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Barack Obama; Political Genius.

obama yes we didObamacare is a success.

We all know that but have you really thought about why and just how much of a Progressive Victory; Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act truly is?

Let me explain.

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“In The Name Of Free Speech”: The Supreme Court Has Given Us A Government Of, By, And For The 1 Percent


Wanna bet that the top 1% think the prime roll of government should be to create a favorable environment and climate for businesses/corporations.
If it does that; the 1% can take care of themselves and we; well we don’t even enter the equation in their minds. And then they wonder why guys take assault rifles and climb towers etc.

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In case after case, the five conservative justices on the Supreme Court have held unconstitutional all efforts—state as well as federal—to restrain the corrosive influence of limitless individual and corporate expenditures and contributions in our electoral process. They do this in the name of free speech.

In their view, the First Amendment absolutely guarantees the wealthiest Americans the right to spend as much as they like to manipulate the American political system to their advantage. According to these justices, as long as the wealthiest Americans do not directly bribe politicians to vote in their favor, the Constitution demands the flow of money is beyond regulation and that the rest of us must simply let the chips fall where they may.

This conception of the First Amendment and of the American constitutional system is truly perverse. By defining “corruption” so narrowly, these justices have missed the central point of self-governance—our elected…

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To A Republican

"Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

“Now juthst you lithsen up there Mithter

So it seems you have decided to believe the Republican spiel.

“We just want to restore your rights under the Constitution”

“Like the right to make everybody do what we say is right”

“We are not Racist”
“We want to help the poor”
“We want to improve the Economy” (despite spending the twelve years before Obama destroying it and further impoverishing the poor and Middle Class)
“We want to return America to her former glory”                                                         
“All we need do is cleanse ourselves of the poor, the black, and the liberals to become the Gawd’ Fearin’ Country we oncest’ wuz’.”
“Mari-hutchie is BAD. Gawd is Good. Foreplay is “Get in the truck Bitch” 
Really? Well I have chosen a different path.

Follow the path LOL


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Take A Break. No Politics This Time. This is for RumpyDog and Our Other Animal Friends Online.

I know. You thought the Old Angryman was a simple lunatic raving about political conspiracies and such, but NO!

Snapshot_20120203As it happens I am not such a simple lunatic after all. I am a far more complicated lunatic than you know.

For several years I (and my fellow animals who live with me) have been communicating with a Very Good Chap named RumpyDog. He is a fantastic Siberian Husky who lives down in Florida and blogs about animal rights and such. He puts out a lot of good info and if you love animals; this is your site.

Now about us; from the mind of 10 month old Pup.

Read About Us

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Cleveland car chase ended with 2 dead, 137 shots fired — and the 2 dead apparently unarmed!


Protect and Serve; Protect and Serve
Perhaps we should give this Cop an award for PROTECTING us from a innocent Black dude by blowing his AND HIS GIRLFRIEND’S shit away. Cops are really Neat; aren’t they?
“You deserve a medal; you racist slug.”
Manslaughter? What a joke. This Pig runs around Cleveland; obviously just waiting for a chance to show his Right-Wing Machismo and they have the balls to call it MANSLAUGHTER.

Originally posted on Eideard:

A night-time car chase in Cleveland that ended on a schoolyard where more than 100 shots were fired at the suspect’s vehicle appeared to be over when an officer opened fire again, a prosecutor said in announcing charges against the patrolman and five police supervisors.

Cleveland patrol officer Michael Brelo stood on the hood of the suspect’s car and fired at least 15 shots through the windshield – five fatal – at the two unarmed people inside, Cuyahoga County prosecutor Tim McGinty said Friday.

McGinty cited a US supreme court ruling this week that said police can’t fire on suspects after a public safety threat has ended. He said the other officers on the scene had stopped firing after the November 2012 chase ended.

“This was now a stop-and-shoot – no longer a chase-and-shoot,” McGinty said in announcing two counts of manslaughter against Brelo. “The law does not allow for…

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Atlanta Baby Seriously Injured When SWAT Team Throws Stun Grenade In Crib During No Knock Raid [Updated]


There is nothing I can say.

Originally posted on JONATHAN TURLEY:

raid31n-1-webM84_stun_grenadeWe have previously discussed our concerns over the seemingly exponential increase in “no knock” raids in the country where police give no warning before raiding a home. (here and here and here and here and here). A tragedy in Atlanta will only increase those concerns for many. Atlanta police say that they purchased drugs at a home and returned with a no-knock warrant late at 3 a.m. to arrest Wanis Thometheva, 30. They burst into the home and threw a stun grenade which landed next to the head of a 19-month-old sleeping in his crib and exploded. The baby is in serious condition and is in a medically induced coma. The pictures of the baby are too disturbing to post. The police found no drugs or weapons or even the man they were seeking to arrest in the raid. Update: Police have declared that the state officials have…

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