Communication Breakdown- Congress, Boehner, Obama, Hunger, Dying, Economy,Taxes, You Name It

17 Sep

If you have been paying attention to the Republican Party;s rhetoric about how they would cure our economy and our nation you have no doubt heard them say that we need to give more money to the wealthy in order to help the poor. Also some of them have indicated that they would be willing to let the poor die (Yes, I said Die. Watch the debates.) if they can’t afford Health Care.

That was a tough one and a shocker to many. But not to me. I expect that attitude from the wealthy because they really are not just regular guys who happen to have money. They are a whole different critter from you and I. They speak the same language that we do but the words have different meanings for them.

For example; If you say the word “hungry”, you mean
you went without breakfast and lunch so your kids could have enough to eat for

When the wealthy say “hungry” they mean “I’m a bit peckish.
Missed my afternoon snack after my massage today.”

On a personal level, I like to call this problem “The fact that people with degrees (and money) don’t seem to understand me when I speak”. As a matter of fact, I have a recurring dream in which I am having a conversation with an acquaintance, you know, one of those people with degrees (and money) who in the real world wouldn’t let me through the front gate. Or the back gate for that matter unless I was delivering a shipment of mo money, mo money, mo money to him. I am telling him how hard it is to make ends see each other from afar, much less meet. In my dream it goes something like this: (Italics indicate dialogue)

Me:  Yeh Mr. Masters, times are really tough. I don’t even have money to put gas in my 74 Pinto.

Person with degree(s) (andmoney):  I know just how you feel Old Bean. If my income gets any lower I may have to trade in my Rolls-Royce for a Bentley.

Me:  Lastweek my family had to eat beans and rice four nights in a row and ooooodles of
noodles the other three days

Person with degree(s) (and money):  Yes it is hard to get good food isn’t it? I just had to let my chef go. The damned man served red caviar to my guests last Sunday. I guess he didn’t need the job very badly or he would have made sure that we had black. Only Baluga is allowed on my table and he knows it. After all, he knew they were all people with………..degrees (and money).

Me:    Riiiiiiiiight. Yeh, I saw him just the other day in line down at the soup kitchen.

Person with degree(s) (and money):  SOUP KITCHEN? That was a waste. That chap wouldn’t know a good soup if he was drowning in it.

Me:  Yes, he and his wife and five kids were all standing there, bowls in hand, little eyes
watering in the predawn cold.

Person with degree(s) (and money): 

Sounds just like him. Bloody man worked day and night in my kitchen for 15 years.
Always looking for a handout. Wanting to take leftovers home to his greedy
little children. Look damn you I said, if you take the leftover steak and
lobster and pheasant, what do you expect my dogs to eat?

Me:  Well his kids all seemed to appreciate the soup very much. One of the little boys
went up to the pot with his bowl in hand and said, please sir. Might I have some more?

Person with degree(s) (and money):  Hah! Just like his father. Always trying to get more than he deserves. Damned child probably doesn’t even have a job.

MeNo, probably not Sir. He’s only six years old. He needs to go to school. Try to get a
good education so he can get ahead.

Person with degree(s) (and money):  School? He has no need for school. He should go straight to work. I am willing to give him a good job in my factory dipping his hands in boiling water for the very fair minimum wage.

Me:  Oh! Would you sir? I’m sure the family will appreciate that. (I said, tugging my forelock in humble subservience.) Might I inquire sir, whether you might be of a disposition to give his father his job as well?

Person with degree(s) (and money):   His father eh? Well why not? No one can say I don’t have a heart. I’ll speak to the Shadout-Mapes and see if there isn’t a place in the scullery for him. It pays the very fair minimum wage you know.

Me:  O…O…Oh. Yes Sir, I’ll be sure to tell the family when next we meet Sir. I just know
they’ll jump at this chance. 

Person with degree(s) (and money):   Well I should hope so. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know.

Me:   Oh no Sir, I’m aware of that Sir.

Person with degree(s) (and money):   Money grows on Wall Street. Heh, heh, Heh. On Wall Street ; money; you get it son?

Me:   Yes Sir. Very clever I’m sure Sir.


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One response to “Communication Breakdown- Congress, Boehner, Obama, Hunger, Dying, Economy,Taxes, You Name It

  1. gpcox

    July 11, 2013 at 09:54

    Yes, I was right. Avery interesting ride.


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