Rude Blogger Me: I’m Not Planning To Change

16 Sep

I recently attempted to post a comment on an NPR article. They did not post the comment because it didn’t meet their community rules. I’m not sure if it was because I mentioned my blog address or because I mentioned the Tea Party agenda of intolerance. Either way it’s ok. They have a policy of polite comments and no suggestions or discussions of what they call “Conspiracy Theories”. Ok. No problem.

It’s true. I can sometimes come on a little strong. I may make light of things and possibly offend someone; even use language that the more sensitive may not want to hear/read.

But I have my own policy. It says that if I see something and don’t say something about it, then I’m not doing my job as an American. The first amendment was meant to allow Americans to cry foul, when they see one. It was meant to allow us to discuss the behavior of public figures and politicians with an eye to the truth coming out. If you have to wait for evidence, before you talk about it; nothing will ever come out. If I know of a crime being committed, the police don’t expect or even want me to investigate the crime. That would be their job. And as often as I disagree with the tactics used by police, you have to admit that it’s a tough job and one that they know how to do far better than I ever will.

The same applies when it comes to the actions of politicians. When I see a pattern or trend I can say so. I can take it to the logical conclusion to assess the possible threat and talk about it as well. It’s not my job to find the proof. I’m not an investigator.

Of course the people about whom I speak (of late, the Tea Party but others are sure to come) would rather we say nothing. That works very well for them. But they have the money and power to cause changes. Changes that I would truly hate to see in this country. Remember, it’s not like a crime on the streets. It doesn’t happen in a matter of seconds.  On the streets, you see a lady walking and a man runs up hits her in the head, snatches her purse and runs. She dies.

But what if that crime was committed differently. (Yes I know the lady would have moved on but humor me)  Suppose the criminal didn’t run up to her. He just strolled up and then he stood there and waited. Even if his appearance alarmed you; after a few minutes you would stop worrying and go your way.

Now someone else sees the man reach out and touch the lady’s arm then he stops and just stands with his hand on her arm. Soon no one is paying attention to him anymore. He has been standing with the lady and everything seems normal……………………

Until the moment he smacks her in the head and disappears with her purse. Even some of the people close by are confused. They seemed to know each other. The lady didn’t seem afraid. There was no evidence that a crime was underway.

 But that man began committing a crime when he decided to steal the purse.

 He was committing a crime when he strolled up.

He was committing a crime when he touched her arm.

A series of seemingly harmless actions and by the time anyone realizes a crime was committed, the perpetrator is long gone with the purse.

Well you see? If just one person; perhaps you when you first saw the man approach and felt something might be wrong about him; had called for help, that lady might be alive and still have her purse.

Even though you had no evidence, your alarm may have set a patrolman to investigating and asking questions that might have brought the truth of his intent to light.

Well that’s the kind of crime we are talking about. And sometimes the objectionable  actions may not be illegal; they may just be wrong. They may be in opposition to the spirit or the letter of the constitution. Or just lacking simple, common decency.

 These people use a slow careful series of actions that build as time goes on. And no one is supposed to say anything. Much like the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. But someone has to stand up and say, “That man is naked” Hopefully not just one person. Hopefully many people. Enough people so that those in a position to do so say, “Go home and put some clothes on and act like you have some sense. Come back when you can behave yourself.”

Conspiracy Theories are only theories until someone proves them to be true. If it isn’t done before they succeed, it will certainly be done after.

And remember: Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you. So don’t be ashamed if someone calls you a “Conspiracy Theorist”. If it wasn’t for those much maligned Conspiracy Theorists we wouldn’t be able to defend our nation. People who look at the vast amounts of intelligence collected and try to discern patterns that pose potential threats  are just that, Conspiracy Theorists. What turned out to be very real threats have often been just theories of possible actions that this or that enemy or group might take. Yes I am aware that computers probably do much of that now but ultimately it takes a human to interpret the results and before computers were invented or at least before they were of any value for such functions people were all we had.

So I’ll just keep on being Angryman and saying what I think and/or see and I’ll just have to hope that I never have to say “I told you so.”  


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