An Open Letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives: John Boehner

20 Oct
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Dear Mr. Speaker,

I am writing this letter on behalf of that portion of the American people that
you and your Republican Party have forgotten, other than as a liability on your
balance sheet.

Many of these people have already been so frustrated by their life experience that they
have given up hope of ever seeing anything that vaguely resembles the American
Dream. They have been living instead; the American Nightmare; the life of low
pay, high rent, and the constant fear of the electric company cutting off the power for so long; been so unable to keep up, that their dreams have died.  Now all they have left to wait for is themselves to die.

So, Mr. Speaker; I have a few questions to ask.

Why is it that you don’t seem to have a care for these people? The very people that
have worked and fought and died to give you the privileged position you hold.

How can you sleep at night knowing in your heart that the policies that you propose
are the very policies that will continue to bleed this country of its money and
create a poor class of people much larger than the one I speak for today. A
class of people who are so poor and so numerous that this country and the
principles it was founded upon will be lost forever. And Sir, do you really
suppose that the wealthy elite are going to allow you to share in that wealth and
power after you have done their dirty work and secured their power and money
for them? They have never admitted new members willingly before. And I doubt if
you will ever become wealthy enough to buck that “Old Boy” system.

How can a man whose biography says he was raised in a modest crowded home in
Ohio, have forsaken the people he left behind so completely by joining and enthusiastically
supporting a political party whose stated goals are to more wealth for the
wealthy; less for the average man and to do whatever it takes to make sure that
our current president is a one term president. I guess I must have been misled
by my teachers. I remember learning that when a candidate won an election he
was considered to deserve the support of all of our citizens, even those with
money and power. But you sir, and all of your party have failed to support this
president in any way, and have been so bold and disrespectful as to state that
you will not support him in any of his attempts to better the lives of the
average American and those who have fallen below that average level.

You have effectively said that you care so little for this country and its people
that you will allow no human consideration to interfere with your goal of grasping
ever more power and money.

I can’t decide if your main objection to President Obama is his desire to help the average

His belief (and a correct one I think) that
revoking the Bush tax cuts and increasing the taxes on the wealthy would force
the wealthy to work harder to make the money they now just sit and collect from
their tax free investments etc. and that this would create more jobs, more
income for the average family and so on;

Or if you just don’t like the color of his skin

The last possibility is perhaps the worst but not the most surprising. Some of the
things that you have said to the press and the ways you have treated President
Obama have shamed me and made me sick. For the Speaker of the House to tell the
President that he should pick another night to address the Congress is a
display of arrogance that I have never witnessed before in my 53 years and for
which there is no precedent in the 235 year history of our nation. For you to
pick the first black President to display such condescending and
disrespectful behavior towards is suspicious to say the least. The President is
not required to come and go at your beck and call. You may have noticed that he
does not sleep in the Butler’s quarters at the White House but in the
Presidents Quarters. He is not a person to be refused out of hand as you have
repeatedly done whether he is white, black, brown, green or purple. I have been
embarrassed for you; I have been embarrassed by you. It is; I think a fortunate
thing that you chose to show such disregard and disrespect for a man such as
President Obama. Had he been a man of less grace, patience, humility, and
dignity he would have issued an order for the entire Congress to be assembled
at the designated time; no excuses and told you to put your petty political
concerns aside. He would have publically made perfectly clear for all of
America to hear that a speech made by The President of the United States of
America to put forth a plan to save this country from the abyss will always
take precedence over a political debate for an election that is still two years
away. I wonder what would have been the answer you received from James Buchannan,
Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman or Lyndon Johnson or any number of other
Presidents had you responded in that manner to them.

For you to unyieldingly tell the President what you will and won’t accept in order to join his fight to save this country from a financial disaster that was in large part caused by the unfair tax laws passed by your party;

Is to refuse the will of the American people that Barak Obama lead this country.

It is to fail to govern effectively and it is to allow petty political and/or racial concerns to
prevent the furtherance of the people’s agenda and the saving of their way of life.

But I guess that is not a very moving point to make to a man who eats regularly and never wonders how he will feed his children.

Mr. Speaker; the poorest people in this country are starving, sometimes to death.
The poorest people in this country are lying somewhere suffering the agonies of
painful and often terminal illnesses with not so much as an aspirin to lessen
the pain.

The very poor are often portrayed as criminal, lazy, not worthy of pity.

And I get it. It is the simplest thing in the world to label a man criminal if it relieves you of the responsibility of considering his living conditions and his children’s health
and opportunities or rather the lack thereof. You can, with relative ease even
convince yourself that you are justified in denying him your care and

It is also easy to label a man as
lazy. Not injured or ill. Not severely depressed or suffering from PTSD. Just
lazy. He doesn’t want to work anymore. Gee let’s cut his check. Let’s tell
these people who have no other retirement option but Social Security, to wait
until they are 67 or 73 to retire or; hey, why not just raise the retirement age to match the average life span and we could avoid paying anyone Social Security……….except of course the very wealthy
They can afford the best health care and so are likely to live beyond the
average life span.

As far as pity goes; you are right. These people don’t deserve our pity. They deserve our help. Not just to survive but to be able to live with some freedom and dignity.

Everyone in this country should have health care.

No one in America should ever be hungry or cold or living in the streets. It is an embarrassment. Worse than that; it is a heartless cruelty to allow anyone to live in such degradation in the wealthiest nation in the world.

Feeding and caring for our people should be the first consideration of every administration. Whether that means keeping our money here and creating jobs for those who are able to work or just biting the bullet and forking over enough to take care of those who are not able to work.

Cut Medi-care? I say more Medi-care at a lower cost to the patient.

Cut Social Security? I say increase the payments and deny it to those who don’t need it. A man making fifty or sixty thousand dollars a year after retirement doesn’t need Social
Security. But there is a whole crowd of people who do, with many more coming
that will need it.

Raise the retirement age? I say no. People should be able to stop working while they still have a few years to enjoy retirement. Of course, why not work until you drop if all you will get for a pension is barely enough to keep you alive.

These people aren’t asking to be wealthy. They just want to know that they will have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear (clothes that they aren’t ashamed to be seen in), and just a bit extra so they  can find some joy in living.  A hobby or pastime to keep their brain and body working.

However, I am not in a position to do anything about it so my opinions aren’t going to change anything.

But you could.

If only you and your party and/or people who are in possession of all the money that used to pay the wages of American workers would see that they could satisfy the needs of the people and still be able to swim in the money that is left.

It is all well and good to say the private sector should take care of the less fortunate. That would be great if it were realistic but we all know that it is not. Much of that money would
still need to come from the wealthiest and they have already said no. You have already said no. Otherwise you would have taken it upon yourselves to set up a system to help people and allowed the government to give up that responsibility.

I always hear you and your Republican friends say that the government shouldn’t be in charge of such a system because everything they do is done inefficiently, with large amounts of wasteful spending etc. But there is no other option. The government is the only system existing to help these people and, I believe the only one that can. It is
unreasonable and a bit naïve of you to ask the American people to place their
life and well being in the hands of a wealthy private sector that has already
proven its disdain for those who are not able to care for their own needs.

If providing an acceptable life for the poor is left to a voluntary system then all it would take was for a few pampered rich folks to get their knickers in a twist one day and pull out their support to leave millions of people at the mercy of the “Dire Wolf”. And I
think we can all guess how that turns out.

I hope you get to read this. I hope you are shamed by it. I hope you see that while you and your friends are playing political games and power plays; this country is dying. Its people are in worse and worse condition every day and I don’t know what to think but that you just don’t care.

I hope too, that you realize that you owe President Barak Obama and the people of this country a really big, really sincere apology for your poor behavior toward your President over the past two years.


With the hope that I find reason to say more pleasant things about you



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3 responses to “An Open Letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives: John Boehner

  1. kstreet607

    December 3, 2014 at 12:49

    Reblogged this on The Fifth Column and commented:
    AngryMan contributes many comments to this blog. He gave me a heads-up today about an article that he wrote which absolutely blew me away. Read it for yourself. It’s one of the best open letters to a politician I’ve seen in a while:

  2. TerryW

    December 3, 2014 at 14:07

    Well said, and completely true, Angerymam. This country would be so much better off if the republicans would at least compromise on the basic needs of the People and quit giving to those who have way more than enough already. Heartless fits well.


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