Taxes and Politics-Why Republicans Hate Warren Buffett and Love Tax Cuts and Money

21 Oct
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Bravo Warren! You have shown us that you are still a human being and a stand up guy.

In a day and age when it seems like every time you turn around we hear some super-rich corporate CEO or legislator calmly explaining why they should not have additional taxes added to their alreadyrestrictive tax burden” or indeed how we would all be better off if we reduced that burden, our old friend, multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has offered to,……wait for it…….pay extra taxes during this time of obvious financial crisis. Now why would a multi-billionaire like Warren Buffett make such an offer?

On Monday, The New York Times published an op-ed by Warren Buffettt, the billionaire chairman of investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, complaining that he and his super-rich friends are under-taxed in comparison to the middle class. He said it was time for Congress to stop coddling the wealthy.

Then I read that he isn’t alone and that he and others have been recommending this action for years.

A group of wealthy Americans that calls itself the Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength has sent a letter to President Obama and Congress asking them to raise their taxes and the taxes of the 370,000 other Americans who earn more than $1 million a year. Members say they “shouldn’t be wallowing in … riches while everybody else is suffering.” They say the tax cuts President Bush signed into law 10 years ago were a mistake that needs to be fixed.

Now I was forced to ask myself why these million and billionaires were making a statement that seemed so contrary to their own interests. Then I began doing some research and I found the following.

The top 1% in the US has gone from owning 22% to 40% of the nation’s wealth in the last thirty years. This is largely due to the tax cuts for the wealthy investor class, started under Reagan, continued under Bush. They were supposed to encourage investment and strengthen the economy. Since then, the average annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth dropped by one-quarter.

“Those cuts were heavily weighted
toward the people candidate George W. Bush famously called his base. the “haves and the

So How Did the Bush Tax Cuts Work Out for the Economy?

David Cay Johnston | Sep. 24, 2010 08:02 PM EDT

1.      Average incomes fell. Average taxpayer income was down $3,512, or 5.7 percent, in 2008 compared with 2000, President Bush’s own benchmark year for his promises of prosperity through tax cuts.

2.      The average annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth dropped by one-quarter.

3.      The average annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth dropped by one-quarter The tax cuts cost $1.8 trillion in the first eight years, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, whose reliability the last administration went out of its way to praise

4.      In the two years since 2008, the cuts’ total cost grew to $2.3 trillion, the Tax Policy Center estimated.

5.       One of every eight dollars of the tax cuts went to the 1 in 1,000 taxpayers in the top tenth of 1 percent, the annual threshold for which was in the $2 million range throughout the last administration.

6.      Now let’s look at wages, the source of most people’s income. In 2008 the average taxpayer made $58,000. That was $5,100 less than in 2007, a decline of 8.1 percent.

7.       The number of taxpayers reporting any wages in 2008 was 1.26 million fewer than in 2007, a scary figure when you consider that most people do not expect to be out of work for an entire year and that the population grew by more than a percentage point. In August 42 percent of the unemployed — 6.2 million people — had been out of work for 27 weeks or more, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. The average for all jobless workers was 33.6 weeks of unemployment, the equivalent of going from New Year’s Day through August 23 without a paycheck.

8.       The number of taxpayers with incomes below $100,000 with any wage income fell in 2008 by 1.8 million. Because married couples file many tax returns, this means more than 2 million people who worked in 2007 earned no wages in 2008.

9.       Those reporting negative incomes quadrupled from less than 600,000 in 2000 to nearly 2.5 million in 2008. Their losses worsened slightly from -$64,000 on average to -$66,000.

10.    The number of people reporting incomes of $200,000 or more but legally paying no federal income taxes skyrocketed in the second Bush term. A decade ago it was fewer than 1,500 taxpayers; in 2000 it was about 2,300. This high-income, tax-free group jumped to more than 11,000 in 2007 and then doubled in 2008 to more than 22,000.

11.    In 2008 nearly 1 in every 200 high-income taxpayers paid no federal income tax, up from about 1 in 1,500 in 1998.

12.    The share of high incomes that were untaxed increased more than sevenfold to one dollar of every $166.

13.    Examining performance against the promises, what do we find? Overwhelming evidence that the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 made us much worse off.


The average annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth dropped by one-quarter.

Ok. I guess I know why now. Warren Buffett and these other two hundred people see their country in decline; perhaps even a fatal decline if something isn’t done to stop it. And they know that if you tax the wealthy, they will do anything to recoup that loss. Even work; in a pinch.

And now from our European Desk we have another story of people who are admittedly filthy rich but who have decided to put the well-being of their country above purely personal considerations.

“Now ho-old on there Babalouie!’ What’s going on here? Is the whole world in decline?

Could be. Well, except for an enormous Asian, cold war ex-enemy whose economy is booming. Seems they can’t produce cheap goods fast enough to satisfy the demand of, among others, a gigantic retail chain whose questionable business practices and insidious growth plan threatens to creep its way into every little hidey hole in the huge democratically run nation where they are located thereby further weakening the economy of that nation by providing the only affordable goods available to its impoverished workers thus denying them even the small consolation of putting their own money back into America

But there I go; off on a tangent. Back to our story.

In France, six-teen of their most prosperous citizens have volunteered to …..Yes, you guessed it, pay higher taxes. While it is true that the French Prime-minister has vowed that France will increase taxes on all citizens who make over ____?____ Euros per year, these sixteen people or families still deserve applause for their attitude.

Hey Warren! You must know some of these French patriots. Why haven’t you introduced them to any of the other hundreds of thousands of Americans with mad money?Most of them seem to have forgotten (or maybe were never taught; so we can lay the responsibility for this problem on our teachers [I am not one] as we seem to do with most of our social problems these days) the lesson that; “With great privilege, comes great responsibility”.

Now it should be remembered that these Frenchman surely didn’t do this out of an altruistic desire to help those less fortunate than themselves but rather to help sure up the fiscally challenged government which makes the laws and creates the environment in which they do business and in which they have and will continue to reap enormous profits. Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling that this may engender in the French citizen. And why not? As far as I can ascertain, the French tax system taxes its citizens on all of their income. No tax exempt investments for these French worthies. And the tax rates are set with no deductions. All of this money going into the national budget will likely help to create a stronger economy, better job market, and at least some added opportunities for the average Pierre.

Think how you would feel if one of America’s major oil companies, tobacco companies, or gigantic retail operations (who has wormed or will worm it’s way into almost every hidden corner of our country,,,,,, by only buying from a well-known and oft mistrusted Asian ex-cold war enemy,,,,,,,, [whose economy is already stronger than ours,,,,,,,, but who,,,,,, attains this wealth by ignoring the humanity of its workers and destroying their traditional way of life],,,,,,,,,,, in order to undercut the prices of retail chains who are invested in America and American goods) were to suddenly volunteer to pay, say, 30% more in taxes to help our economy. So after you were revived you would surely feel kindly towards that company and you would surely throw more of your business their way……which would surely result in even bigger profits for them. And doesn’t that seem more fair than the present environment in which they (the large corporations and the very rich to super rich executives and stockholders) hold most of the money or pass it back and forth between themselves to create the illusion of spending while great swells of Americans struggle ever harder from year to year to keep a roof over their head and wonder if they will lose their home, their family or even their life because they make too little money, or none at all. Of course it does. That is exactly how the economy was designed to work. The money is supposed to get spread around in numbers sufficient to make it possible for all of our citizens to afford those American products that we are encouraged to buy. And companies that we would wish to, and should be able to patronize while still affording to pursue some form of personally fulfilling avocation.

That, is the American dream. And speaking of being offended (we weren’t but I will). The old cliché that the constitution only guarantees the right to the pursuit of happiness was all very amusing back when most Americans who could work did work and those workers had a really good chance of achieving that goal. But the humor is now lost on me. And I am a guy who can find humor in almost anything. But I just can’t get the chuckle up when I think of a man working his whole life, day after dragging day and still being unable to buy his wife a birthday gift that he feels proud of, or take his family on a relaxing vacation, or give his children the little things that make life fun. All the while wealthy politicians and business men brag about how much they have done or how much they will do to make his life better. A man who has to watch as other families do these things for their children and sometimes while these other families do for his children those things that he cannot. Yes, the humor sort of wilts when we consider the humiliation and feelings of worthlessness that he lives with every day of his life. As far as he and millions of Americans like him are concerned, all of that bragging that those wealthy, powerful people have been doing for the fifty or sixty years of his life adds up to exactly not enough. In fact a suspicious person might find it not too hard to believe that none of those politicians and business men are even sincere. That they were telling something less than the truth about their intentions.

Oh hell. Now I’ve done it. I just know I have. I can already feel the sticky spot on my forehead where that damn label goes. You pick it.    Radical       Extremist      Delusional.   Those are the labels you will wind up with if you dare to suggest anything but good intentions and bad luck on the part of republican politicians. Discredit the messenger; discredit the message.

But wait a minute. Is it really fair to increase taxes on the rich to help heal our economy and maybe along the way be able to help those of much lesser means? After all, is it their fault of that all of these millions of less fortunate people didn’t have the gumption, ambition, backbone, intelligence, knowledge, deviousness, lack of honor, disdain for their neighbors, disrespect for the truth, or lack of self-respect to attain the vast wealth that they or their ancestors did.

No, I suppose it would be unfair to blame them if you detect more integrity in your neighborhood thief or crack dealer than in a whole roomful of wealthy Republicans

Is it their fault that the average American worker has outlived his usefulness after he and/or his ancestors worked to their ultimate demise to help these wealthy families to accumulate enough money, power, and technology to take their jobs to other countries where the work is done for a fraction of the cost to the wealthy owner but a great cost to the American worker and his family?

You’re damn Skippy it’s their fault and here’s how it happened:

***** There came a day in the nation of America when unemployment was going down, the economy was on the mend and things were getting just a little bit better for the people who had been laboring under a heavy burden and who, when the burden was lifted a smidge became giddy and lighthearted, which led to becoming light headed which in its turn led to becoming addlebrained.

In that day the time came to elect a new president.

So all of the people from the most distant reaches of the land came up to the city to hear from the men who were desirous of the position.

And one of these men proved to be from the party called ”Republican” (An ancient Tyrant-ese word meaning: We got us into this mess. It’s your job to get us out.)

Now these Republicans were of a conservative appearance and carried themselves with an air of sagaciousness and they said unto the people. “Oh, people of the nation of America. Now that the economy is getting better and you are in a more peaceable frame of mind than the last time we spoke at the end of our last attempt at governing, give us the reigns and we will lead our nation again. We have the knowledge. We have the technology. We can make it better, stronger, faster than it ever was before.

And lo the people did listen, and they did believe.

And the people did begin to walk about and say nonsensical things such as “Economy’s up.” And “Maybe we really can all become wealthy.”

And it came to pass in the days of befuddlement that a Republican president was elected and his name was President George the W. Bush and he did begin to make changes such as giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest .1% of the nation. But some of the people started to awaken and say unto him, “This seems less conservative and more of a radical policy shift.”Then President George the W. Bush did ascend the sacred “Podium of Political Rhetoric” and did begin to reassure the people in a calming voice as in his time his father President George the H.W. Bush had done and he began speaking with the people saying, “The reason for giving tax cuts to the wealthy is that they are the wise ones. They are the Elite. And they are my base. And they have faith in me because I have walked where few have walked before me. And in my younger days, I have crawled where many have crawled before me. I have climbed to the upper parts (near the top but probably a little to the side….kind of out of the way) of my Daddys oil empire and I have climbed into bed with Arab Oil Sheiks and Princes. They loved me as you should. I’m a loveable guy. All of Americas Elite love me. Because they are wise. So you, the people that I like to call the “Low-Born” should love me and follow my words and follow their words because they, after all have degrees (and money) and they will then take that extra money from those tax cuts and invest it in the business of America. They will build new ventures, create jobs, and strengthen the economy”.    And the wealthy Republicans nodded their furrowed brows and smiled.     And it came to pass that tax cuts were given to the wealthy. And the wealthy Republicans nodded their furrowed brows and smiled. And the little people all across the nation all swayed and chanted. “Yeeees, they will build us a better nation”.

And soon, as seasons do, the season for “Spending all of your extra money from tax cuts” came and there was a time for going up to the mountain of “Investing in America” and a time for going up to the mountain of the “Wall street God”

And all of the people waited in great angst for the “Day of actually buying” to arrive in its time. And some of the people were pretending that they were already the recipients of the blessings that were sure to come after the wealthy had spent their vast amounts of tax cut money at the mountain of “Investing in America”. And they did dance in jubilation and mutter silly sayings of finance said to be secret keys to the kingdom of the wealthy. “Complex interest”, they said. “Mutual funds and bonds, bonds, bonds, don’t give money to blonds, blonds, blonds. But the vast majority of the people acted with humility and discretion, waiting patiently for the blessings promised by their sincere and dignified president.

And soon did come the “Day of actually buying” and there was a buzzing among the people. Of course some of the people are always buzzing but that’s a separate subject. Now early in the “Day of actually buying” when the time came for the going up to the mountain of the “Wall street God”, all of the top.1% of the wealthy were found to be among those going up.

And the people went to them and said to them. “Brothers! STOP! You must have been blinded by the false light emanating from yon mountain, for you are obviously deceived and in line for the wrong mountain. And the wealthy Republicans nodded their furrowed brows and smiled and nodded and smiled but they by no means forsook their place in the line for the mountain of the Wall Street God.

And now in the streets, there came to be a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth on the part of the people. But it was too late. The wealthy had used all of the money that they had gained from the tax cuts to purchase tax free investments of various kinds and trust funds for their children and the wealthy did proceed to laugh at the wailing of the people and blatantly make light of their situation.

And the people begged that the wealthy hold to their agreement and invest in America and for the good of the nation they begged for money from the wealthy to help run the nation.  And the wealthy Republicans nodded their furrowed brows and smiled.  And they said that they would not help.

So, when the time to elect a new president came again, the people were not listening to the Republicans.

But a new voice was heard in the land. It was the voice of Barak bin Barak of Obama. And Barak did speak unto the people in words of great hope. And he told of his plans to help the not so wealthy people.

And a rumbling and a grumbling began among the Republicans, and they began to spread rumors about him to try to turn the wrath of the people on him. They said he was Moslem, they said he was a terrorist, they said he had stinky feet; they said he threw darts at pictures of Barney.

But the people were not deceived and they elected Barak Obama and there was a joyful mood of new promise among the people.

And Barak Obama did keep his word and he introduced a plan to give everyone health insurance so that they might not die for want of adequate care.

But the Republicans began to shout and denounce Obama saying that the plan was too expensive. And that saving the lives and preventing the suffering of these “Low Born” was not worth the expense.

Then The Republicans began a campaign to humiliate and insult the new president. Any ideas that he proposed were denounced and as the republicans hold a majority in the House of Representatives, they were able to frustrate every effort on his part with the stated goal, not of helping the people or bettering the nation or strengthening the economy. No this time their only stated goal is making sure that the only president who has done anything to change the condition of the people; the president who introduced and got passed the only piece of legislation in recent memory that was truly helpful to the people; Barak Obama, is held to a single term in office.

But if the people will just give us the reins of government they say, we have some really neat and nifty ideas for paying down the deficit and funding the government. First we continue the tax cuts to the wealthy because they are the wise ones. They are the Elite. Because they, after all have degrees (and money) and they will then take that extra money from those tax cuts and invest it in the business of America. They will build new ventures, create jobs, and strengthen the economy”. Then we cut Social Security payments and Medi-care for all of the “Low Born”. We do away with or reduce all programs that help people. Because it is not the business of government to help poor people. It is the business of government to help rich people. Then we just know that the rich will privately help the poor because you have seen how generous and compassionate the wealthy are. With all of that extra money we can begin to reduce the deficit……………unless something happens that will allow the Elite to make huge profits at the expense of the people such as a War or Police Action or even a request from the military for some real fun toys to use in any possible future conflict, or a request for humanitarian aid from any third world tyrant with a penchant for killing his own people, or……………………………………..

***** The preceding is partly a work of fiction except where it’s not and any resemblance to any person place, thing, god, or mountain is purely co-incidental except where I intended it. The dialogue presented here may or may not be accurate according to how willing you are to believe it. The author accepts no responsibility for any offence either accidental or intended and any complaints from Republicans or other criminal types concerning listings of their crimes should be directed to their own personal god who will no doubt re-assure them of their sanctity and generosity. The plot of the story is intended to make a point about an untenable political situation and is not intended for the instruction of children, the mentally handicapped or any person willing to smile and nod while watching Fox News

The following comments from the internet were so on point I had to include them because I couldn’t possibly improve them

Anonymous quote from internet-“So why in the world is anyone giving any credence to the insistence by Republican leaders that tax cuts, more tax cuts, and deeper tax cuts are the remedy to our economic woes? Why are they not laughingstocks? It is one thing for Fox News to treat these policies as successful, but what of the rest of what Sarah Palin calls with some justification the “lamestream media,” who treat these policies as worthy ideas?”

Posted by Kelly A. Nickell on Sep. 25, 2010 at 12:35 PM —after reading multiple comments in response to the idea that taxing the rich will stimulate the economy

It is difficult to read these “gee, ya mean if I pay more taxes, I will have
more income?” comments without throwing up. It is the willful ignorance of
those who support repub policies that is so difficult to take. It is not about
all of us paying the same. It is about making sure those at the top pay their
fair share. The depression started with the same trickle down nonsense, and
ended when the government increased spending to fight World War II, the
equivalent of $30 trillion today. The government set up programs like social
security, the GI bill, the VA system etc and the middle class grew
exponentially during those halcyon 50’s that the repubs all seem to want to
re-live. Eisenhower’s presidency taxed the wealthiest at 91%. Clinton raised
taxes on the wealthiest to 39% and eliminated the deficit and created 22
million jobs. But all of this will be attacked, history revised and the country
damaged in the effort to rid the world of those “damn liberals” who have the
audacity to actually want to see everyone participate in the American dream.

So, the wealthy have all the money and the rest of us pay all the taxes and the wealthy are putting much of that money where we will never see it again. Then they take what’s left and invest it overseas taking our jobs with them so when the average man and his average family find that they need to purchase some small items for the house or apartment they live in. (Likely this is a rental property because the banks and mortgage companies know that the average American worker no longer makes enough money to make the payments so they only lend money to wealthy people with very excellent credit. And as the average American now makes less than ever when compared to the cost of existence, it has caused large numbers of us to lose our good credit or at least to drop below that AAA+ level where the air is rarified and the mortgages cheap. So we have lost our jobs and income, can’t find replacement jobs and when we do, they pay much less than we were making. Now we have lost our only real way to invest in America. The ability to actually buy a piece of this country and sell it later for a profit to help fund our retirement or help our children to get a good start in life or keep us from starving to death when we have lost all of our savings, checking, and the tin can full of ones and fives that we squirreled away to buy cat food to survive on when things get tough.) So off they go to their local huge retail outlet that has virtually taken over the business of selling such things to the average American because they sell cheap items from a really big ex-enemy Asian country and that is all the average American can afford since many of his jobs moved overseas to other places such as a really big ex-enemy Asian country where they make all of the cheap knockoff items that they sell to the Average American so he can maintain the illusion that he is still living well even though he has no job or a job that now pays less than ever because the cost of existing in our country has been allowed to rise far faster than wages. And after he has purchased these sub-standard goods and is feeling about as good as he can expect to, the poor bastard has to listen to economists and wealthy politicians tell him every day that our economy would get stronger if he would just buy American made goods.

I expect that by this time you are starting to see the point. The people who are the majority in our House of representatives, and who have fought tooth and nail to humiliate, and frustrate the current president of the United States so as to keep him from doing anything to help the American people are the same people that George W. Bush called the “haves and the have-mores. Some call you the Elite. I call you my base. He made this comment as a joke at a press dinner during his campaign but as is so often the case, the truth comes out in our humor and he went on to prove this when he became president.

When these wealthy “elite” speak of America, or the American people they really mean “wealthy American people” and “wealthy America”. The people who count. People of “quality”. People who might be able to help them in the future. Of course they will deny this and maybe they believe that those heady days of yore are really gone but you know I’m right. You see it in the faces of the people whose homes or hotel suites you clean; whose house you build; whose children you teach. And if you ever try to express an opinion on politics or economics they look down their long aristocratic nose and inform you that they hold such and such a degree from this or that university and you therefore can’t possibly have a valid opinion. Unless they are a politician. In that case they will tell you how interesting your ideas are and promise to bring them up for discussion at the earliest convenience. And you know; you know you may as well have put a note in a bottle and thrown it out to sea. The result will be the same. But as I say, they often truly believe in their own abilities and wisdom (not to mention their right to rule). But I would submit that the conservative leadership is very much “like the doctors who believed bleeding cured the sick. When physicians bled George Washington, he got worse, so they increased the treatment until they bled him to death. Our government, the basis of our freedoms, is spewing red ink, and the Conservative solution is to spill ever more”.

They have hoarded the wealth of the nation because they know best. “Give us the money and we will create more jobs.” Ehhh! Wrong. If you give a man so much money that he no longer needs to work, he won’t.

“The problem with helping the rich become richer is that this leads to a rent economy, where the rich loan and invest their money and collect the income and the rent on it indefinitely, without ever working for their income again. Which takes some of the best brains and some of the most productive people out of the economy.”

“When people get so much money and income that they don’t need to work for a living anymore.

Then not work for a living anymore is exactly what they do.”

Of course, not everyone agrees with me or with Warren Buffett or with any of the lovely people who made the comments above. While researching this piece I found some comments from wealthy and not so wealthy people about his proposal and that of the other two hundred millionaires and I just can’t resist showing you how they panic. All of the detractors below from several different blogs suggest that these millionaires and Mr. Buffett chip in their money and leave everyone else alone. In other words, “Shut up Warren, you’re giving the game away just as we were bending the American people over the table.” (Not the American people that they feel part of but the regular people, the great mass of less than wealthy people that they have been using and abusing and throwing away since the inception of this nation in an effort to gather all of the wealth to themselves and whose dreams and desires and needs they have been ignoring as not worthy of attention.

Republicans, usually big fans of Wall Street’s leading investor, urged Buffett to voluntarily send more of his own money to the Internal Revenue Service and leave others alone WYPR-88.1 Baltimore

“good for you millionaires…voluntarily send the treasury your money…no need to change the income tax code, you can do it on your own…..please post your cancelled checks for us to see.”

“if warren Buffett doesn’t think his taxes are high enough why doesn’t he pay more, who is stopping him or anyone else from sending in however much makes them feel better, but they don’t do they? They won’t pay more till someone makes the rest of us give it up also, well I’m sick of it.

Alright, let’s all get a cup o’ your favorite brew. Sit back because this may take a minute.

First of all, Mr. Buffett is not offering to send money to the government because he wants to be a martyr. He is suggesting ne recommending a massive change to the tax laws that would indeed take money from the rest of the wealthy as well. He is displaying something that we certainly don’t see often in the wealthy. Now if you are one of those wealthy money mongers spoken of here, you may need to look this word up as you may not be familiar with it. Warren Buffett is displaying a conscience. The rest of us know what a conscience is. We have to battle with ours every day. Every time we can’t buy our kids new clothes because we have to pay the electric bill. Every time we feed them chicken for the fifth time this week because unemployment doesn’t pay enough for steak. Every time we are forced to move them into substandard housing because minimum wage isn’t enough to cover the outrageous rents charged for clean decent houses and apartments. Every time we watch our children walk to the school bus past the Crack dealers and Dope pushers on the corner. Every time that we lay in bed at night and feel the deep hurt of knowing that the American dream is restricted to other people with degrees (and money). And that those people somehow have the idea that this is fair. That it is ok for them to live like proverbial kings while the rest of us sweat away in their factories and offices to help them maintain their lifestyle while we can’t even make ends meet and we watch our children become frustrated and turn at last to the same monotonous, low paying jobs for the same self-righteous, greedy, self-serving money moguls that have stepped on their parents necks on their way to the top of the money heap.

“Warren Buffett, billionaire, pays a total tax rate (federal, state & local) of 0.2% of his income and investment gains. A typical single person earning a minimum wage pays taxes amounting to 22% of her wages, a 100-fold higher rate than Mr. Buffett’s.”

I suppose I could be wrong but I don’t think that Mr. Buffett is suggesting that he just pay a higher percentage of his yearly salary (reported to be $100,000.00 per year). I am sure that he understands that if his proposal were to be accepted it would mean that he and all other wealthy citizens would have to begin to pay taxes on all of those tax free investments and perhaps even on the generous trust funds that they set up for their children to avoid paying taxes on the money. If not, the plan would not be effective in doing what it is intended to do; stimulate the economy, reduce the deficit, and force the soulless, sociopathic, bastards in possession of all of our money to get up off of their lazy asses and do something if they want to get that money back. Invest in America; create jobs that pay a living wage. Note I said a living wage, not minimum wage. Minimum wage is bare subsistence for one person who still lives at home with their parents. A family of four can’t survive on it. They can’t even make it on two minimum wage jobs. So what the hell, if both parents get a second job in the evening and work on the weekends they can probably just about make a poor, two dimensional life for…………..wait………….I know who……it’s…………oh Yeh! I remember. It’s their two children. But they probably won’t remember them because their children are growing up on the streets with no parents visible, while their parents are working 60-70 hours a week for next to nothing just so those kids don’t have to live in the streets………..Oh wait, they are anyway; can eat decent healthy food and not junk and fast food from the streets and……….Oh wait, they are eating the junk because their parents aren’t there to teach them to eat right; they’re out working their fool asses off for what? Next to nothing. Minimum wage.

If this group of selfish socialists, who want to retain THEIR riches and power, while confiscating those of others, were sincere, they could voluntarily pay whatever level of taxes they deem fair. The U.S. government has always accepted contributions from generous citizens. But this is just another example of Liberal “tax someone else and exempt me” politics.

Now the person who wrote this comment is not only showing their greed and right wing extremism but also their illiteracy and stupidity. These tax reforms would be broad. They would be a sweeping change that affects all wealthy people. How could he conclude that these folks are Socialists? Because in his world, anyone who tries to keep him from accumulating many thousands of times the wealth that even the most lavish lifestyle would require must be labeled as such. Because the word socialist has strong Cold War connotations that tend to scare people into fleeing back to the side of the conservative party who are always warning us that the enemy is at the gates and only they can protect us because…………I don’t know. Because it takes a money-hungry, war-mongering son of a bitch to beat a money-hungry, war-mongering son of a bitch?

This damn fool doesn’t even know that socialism and communism are two very different things and that it was Communism that we were afraid of during the Cold War. That in several smaller nations such as Sweden, the socialist government has given its people what was for years and may still be one of the highest standards of living in the world. Something that we here in America can’t even dream of. Not as long as we are forced to live under the rule of right wing conservatives who are allowed to live in this country and reap the benefits but not pay their fair share of the upkeep. They are forever trying to equate the two (socialism and communism) because they are afraid that if we were to mix a little socialism in to our “democracy” it would require them to give up some of their wealth to help those who aren’t lucky enough to be born with a gold horse shoe stuck up their donkey. Yeh. It’s true. This guy really pissed me off. Self-righteous S.O.B. has a lot of nerve calling honest citizens of this country who actually work (maybe for him) socialists. Or, for that matter, the wealthy people of this country who are willing to pay their fair share and only ask that this obviously worried yet still conscienceless man do the same. Suppose you or I took that tack and began calling every conservative who tries to keep honest working people down in the gutter where they put them a Fascist, or a Nazi. I’ll bet they would find that objectionable. But don’t let them fool you. That sort of tactic is a standard in the toolbox of any right-wing conservative with loot to protect. Actually, now that I brought it up, it occurs to me that the tactic of calling people socialist, communist, Jew or any other unpopular scary name was a standard in the toolbox of any Fascist or Nazi as well. As a matter of fact, they still use it today.

But we won’t resort to that kind of thing. We won’t call them scary names to try to turn people against them. The people are already turning against them. We will restrain our anger and call them just what they are. Greedy, selfish, compassionless, elitist, money hoarding users who, while drowning in wealth, are willing to let the other 250 million Americans live in squalor and lose everything that has meaning to them, and this so they can continue to feel the adrenaline rush of watching a deal come together or the thrill of finding yet another way to avoid even paying taxes on that wealth so as to keep alive the people they so enjoy watch suffer.

Now here’s the kicker. Hold on to your hats boys. They tend to fall off when you’re laughing……………………………….. or crying at the moral condition of the people who hold sway over your life and control your future.

When these wealthy, powerful people are asked for their solution to the deficit, they suggest that we cut Medi-care. Yes, that Medi-care. The program that helps the elderly poor who have no other insurance options get medical care when they are ill.

And cut Social Security payments. What? Yep, right again. Social Security. The program that you and your employer have been paying into all of your life because the law said you must and because you really believed that it would at least keep you from starving to death if you had no other income when you are forced to stop working (because who in their right mind would stop voluntarily in this country?)………………………………….Oh Yeh. The wealthy people who hold the strings instead of dancing at the end of one by the neck. They stopped working long ago. Now they just kick back, sip their Martini’s and watch the money roll in and the Social Security beneficiaries drop like flies. But Social Security will still keep you from starving to death…………if you can learn to love 9 Lives or you savor the delicate aroma of Alpo. Actually, you better go for the store brand. More sawdust for fiber and far closer to being within your budget.

So, let’s see where we are: Nobody wants to hire Americans to do their work because Americans actually have the unmitigated gall to expect to be paid enough money for their work to be able to live in their own country.

Many thousands of our jobs have been pulled out from under us like a cheap carpet and sent to “Third World Countries” (Where is the second world anyway?) where the average worker is happy if he can just make enough to keep the wolf from entering his corrugated tin shack or mud hut and eating the baby.

Pulling out this proverbial job carpet has caused the same result as when a real carpet is pulled. Those standing on it, fall on their face while those doing the pulling stand in amusement that we could be so stupid as to let them get away with it.

Competition for the remaining jobs has become so fierce that workers with degrees are forced to compete with the rest of us and are finding that while their degrees used to ensure jobs where manual labor was something they supervised, they now desperately need to take the jobs of those manual laborers for themselves but are labeled as overqualified by degreed human resource staff or looked down on for stealing the jobs of the less fortunate or aren’t hired because the non-degreed person doing the hiring believes (not without some justification though it must be said that I am generalizing and not all college grads are as crippled as the ones spoken of here. But too many are and their situation is just as tragic and untenable as ours.) that their degree only qualifies them to think big ideas, research, test, and send the plans to the “shop”. But that if asked to implement those plans, to actually build multiple copies of something or find something or juggle more than one task at a time, they will become confused, be unable to keep up, and/or become argumentative because they are unable to perform seemingly simple tasks and can’t understand why their expensive education isn’t helping.

Other things also are contributing to the loss of American jobs such as banking and investment rip-offs perpetrated by, once again, people with degrees (and money), the inability of American companies to compete with foreign companies who are allowed to export vast amounts of goods here but whose nations buy little to nothing from us, and investment firms who sell investment packages to Americans that consist largely of foreign companies so that more of our money can be given to other economies and foreign companies encouraged to thrive and grow so that they can send their goods here and we can give even more of our money to them. And make no mistake about it. When you go to the store and buy an item from another country, you will never see that money again. But there is a group of people who will benefit from your purchase. They will regain a portion of every dollar you spent. No, I don’t mean the owners of the foreign company. I mean the group of American investors who made it possible for this company to flourish. Just another way that our money, the little bit of money that we are paid for our very hard work by people with degrees (and money) finds its way back into the pockets of those who need it least,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, people with degrees (and money). Then those same people with degrees (and money) will claim that they can’t afford to pay their American workers any higher wages because foreign companies are encroaching on our marketplace.

In all fairness though there are Republicans out there who have neither degrees nor money. And some may even be hiding a piece of their soul inside yet. Maybe their fathers were republican or maybe they still think that the party has good intentions. Fox news can be very convincing. Some of them probably like being associated with the Elite party, the Grand Old Party. To those people I say; Wake up! The Republican Party is not what it used to be. They still claim to have good ideas to save this nation but their only goals are: To hoard more and more money, mine and yours until we are bled so dry that we will give them control of the government. Then they will swing into action with plans that give us just a little back so we have faith in them. When the American people must look to them, they will begin to work on the next goal; turning everyone into robotic followers of their new fundamentalist religion or an old one turned to a new purpose. If this sounds familiar, it should. But we will speak more of this another day.

Finally, to end this lengthy diatribe I would like to say that there are many good American citizens out there with University degrees; hard working people with common sense and a kind, compassionate attitude towards their neighbors. Not self-righteous or Elitist but people willing to use their education to help the people who need it most rather than to hoard wealth, bleed the nation, and use the plight of our people for their own self-aggrandizement. To those people I say it’s time to stand up and be counted or more to the point, be heard. After all, you have degrees (if not money). Maybe someone will listen to you where they just ignore the rest of us.


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