White Pride; Celebrate it?

white pride drivingEvery day I get up and eat breakfast; go to the store; shop; drive my car; go home to my family; and sleep through the night without fear of being harassed or arrested; beaten; shot; or misidentified because I look like every other white guy on the street.


How much more can I celebrate my “Whiteness”? Just doing these things is celebration enough.


If I was Black; all of those things would be a risk to my life and freedom.


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Montezuma’s revenge:


Looks like Fidel got the best of us after-all. Thanks Walt,

Originally posted on Bell Book Candle:


Castro’s revenge:

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

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Poem To A Friend I Almost Forgot.

You may wish I had. But good or bad and just for kicks; I’ll take the licks.

Hey! Hey! Ms. K;
How you doing this fine day?

I read the post about the Pres.
The Canadians like him better;
Than all the Republican Right-Wing Freaks
and Theocrats put together.

The Racists call him N-N-Not American
They say he was born abroad.
But I say No Way he’s a chick;
I’m sure I’d see the fraud.

The Republicans want their god;
To tell us how to live.
But he tells Them to take-take-take
And Us to just give-give-give

I say Church and State;
Should never have relations.
Like brother/sister intercourse;
The results; abominations

But there I go again;
My mind running off on a spree.
When I started simply to share this link;
Of a letter to Boehner;
From ME!

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Truth Comes In Larger Doses. Who Will Ever tell It Like This Again?


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No Reading; Just Watch And Listen; Do You Hear The Little “DING” Of Truth?

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Dixon D. White; American; A Simple Man With A Simple Plan

I must be forgiven for applauding what we should be able to take for granted but the truth is; we can’t and so; This man makes me proud to be human again. Not something to be taken for granted in this time of social turmoil.

If you have read this site before, you will know that I come from a Right-Wing, Racist background. You will know that as a child, I flung the word N_ _ _ _ r around very freely; without so much as a thought to whose feelings I might hurt. Not to even mention whose hatred I might have engendered. I never really hated Black people. Hell; until I was in high school I hardly knew any.

No; I, like so many White kids are raised from infancy to think of Black people as something just a bit less. When they get you at birth and then spend the next 13 years re-enforcing those ideas, it’s like humidity. You know it’s there but you don’t normally think about it. You just keep breathing it in.

Then; if you follow the program, you are enveloped in a Right-Wing world of financial achievement and success. Your every move and choice seems to once again re-enforce those ideas about race. Why are there so few Black millionaires? They don’t work for it. They don’t want it. They aren’t smart enough to attain it. They wouldn’t appreciate it. etc. But you do, and the system is working fine for you. Those ideas must be right. Right?

A very difficult spiral to escape unless you really want to. You would think that advantage would make it easy to see but in fact, it blinds you. It blinds you to the truth by the simple mechanism of the cloud of money and the fear of it disappearing. The fear that knowledge of the truth will make you feel morally responsible for changing it and in one of a hundred ways; might cause you to lose your standing and reputation among the Right-Wing Phonies you are surrounded by.

And it might. 

That is not why I wound up less than prosperous but it is something I ponder from time to time.

If I had followed the plan and become an attorney or gone into business with my brother would I ever have come to the realization that something is very wrong with the notions I was taught?

I suppose I’ll never know now. I do know that even the poor White people are inundated with negative stereotypes and ideas about Black people. So, it may be impossible to escape if you are “Lucky” enough to be born White; in America.

I am more than just a little thankful that I was able to cut through the bullshit and see the truth.

Not that it makes me superior somehow but it does make me lucky; regardless of the other circumstances of my life.

Many Americans go through there whole lives; unable to see the suffering and pain of anyone but themselves and their narrow group of acquaintances.

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Worse than Takers




I have been following this gentleman’s blog for sometime now. I believe this is his best work to date; at least of those I have seen. Congratulations Sir on a fine piece with a worthy point to make.

Originally posted on A Little Tour in Yellow:

There isn’t a clean way to measure who might be a so-called “maker” versus the presumed counterpart, the “taker”, but let’s accept the premise that some of us “take” more than we “make.”

It is true, after all, that subsidies and benefits roll up and down the entire economic spectrum.  Rich and poor alike receive their public assistance.  We just identify them differently.  Among the more broadly defined and most misleading is a line drawn between what we call welfare for one class and subsidies for another.  Let’s just accept that this is what it is.

There is something worse than a taker — whether that taker be rich or poor — and that is a breaker.  And for more than 30 years this country has been under attack by breakers.

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