Elections – Corruption – One True Vote: {Part One: The History}

13 Dec

Yankee Doodle (Founding Father)

If you think that today’s article is familiar; you are more than likely my wife. But on the off chance that you are someone else I should explain that I have posted this piece as a single document on this site previously. I think though, the time has come to revisit this piece and make a few adjustments to the ideas I originally proposed.

To keep it small enough to swallow I split it up into installments.

If you have never read it, you should.

If you have read it, take another look. This is important stuff we have here.

It addresses one of the most corrupt areas of our society and one that has the power to destroy the nation that we and our forbears have worked so hard for; taken such pride in and been denied for so long.

I say denied and that may cause some to pause and ask why? How have we been denied our country and what should we do? What can we do?………………..

Imagine my shock upon reading:

The top 1% in the US has gone from owning 22% to 40% of the nation’s wealth in the last thirty years. This is largely due to the tax cuts for the wealthy investor class, started under Reagan, continued under Bush. They were supposed to encourage investment and strengthen the economy. Since then, the average annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth dropped by one-quarter.

One-quarter? 25%? When I read this, the first thing that came to my mind was;

Is it possible that the very people entrusted with the welfare and protection of the American people have allowed this to happen?

So I wondered and I thought. I considered and contemplated the question.

I tried to remember the things that I had heard over the years and I began to put 2 and 2 together and as usual I came up with 22. (Math not really being my forte’.)

But that’s ok. I really don’t need to be able to add 2 and 2 to see the connections here.

I looked up some web sites devoted to Alternate American History or as I like to call it; True American History and found a few quotes and I researched some government information to include as well.


first I need to tell you that I found along the way, that I knew the answer to that initial question all the time.

Is it possible that the very people entrusted with the welfare and protection of the American people have allowed this to happen?

Not only is it possible; it’s true.

Not only did the presidents mentioned allow it.

They planned for it.

You see? These presidents and their advisors and friends are all wealthy people. Many from wealthy families. They believe that they are the natural inheritors of a mandate from the founding fathers.

The same founding fathers that authored the Constitution in 1787.

The same founding fathers who failed to include even one of the rights that are now guaranteed us until public outcry demanded that the rights of the citizens be addressed in 1791.

Because they were  mostly wealthy men, landowners and lawyers and were primarily concerned that the government that they were now forming not interfere with their business and accumulation of wealth. They saw a raw wilderness of uncommon beauty and majesty and all they could think of was how rich they would become raping it and how they could keep the King from getting his hands on it.

Of course the best way was  to become the highest power in the land. In order to do that they had to get rid of the old highest power in the land, i.e. King George III, his governors, and army. And we all know how that turned out.

But isn’t it true that the American colonists were miserable under British rule; being unfairly taxed and poorly treated by the British.

That the “Founding Fathers“; stalwart, God-fearing and virtuous men led the majority of the beleaguered colonists in the fight for freedom from British tyranny?


website titled-Buried History of the American Revolution presents the following and much more information about the revolution.

“Prior to the

American Revolution the majority of colonists thought of themselves as British, respected English law and did not want to rebel against their King or change their agreements by force.”

“Despite its notoriety, the objection to tax levied on tea was a ruse; the real issue was the British had, in an attempt to curtail their activities, under-cut the price of tea offered by smugglers, so it’s not surprising that most of the revolutionary leaders were in fact smugglers. But what is less well known is these same leaders had become wealthy dealing with the enemy during the Seven-Year-War, while fellow Americans were fighting to help save the colonies from the French. Another reason not often mentioned is that the local legislatures for their own ends, kept devaluing their currencies to the point of making them virtually worthless. This cheated creditors out of money; but also created large numbers of debtors in the colonies. The money owed wasn’t theirs to lose, so by promising to absolve these debts, the rebels devised a powerful incentive for support. The British had also drawn a proclamation line along the Appalachian Mountain peaks, honouring agreements to limit further encroachment onto Indian land and arrest the spiraling cost of protecting the colonists from Indian reprisals. Therefore those that settled beyond this line were the cause of a lot of problems as not having any money; they just became adept at murdering the Indians in order to take their land. Such people put extra strain and expense onto the British defenses and were of course the natural allies of those powerful colonists, such as George Washington who wished to benefit from Indian land speculation.”

The rebel leaders or

founding fathers (all quasi-atheists e.g. **Deists) only represented about 27% of two and quarter million colonists (although they said it was 33%), but even if this was correct they knew they would have never won power through a referendum, so as they possess considerable propaganda skills, they called themselves Patriots, contrived incidents like the so called ‘ Boston massacre’, portrayed their own vested interests as philanthropic ideals, and incited a reign of terror, aimed at civil authorities to disrupt society.

The rebel’s strategy of attacking

Loyalists, tarring and feathering them etc. to force them to resign their posts could have provided a role model for Hitler in the 1930′s, as they also took advantage of unemployment to form their own militia, training them to take on the army (redcoats) while at the same time as appealing to everyone’s sense of ‘freedom’, were really maneuvering to dominate the colonists, majority of which were opposed to them. They were in fact, what we consider today as insurgents/terrorists and those that most loudly espoused ‘freedom’, were controlling the largest number of slaves.


From Wikipedia,


“”[2] in the philosophy of religion is the standpoint that reason and observation of the natural world, without the need for organized religion, can determine that the universe is a creation and has a creator. Furthermore, the term often implies that this Supreme Being does not intervene in human affairs or suspend the natural laws of the universe. Deists typically reject supernatural events such as prophecy and miracles, tending to assert that a god (or “the Supreme Architect“) does not alter the universe by (regularly or ever) intervening in the affairs of human life. This idea is also known as the Clockwork universe theory, in which a god designs and builds the universe, but steps aside to let it run on its own. Deists believe in the existence of a god without any reliance on revealed religion, religious authority or holy books. Two main forms of deism currently exist: classical deism and modern deism.

The earliest known usage in print of the English term “deist” is 1621,

[3] and “deism” is first found in a 1675 dictionary.[4]HYPERLINK “”[5] Deism became more prominent in the 17th and 18th centuries during the Age of Enlightenment — especially in Britain, France, Ireland and North America — mostly among those raised as Christians who found they could not believe in supernaturalmiracles, the inerrancy of scriptures, or the Trinity, but who did believe in one God. The Founding Fathers of the United States were heavily influenced by Enlightenment philosophies, and it is generally believed that many of them were deists.[6]

Well, in fairness they also believed that as the educated and elite class, they were the only ones who were capable of deciding the new nation’s future. That is how we became blessed with the Electoral College.

Ah. The Electoral College. Now this is a true beauty of Authoritarian Propaganda. A Conservative’s Dream………. Also a Crook’s Dream but I’ll leave any further comparisons along those lines to you. For now.


Tune in next time.

Same Angry time

Same Angry Channel

For the second part of our story:

Elections – Corruption – One True Vote {Part Two: The Electoral College}  (Oh; I just can’t wait. The suspense is killing me.)


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