a heart) I believe we would discover that we all agree about the most essential problem. Corporate corruption and Government based on Corporate Greed instead of American Need.

Then we could all work to move the American people to the Non-violent Occupation of America that must come if we are to survive and get the chance to discuss whether we want more or less regulations etc. etc. etc.

We may not all get everything we want but we could get as close as possible and then bitch and moan like always. And when you said “Shut up and go home. Everybody can’t be rich” we could only shake our heads and head home for afternoon Tea.

We just can’t let these 1%; who are nobodies friends; no matter how they ply you with………………………………………..whatever it is that soulless creatures use to ply humans into following them to their own destructions.

So think about this….because minds are another thing; Yeah. We all have minds too.

And; we can use our minds to reason and our hearts to feel and realize that we all want much the same. Feel much the same. Now; if we could all just do the same and save our country and our lives.

“Perhaps, my friend. But also we must ask our hearts.”

Because if we all folow our hearts there would be no conflict. Only the love we would each wish for ourselves.

Merry Christmas


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3 responses to “Silent Night – Silent Night – Well It’s Silent Anyway

  1. rumpydog

    December 27, 2011 at 00:47

    Here’s a youtube link to a song about that event.

    I don’t have any answers to the rest, and even if I did, who wants to know what a dog has to say about politics.

  2. valrfederoff

    December 31, 2011 at 05:36

    Your stories and anecdotes are refreshing and inspirational. I shared this on my facebook page to offer my friends who haven’t abandoned me yet something different than the same old occupy fare that I have been posting. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

  3. fidlerten

    December 31, 2011 at 20:09

    As long as there is evil in this world, there will be war. As long as rich men seek more wealth, there will be war.

    Young men will be called on to find their patriotism and those who don’t will be called un-American and cowardly. It doesn’t matter if they simply don’t believe in the war they’re being asked to fight, they’ll be judged because they chose not to fight.

    We live in a world of fear and hate and those who love are just pilgrims in a strange land. Jesus was one of those pilgrims and he walked the walk and took up his cross and died to shine a way out of the darkness, out of the hate and fear and into the light of eternal love.

    You speak of hope, of Tea Party people and OWS people coming together and agreeing on certain things and joining forces. That’s not going to happen. Tea Party people only see the government as being the evil in their lives, along with all the liberals, the gays, the blacks, the Mexicans, the Muslims and on and on. You can’t reason with hate.

    They’ve made it clear that compromise is out of the question and they want their elected representatives to not compromise at all. What this means is that they don’t care what the rest of the country wants or needs, only what they want and that is to rid the country of everyone and everything they’re against. They’d run the Native Americans out if they could someway prove that this country is more theirs than the Native Americans who were here before the rest of us.

    It’s about building walls and buying guns because they figure someday they’ll have a civil war here against all those I’ve mentioned that they hate. They call themselves patriots but they’re just really good old fashioned bigots who have been buried within our society all along, just waiting in the wings for their day, when they can stand up and push everyone else down. They think this is their chance. Get rid of the black president and get their man in the White House to do their bidding.

    No, their will only be peace when Jesus returns to judge the world and the Millennial rein begins.Until then, money will be their God and hate will be their message.

    Interesting article.


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