Misogyny-Murder- Mississippi

31 Oct
Austria-Hungarian soldiers execution Serbian woman

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Consider: A gifted obstetrician who is perfectly willing to save the life of a young woman is prevented from doing so over the begging and pleading, the crying and vomiting and screaming of the poor husband whose guts have just been kicked out by the news that the talented doctors are about to let his young wife die before his eyes for no reason other than cruelty and sadistic, inhuman bloodlust.

Well, if you happen to be in the Great State of Mississippi by accident or design; this could happen to you.

If an amendment to their State Constitution that declares that human life begins at the time of egg fertilization is passed it will give full rights as a person separate and distinct from its mother to any zygote or more advanced cell structure.
In and of itself, this seems like a harmless piece of legislation but when the possible uses that it can be put to by persons of more homicidal tendencies are considered, the possible scenarios are staggering as well as horrifying and sickening. Therefore decisions that would normally be made with consideration for the life of the mother can now be made by any backwoods fanatical extremist who decides to interpret this as permission to allow women to die in order to save an embryo or fetus.

As a matter of fact the amendment would make it possible for normal Gynecological procedures to be interpreted as murder or manslaughter. An example is entopic pregnancy. This is where a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. This condition never ends in birth but untreated can cause the death of the mother. Normal medical procedure is to remove the egg. Under the new Mississippi amendment this could be interpreted as murder. In the case of a facility that holds frozen embryos that experiences a power failure, charges of mass murder could be brought against the facility and whoever might be responsible for the power failure. Perhaps the utility company or their employees; whoever the twisted nature of human self righteousness and the will to condemn leads them to.

Not only would this amendment make abortion illegal under any circumstances; it would also make illegal IUDs, morning after medications even in the case of rape, and any other birth control method that effects the development of a fertilized egg illegal. The person interviewed about the amendment was a representative of an organization whose purpose is to support the amendment and specifically to seek the support of Mississippi’s significant black population.

Make no mistake. The proponents of this legislation are full of self-righteousness and the stiff necked obstinacy that typifies the Deep South and deeper faith; apparently to a god that hates women and has given these bumpkins authority to judge the righteousness of the decisions and beliefs of the world. Gee. What a shocker huh? They are determined to return to their misogynistic past and in effect, legalize the murder of thousands of women whose only crime was to become pregnant. A couple trying to have a baby could find their hopes and dreams dashed on the rocks by one doctor who refuses to abort an embryo or fetus that is threatening the life of the mother. This man would be forced to watch his wife’s life fade away, only to be left with nothing. No wife, no child and no dreams. Alternately he could be left as a single, widowed father with a newborn baby to care for and no help to do it. Just imagine: You are a 25 year old expectant father. Your wife is in labor. As you stand by her side you are informed that either the baby or the mother must be sacrificed or both will die. What choice would you make? If you are like most other expectant fathers, the decision would be heart wrenching but in the end your love for your wife and the knowledge that the two of you can try again to have a healthy child will lead you to decide (in about a micro-second) to save your wife and allow the unfortunate demise of an infant who was more than likely suffering from health and/or developmental problems for a life starter. But not in Mississippi. There, if these deep woods stump jumping fundamentalist fanatics get their way, your closest friend, your wife, the woman who was to be the mother of your children is a cold corpse because one Mississippi doctor is afraid to take a stand for reason and justice and decides he has to save the child even if the mother dies regardless of the feelings of the parents.

Apparently, Mississippi prefers motherless children. Could it be they’re in the Baby selling business along with the Catholic Church and too many other child welfare organizations? The Catholics have recently been attacked for the practice of stealing and selling children in Spain and we know that the State of South Dakota openly engages in kidnapping and child selling. Mostly Native American children whose parents are powerless, as always against a government that doesn’t even consider them human. Not only do they get money from the prospective new parents to pay for the child but the Federal Government has a program whereby The State is paid a fee for every child they can steal, primarily from Native American families on any flimsy or non-existent pretense they can conjure. One woman whose child was being dragged screaming from her mother’s arms was told that the State was taking the child because it had had too much exposure to its mother. The mother was confused as she had never been in trouble with the law or done drugs or any of the other supposedly good reasons that would normally result in the theft of her children by the state.
And those Pony Soldiers said they wouldn’t try to kill us off anymore or dilute our culture by sending our children off to white boarding schools to be treated like dogs. What? The Federal Government has failed to keep the promises they made to a Native American people? No way. I can’t believe it. And yet the Mothers cry for having their children ripped away and sold into what amounts to slavery at the hands of the white “Foster Parents

This latest proposed amendment to the Constitution of Mississippi is, yet another attempt of a state to get around the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe Vs Wade.
The Court decided that a right to privacy under the due process clause in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution extends to a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

So how can an individual state even seek to make a law that would be in direct opposition to this ruling? Well it’s what we call business as usual in our nation. And unless we make some radical changes to our laws and our form of government the problem is only going to get worse. The fanatics and extremists are still there and they are becoming more vocal than ever. Let the woman die seems to be the cry in more than one case of anti-abortion legislation.

Why is it that whenever one of these groups of bible thumping Fascists begin to push for change, it’s always the women who suffer first. It seems to me that these people are misogynists in disguise as Christians. They seem to be bent on gaining the control over their female constituents; that women have by nature over their own body.

Many people would probably say that this kind of human bondage and misogyny is only to be expected from a state such as Mississippi. They would say that as the poorest state in the union, they are seeking attention and the ability to cause the death of their minority population so as to ease the financial burden on their government. Some people might even suggest that this kind of decision will only affect low income families and women as the more prosperous can afford to circumvent the law in one way or another. Some very insistent people might even feel that state officials will make direct income in the form of bribes to overlook procedures performed to help wealthy white women. They say that as usual, the backwards, superstitious, backwoods state has found a way to capitalize on its own ignorance.

But I won’t say that……..I won’t say that.

I’ll just say that this kind of Self-righteous behavior is much more serious than just disapproval of another person’s lifestyle and decisions. This is a warped attempt to control the very life and body of women. It’s always about women. Controlling women, owning women, using women, killing women. Now I’m just a simple country philosopher but does anybody else see a pattern here?


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4 responses to “Misogyny-Murder- Mississippi

  1. rumpydog

    November 1, 2011 at 00:02

    The sad reality is that it is the will of the people that determines the rule of law, and if it’s only the fanatics that run for office and fanatics that vote for them, then this is the result.

  2. PushyOldBroad

    November 1, 2011 at 00:30

    Isn’t there a woman (girl really) in prison down there? I think she had a miscarriage, but they put her on trial for murder? I’m not sure the details but it was something I caught a snippet of on the news a while back.

    Wait.. I just Googled it. Here are a couple of stories about the bill that would require women to prove their miscarriages “occurred naturally”:

    • angrymanspeaks

      November 1, 2011 at 15:25

      Thanks, POB, I hadn’t seen those cases. Seems Georgia won’t bother waiting for a constitutional change. let’s get right to the executions.

  3. PushyOldBroad

    November 1, 2011 at 00:44

    Oh, and don’t you know? Women are suppose to be submissive… It’s in our best interest to allow this to happen. Our men folk know what’s best for us.

    (Yeah, right. As IF!)


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