If this is how you think an anti-war president acts, you’re out of touch with reality



Thanks again to my friend Eideard for an insightful article. We all know that I was; am; and will remain supporter of President Obama and many of his actions and policies; but not all.
When I cast my vote for The President however, I recognized the job that I was essentially hiring him to do was beyond difficult; beyond morally wrenching; beyond psychologically twisting. I voted for him; not because I thought he was the Great Black Hope or some kind of savior. I voted for him because I trusted him to make choices and decisions for the entire nation far more than any of the other candidates. I may not like every choice he makes but it is impossible for me to micro-manage his presidency. (The Republicans have tried that to everyone’s embarrassment)
I realize that My President sits between sources of information; advice; ideas that vary and differ and that he is tasked with deciding which of these is the correct one for all of us. A difficult task on the best day; for a “Superman”. For President Obama; who is a very intelligent and moral man but let’s face it; just an other man; a human it is a life changing; soul stripping job.
I also understand where much of his intelligence comes from and advice as well. Our intelligence community is the most important part of our government that doesn’t change with each administration. The highest level; Director, is appointed by the President and is; we can only hope; somewhat in agreement with him on matters of policy but he is just a figure-head; the public face of a huge bureaucracy run by typically Conservative bureaucrats. Much power lies with “The Military Industrial Complex”. Their influence; seen or unseen; is enormous. Their pockets are D-E-E-E-P. By now, their influence is well beyond the simple ability to edit and/or fabricate intelligence etc.
So; am I excusing the violent policies and interventionist policies of The President and his administration? No. Just saying; What else should we expect as long as we are not able to reign in the powers that seek world destruction and domination. To blame any one President is a waste of time and in no way productive. The system must change before any President will be able to effectively make significant changes in the direction of our foreign policy.


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Nothing sums up the warped foreign policy fantasy world in which Republicans live more than when House Speaker John Boehner recently called Obama an “anti-war president” under which America “is sitting on the sidelines” in the increasingly chaotic Middle East.

If Obama is an anti-war president, he’s the worst anti-war president in history. In the last six years, the Obama administration has bombed seven countries in the Middle East alone and armed countless more with tens of billions in dollars in weapons. But that’s apparently not enough for Republicans. As the Isis war continues to expand and Yemen descends into civil war, everyone is still demanding more: If only we bombed the region a little bit harder, then they’ll submit.

In between publishing a new rash of overt sociopathic “Bomb Iran” op-eds, Republicans and neocons are circulating a new talking point: Obama doesn’t have a “coherent” or “unifying” strategy in…

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I Couldn’t Help Myself

Today, I was reading a favorite blog and I saw a comment by a well-meaning but slightly confused (I guess) reader that he still didn’t have Health Insurance because he couldn’t afford it without the subsidy and he refused to take the subsidy; feeling that his neighbors needed the help more than he.

From someone else I might have been angry but I have read comments from this reader before and I don’t think he means to seems as shallow as he does. I believe he is sincere and yet somewhat misinformed.

So of course I; in my usual arrogant way; took it upon myself to explain why I felt he should adjust his thinking about the Affordable Care Act and get on board the train to Freedom. Then I thought; maybe everyone should see this and here we are.

So here is the comment I made in its entirety with only the names removed to protect…….well no-one. Sure was sounding great up till then; Huh?

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Don’t Be Fooled By A Simple Minded Fool Or A Downhome Good Ol’ Boy

When we consider presidential candidates;  we should ignore who they say they are and pay attention to who they really are; as evidenced by their past record in the case of many politicians and their public statements.

In the case of “Old Line Republican Families” like the Bushes; we need not and indeed should not give much credence to their public statements.

Their past record? Mostly a fabrication maintained for  the simple-minded who won’t bother to dig. And let’s face it. In the case of the Bush Family, the digging can be done with a stiff paper-clip.

Scratch! Scratch! Let’s see what we found.

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Cartoon of the day


As always; Thanks to my friend Eideard for passing on the best.

One step forward…….

Originally posted on Eideard:

religious freedom in Indiana#BoycottIndiana

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The Average “Republican American”

republican americanThe average “Republican American” is a Republican because that Party feeds a base wish to feel strong and independent.
It assures its members that everything they have; they have because of themselves alone.
It assures them that they are worthy of self worship.
It assures them that the art and the craft and the skill is not in the creation of a thing but in the paying for it.
It assures them that they have a support network of like-minded loonies who will defend their right to eat until they spew digested food all over the room while everyone else is relegated to eating that spewed food to survive.
They don’t recognize the concept of Privilege.
“Obviously the poor and the Black don’t get any and since I deserve everything I have; I don’t get any either; therefore; Privilege doesn’t exist here.

No privilege; no advantage.
No advantage; no foul; everyone plays by the same rules; to be determined situationally by those with the most power; to be determined monetarily by those with the most education; to be…
“go ahead and pick up the refrain the next time it comes around on the Gee-tar.”

I’m your Republican neighbor; don’t you murder me
I’m gonna’ lead you to heaven; just you wait and see.
I’ve got all the money and I’ve got a plan;
You do all the workin'; I’ll just be “The Man”
You do all the workin'; and I will be your friend.

I’m your Republican neighbor and it’s clear to me
You don’t need that healthcare, vacation or mo-ney
I’m your Republican neighbor and what you need instead

old folk singer

What I might look like singing this song if I lost fifty pounds; grew hair; and learned to play a guitar.

Someone who understands you and works you till your dead;
You’re just a beast of burden to beat about the head.

I’m your Republican neighbor; I can see you’re hurt
Just you lay your head down; I’ll cover it with dirt.
I’m your Republican neighbor; no need for you to stress
I’ll keep all the money and be a big success.
I’ll keep all the money and use it to oppress.




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What A Travesty

So; it seems that the much maligned; oft misunderstood; and always mislabeled THC may be the savior of a large portion of our population.

That’s just what it can do for Cancer patients. When you take into consideration all of the other diseases and conditions THC and the other cannabinoids present in the Marijuana plant are effective in treating; the mind truly boggles at the impact this substance can have on the way we treat and apparently cure many conditions.

But Cancer?  

Not a bad start; eh? 

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Bibi’s cynical speech


bibi-net“If you want the full dose of diplomatic hijinks, feel free to watch below:”—-Good god NO! I have heard a lengthy version of Bibi’s particular brand of Genocidal Hatred before. It is much like a hammer on the side of my head; over and over.

“he wants nothing more than the safety and security of Israel and its allies”; and the complete annihilation of the Palestinian people.

Thanks Ms. K for a truly surgical article about the walking malignancy that is Benjamin Net-an; YAHOO!

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:

America Blog

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a long-anticipated, diplomatically unprecedentedpolitical kerfuffle of a campaign speech, the circumstances of which were arguably unconstitutional.

In case you didn’t sit through the  40+ minute address, the one sentence version is this: The Prime Minister did his best to both thwart American nuclear talks with Iran and scare Israeli voters into granting him what is shaping up to be a tight reelection. If you want the full dose of diplomatic hijinks, feel free to watch below:

Netanyahu led off his speech by insisting that his decision to accept an invitation from John Boehner, without consulting the President, to speak to a predominantly Republican crowd of legislators two weeks before Israeli Election Day, was not political. Because, of course, he wants nothing more than the safety and security of Israel and its allies.

Except that after delivering a longwinded reminder of how…

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