Crime-Heroin-Prostitution-Criminals? In Your Hood?

22 Dec

Crime. Americans are afraid of crime. As a matter of fact Americans are afraid of the mere possibility of crime. And why not?

For years they have been told about the dangers of everything from Jay-walking to Marijuana; from Mugging to Heroin. They have been inundated with reports and videos and rumors of crime. Pictures make it all the more real and immediate.

But the truth is that many millions of Americans go out every day. In cars; on foot; on buses and in cabs. They go to school, work, and just for a walk. Most; the vast majority of those people do this every day and are never the victims of crime especially violent crime.

There is a higher likelyhood that you will be the victim of crime if you: a) Live in a high crime area; mostly urban areas but not all urban areas. b) Travel in such areas regularly. c) Are involved in crime yourself. Or d) Run naked into a known criminal hangout wearing only precious stones and a Visa card and singing “Rape Me”. Other than that; your odds are pretty good.

But I am here to tell you that “Crime”, is indeed, everywhere.  And we are responsible. So if crime is everywhere; how can I say that it’s pretty safe to walk the streets in most places?

Because the crime taking place in most neigborhoods isn’t violent; it isn’t infringing on anyones rights and it doesn’t hurt anyone but the participants if it even harms them. It may be gambling, Marijuana or other drugs, prostitution, or  it could be the guy down the block who found a way to download copyrighted music or video.

So what is the truth? What should we do about all of this crime and all these criminals?…………………….

Yet every day; thousands of Americans much like you or me are incarcerated for these victimless “crimes” . Crimes that should not be crimes. Crimes that are committed by a large majority of your neighbors. Those fine upstanding folks who work and raise their kids right next door. The same ones who brought that deliscious cassarole when your family memeber passed and you were having trouble coping. Today your good neighbor; tomorrow: Federal Prisoner 6859854742. Why? Why so many “Criminals“?  In a country where opportunity abounds and the people are free. Are we just bad people who feel free to do wrong?

Why so many prisons here in the land of the Free?

It seems to me that the more things you make criminal; the more criminals you will have.

If we removed from the books every law that make a criminal action out of a personal choice we could decrease the number of criminals signifigantly.

Instead of prosecuting people who commit crime; we have turned any action that could possibly cause a person to commit a crime; into a crime itself.

If we amend the laws to include only actions that directly infringe on the rights of another; our list would be short and realatively easy to understand and enforce.

As an example: it is illegal to take Heroin. Supposedly if we stop Heroin use; it will reduce violent crime to get money for Heroin.

But where is the crime. Using heroin (I don’t) is a personal choice. If you go home today and take some; the only person at risk is you.

This should in no way be considered a crime.

If you then however go out and mug someone to get money for that Heroin; you have now committed a crime because you have infringed upon another persons rights.

There are other good reasons to do away with drug prohibition but they all involve the Governments use of the fear of the substance to allow them to  manipulate the people and incarcerate untold thousands of harmless citizens to populate their Slave Labor Camps(Prisons).

Only when the people see that they have less to fear from Heroin and other substances than they do from the Government that demonises them will we be able to stop the tens of billions of dollars flowing into a drug enforcement system riddled with corruption and failing to signifigantly reduce the amount of available product in this country.

What is the answer? Well; it isn’t what we have now. All that does is provide job security for a bunch of cops who are unable; through no real fault of there own; to successfully carry out their assignment and are now just treading water to keep the paycheck coming in. (No offence. Who wouldn’t?) Especially as the people who pay them have provided such an easy and elaborate web of deceit in order to deceive the public into believing they are having success ……in order to keep their paychecks coming and it’s all about the money.

But; as I say; this is just an example. The Codes are just chocked full of juicy examples of laws made to benefit individuals or Corporations, laws that prevent you from excersisng your rights as a human, laws that severely restrict or do away with practices and or items that in themselves present no threat or only to the individual involved yet are banned for some imagined public threat or to benefit some group of Government employees.

And we have set up such a huge beaurocracy to handle the work of Criminal “Justice” (much of it un-needed) and other functions (many unnecessary) that if we propose changing it, those same government employees; members of the 99%; feel as threatened by the cure as they feel strapped by the disease.

And so; in this way; they have turned the people upon themselves while secretly taking away the very power that would allow the people to effect a cure. By the time the infighting is done; it could well be too late.


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2 responses to “Crime-Heroin-Prostitution-Criminals? In Your Hood?

  1. rumpydog

    December 23, 2011 at 02:10

    The crime rate is lower now than at any other time in history, and we’re more afraid of being a victim now than we ever have been. Don’t make much sense, does it?

    • angrymanspeaks

      December 23, 2011 at 02:39

      Sure doesn’t. I have spent most of my life studying the Nazi regime in Germany as well as various other tyranical regimes and philosophies and I am still amazed at the power of Propaganda.


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